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  1. Loki Laufeyson
    03-01-2013 12:13 PM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    How are you?
  2. Yawn
    11-07-2012 10:04 PM - permalink
    Not bad. You?
  3. Yawn
    11-03-2012 02:46 PM - permalink
    Hey, there.
  4. Anathema
    06-04-2012 03:12 PM - permalink
    No, haha. My name is Jasmine, and the screen name "Wrath" was already taken... I'm probably gonna change it sometime...
  5. Anathema
    06-04-2012 02:54 PM - permalink
    I love your screen name! Geeks unite!
  6. Loki Laufeyson
    03-05-2012 09:38 PM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    Sadly I am just his acquaintance and lost contact with him since about a year ago.
  7. Loki Laufeyson
    03-05-2012 12:45 PM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    You have seen these, I hope.

    btw having some database probs for the new site so just have look around the old site, okay.
  8. Loki Laufeyson
    03-05-2012 04:13 AM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    The matter that intrigues me most now is who edited the original pic to make the revamped version you're wearing now. Credits to him/her for the new look too.

    Interesting additional accessory you got there, man.
  9. Loki Laufeyson
    03-05-2012 02:52 AM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    Whatever you may think I am.
  10. Loki Laufeyson
    03-04-2012 08:48 PM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    Yeah. I posted a full pic of the unedited version of your avatar in the forum some time ago, and so it gives me good ol' memories seeing someone wearing it as avatar! ^_^
  11. Loki Laufeyson
    03-04-2012 08:38 AM - permalink
    Loki Laufeyson
    Fascinating. Your modified avatar seems familiar.
  12. Yawn
    02-07-2012 08:50 PM - permalink
  13. Yawn
    01-23-2012 12:14 AM - permalink
    Totally man!
  14. Yawn
    01-22-2012 11:56 PM - permalink
    Thanks. It is exotic. Nahh. I just was trying to make conversation.
  15. Yawn
    01-22-2012 05:38 PM - permalink
  16. sageofshadow
    01-20-2012 04:25 PM - permalink
    Hey not to bother you I feel bad doing so, expecially as this is the second time, but I believe I posted a question in that last pm. Now I can't say for sure, it was a while ago, and I don't get copies of stuff I sent- if there wasn't I'm sorry, and would love to further discuss with you skyward sword, and anything new we have learned from hyrule hystoria, including the 'Official timeline'. I Just hadn't mentioned it because I wanted to talk all about skyward sword first.
  17. sageofshadow
    01-05-2012 05:41 PM - permalink
    Disappeared? you haven't replied to the theory discusion pm... And its been over a week lol.
  18. Doran_Bladefist
    09-07-2011 07:50 PM - permalink

    Congratulations on being the first non-contest entry into the Anthology! Well deserved, my friend!
  19. sageofshadow
    05-30-2011 08:01 PM - permalink
    Thank you so much for notifying me. I have to say I miss your writings. I hope you release more pdfs soon, although that reminds me that i never asked you about the download link. Its odd, I have tried several times, but the pages are bugged and don't actually display the proper text, or any text at all for that matter, its rather difficult to explain. I assume that I am the only one with this problem and that its on my end. I have one more thing i want to try. Thanks for writing more, SoS
  20. Doran_Bladefist
    05-19-2011 11:21 AM - permalink
    I was beginning to wonder if GoS was ever to have an ending. I shall devour it forthwith!

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