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  1. Sólsetur
    05-24-2011 01:13 PM - permalink
    Haha, that sucks. School ends tomorrow for me. =3
  2. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 11:23 PM - permalink
    It's required? That's just gay. =/
  3. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 11:05 PM - permalink
    Not study guides, I never do those. I mean the actual test.
  4. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 11:01 PM - permalink
    I never forget. I just don't like doing them. Too much work.
  5. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 10:58 PM - permalink
    ...I don't like Finals. They're always easier versions of the stuff we did all year. Which isn't hard.
  6. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 10:54 PM - permalink
    Wednesday's my last day. We've already taken finals. Middle School finals are so ♡♡♡♡in' easy.
  7. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 10:42 PM - permalink
    Oh, that's cool.

    Is school almost over for you?
  8. American Soldier
    05-23-2011 10:37 PM - permalink
    American Soldier
    Just be wary. Listen to his theories and you'll and up the laughing stock of the theorizing section.
  9. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 09:27 PM - permalink
    Oh... was Rose killen' the three pointers?
  10. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 09:20 PM - permalink
    YES! I love the Heat, was it close?
  11. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 09:12 PM - permalink
    That's cool... so who won last night?
  12. American Soldier
    05-23-2011 02:39 PM - permalink
    American Soldier
    Word of advice: Don't listen to a word of Tuf Pic's theorizing. His "theories" are nonsense. He's the laughing stock of the Zelda Theorizing forum. At one point, he was even banned from it.
  13. Sólsetur
    05-23-2011 06:36 AM - permalink
    Hello! How's it going? *Accespts friend request*
  14. Tuf Pic
    05-18-2011 10:40 PM - permalink
    Tuf Pic
    Originally Posted by EMaN21354
    Haha "suicidal moon" XD so that would mean Navi knew about Termina and it's problems? Possible lol.
    Well, after all, she IS a fairy...
  15. Tuf Pic
    05-18-2011 09:25 PM - permalink
    Tuf Pic
    Originally Posted by EMaN21354
    Haha, I posted that a while ago ^_^ .. and really? That's an interesting idea, but why would Navi want to lead Link to Termina?
    So he could save it from Majora's Mask, & the suicidal Moon...
  16. Tuf Pic
    05-17-2011 07:39 PM - permalink
    Tuf Pic
    Originally Posted by EMaN21354
    Why is this even a subject of discussion? Sure Link COULD be part Kokiri because it never says he's not. But there is a hell of a lot less speculation on the other end as there is much more evidence supporting his Hylian background. Honestly I never once considered Link being Kokiri. The only reason he has a fairy is because Navi was supposed to be his aid during his adventure. If he was a real Kokiri destined to have a fairy, she would have stayed with him at the end of OoT. It's already proven that Link is at LEAST half Hylian. Any speculation of his other half being Kokiri seems highly unlikely to me.

    (Btw, they never say that Guru Guru ISN'T OoA Link as he came back to the past, so maybe he left Labrynna in the past and took a quick trip to Hyrule to learn how to play a music box )
    This is the reason I sent you a friend request, & as for Navi leaving Link, well, in my opinion, she was leading him to Termina...
  17. tnf
    09-05-2010 06:00 AM - permalink
    Originally Posted by EMaN21354 View Post
    I waz about 13, and BACK THEN, I waz a very dorky kid. I had glassez, bracez, and short nerdy looking hair. (Dont worry im the exact oppisite now.)
    But anywayz, I guess I waznt really ugly though... juzt geeky. Anywayz, I had alot of girl friendz. az in friendz that are girlz. And it waz about the time when everybody elsez firzt kiss waz done loooonnng ago. But when people found out I hadnt had one yet they started making fun of me. (Damn, i waz only in seventh grade!)
    So, one of my friend- girlz, wanted to help me out, so she kissed me in the hall on the way to class. oddly enough, I actually did like her...
    Now shez going out with some preppy poser-ass wanna be skater punk kid. whoze not even in high school yet. Lame.
    She probably didn't like you because you don't know what the letter "s" is for.
  18. Kikaider
    09-03-2010 02:45 PM - permalink
    No, love for the letter "s".
  19. The Flying Zora
    08-11-2010 05:10 PM - permalink
    The Flying Zora
    srry...... lil awkward there. sorry bout that. soooooo you joined late last year, i joined this early summer.
  20. The Flying Zora
    08-11-2010 03:17 PM - permalink
    The Flying Zora
    ummmmm hey do i know you?? my old username was Minx, you would know that if you are who i think you are...... if youre not im truly sorry, lol.

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