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  1. Zecca Link
    07-28-2014 10:06 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link
    Hey ICL!

    Just want to say that you're really good in Mario Kart 8!
  2. Yuga
    06-18-2014 01:54 AM - permalink
    Prolly is some stupid way of saying probably. xD Idk, it's just funny. Oh, and I'm nermfulness!
  3. Yuga
    06-16-2014 01:28 PM - permalink
    We could prolly race sometime, sure. =P
  4. Yawn
    06-16-2014 02:01 AM - permalink
    You're welcome

    And okay
  5. Yawn
    06-16-2014 01:56 AM - permalink
    You sleep well, and I'll talk to you later today ^.^
  6. Yawn
    06-16-2014 01:53 AM - permalink
    Just chilling out on the forums as usual. ^~^

  7. Yawn
    06-16-2014 01:47 AM - permalink
    How are you?
  8. Yawn
    06-16-2014 01:45 AM - permalink
    Hey there ^~^
  9. Yuga
    06-15-2014 03:56 PM - permalink
    Bowser and Lemmy are my mains, though I will mix things up sometimes and race as any of the Koopas just cuz (that includes Lakitu, of course). And, omg, online racing is so mean. I'm kind of new to it, so... eieee. D=

    And, ah yes... the sponsors. I've been obsessing over the fonts in the sponsor logos since I've gotten the game. I LOVE fonts so squee`~
  10. DarkAquaPhantom
    06-15-2014 10:09 AM - permalink
    Sure i can play pretty much anytime today :3
  11. DarkAquaPhantom
    06-15-2014 08:01 AM - permalink
    Like for each cup you get 1 star 2 star or 3 star for how well you did

    and yeah i play a little online,i'm pretty good at Mario Kart c;
  12. Yuga
    06-15-2014 03:22 AM - permalink
    I figured you were playing it, by Lakitu being all cutesy in a kart in your avatar. xD I still need to get the tires and glider. Haven't time trialed too much aside from just admiring the amount of detail that was put into the courses! (Ergo, I haven't really time trialed for the most part... more like... drive a little bit, park, and stare at the details like a puppy) Like, it's so much, I could die of happiness! x)

    And yes, SMB3 is great. In fact, it's my favorite Mario game. I like seeing some of the latest Mario games paying it tribute. Another thing that could make me die of happiness, I guess. =P
  13. DarkAquaPhantom
    06-14-2014 05:50 PM - permalink
    Same how are your stats (stars)
  14. DarkAquaPhantom
    06-14-2014 09:12 AM - permalink
    Thats good,been doing anything good lately ?
  15. Yuga
    06-14-2014 02:25 AM - permalink
    I've been well. Mostly playing MK8, NSMBU, and (replaying) SMB3 lately. The former two with my sister most of the time. xD And, thanks. d:
  16. Zecca Link
    06-13-2014 08:47 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link
    Alright, I sent it!
  17. Zecca Link
    06-13-2014 08:40 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link
    May I add you onto my fwiend list? :3
  18. Zecca Link
    06-13-2014 08:37 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link

  19. Zecca Link
    06-13-2014 08:32 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link
    Yeah! :3
  20. Zecca Link
    06-13-2014 08:24 PM - permalink
    Zecca Link
    Haha, coolz! :p


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