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I want to be the very best, like no one ever was
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  1. Sherbs
    04-13-2011 07:42 PM - permalink
    i duh no.
    killin things but not actual things!
    just digital things...>:O im a complicated person!
  2. Tharja's boingy bits
    04-13-2011 06:34 PM - permalink
    Tharja's boingy bits
    are you still going to school?
  3. JC Denton
    04-13-2011 06:33 PM - permalink
    JC Denton
    You're welcome. Always glad to bring a Canadian icon back into people's minds.

    But yeah, if I wasn't fortunate enough to have some MP3's of his songs as a kid I probably would've forgotten about him by now.
  4. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 05:38 PM - permalink
    No, I got it back from my dad's house.
  5. Tharja's boingy bits
    04-13-2011 04:28 PM - permalink
    Tharja's boingy bits
    Meh, the usual. working, playing video games, trying to lose weight. nothing exciting happening over here for a long while.
  6. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 04:19 PM - permalink
    Both, it's cracked with a bunch of wires that look like they were cut, and the grid for the touch screen is just gone.
  7. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 03:39 PM - permalink
    I'm the same with that, I know enough general stuff to put certain parts together, but I can not do all the really tiny stuff, I don't have the greatest hands haha

    I am going to get a Soldering Iron soon, so I can put this stuff back together, one of my DS's have a borken fuse, because my retard brothers decided to mess with it, they gave it water damage (The tab was Violet) and the touch screen has pieces missing out of it..I don't even understand why
  8. 齐天大圣
    04-13-2011 03:33 PM - permalink
    Yeah ther is that, and the entirely tiny ass philips head. I had to rewire the screens together, but It all works now, and I have a DS lite just for the hell of it, I want to go into Electric engineering to start being able to fix the circuit boards incase the fuses blow
  9. Tharja's boingy bits
    04-13-2011 12:15 PM - permalink
    Tharja's boingy bits
  10. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 09:27 AM - permalink
    ahhhh I forgot about that. I tend to be more of an "I don't like this so I'm out" kinda person, I've done it with my job twice already. :p not reallly a good trait to have at times...

    Someone told me to just take her to the park and invite everyone, if they show up, good, if they don't, it's on them because they were invited. I don't like the park though! I don't think your idea is dumb at all!
    I am just soooo tired of my in-laws thinking they are super great grandparents just because they see Melody everyday, and that my parents don't even deserve to be called grandparents. :<
  11. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 02:34 AM - permalink
    you should move to oklahoma. won't be much of a landscape change or anything, but we have jobs here. :3
    I think it is better for you to maybe just get out of school now, so that you won't feel even more guilty later on if you continue this cycle, you know? that's kinda why I wanted to leave college, too. I felt like I already messed it all up for myself, which really wasn't true, but it felt like it. :[ I hate seeing all my friends moving up in college though, while I am stuck at Kmart. I just want to be a housewife. And make pies.

    I don't have my own house, I live with my in-laws. :[ there are 6 of us together in one house, and it's just sooooo AHH sometimes I just want to strangle someone sometimes. I do worry about my future, not really financially, but just, with how the world is right now, how things are going, it worries me a little.

    :< not to be a negative nancy, but I feel like my life is so full of drama and chaos a lot of the time.
    I have a birthday to plan for Melody on the 30th, and I don't know what to do- my in-laws hate my parents, and my parents hate my in-laws and each other (they are divorced), it's going to be just like last year, my in-laws will get to spend Melody's birthday with her all day long, and then they will go back and trash my parents for not showing up. Just because Melody lives here with them they think they are wonderful amazing grandparents and they bash my parents all the time. >:|
  12. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 02:18 AM - permalink
    If it's family that's trying to convince you to stay in school I will say that you shouldn't listen to them at all.
    If you don't want to go to college you don't have to.

    Personally, I wanted to take a break after high school but my mom thought that going directly after HS was a good idea because otherwise that meant I would never want to go to college and that if I did decide to go a few years later that I would have forgotten all the general ed stuff I learned in HS that I might have needed for college. I know she was just looking out for me and I feel terrible for what I did because I feel all her efforts were wasted. My brother and I are pretty much lost causes in the family when it comes to higher education (he dropped out of high school). All the pressure is placed on my youngest brother now, to go to school. :p He is only 13 right now though.

    and what do I have that you want? 0_o
  13. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 02:04 AM - permalink
    I got pregnant right before I started college so I was pregnant for the first semester almost the whole way through.
    I would sit in class and google pregnancy stuff and sit on myspace all day.

    Eventually I started to fail most of my classes because I never paid any attention so one my professors advised me to drop near the end of the semester so my bad grades wouldn't count. Also, my due date for Melody was May 9th and finals were May 8th so I told her I definitely wanted to drop for sure. Haha.

    I can't go back now though because I owe the school a thousand something dollars and I just don't feel motivated to go back. idk. ): I do miss that time of my life though, waddling around campus in my pajamas...
  14. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 01:51 AM - permalink
    I would love kill to be a morning person.
    I want to like, get up and actually make breakfast every single morning and just watch the sun come up.

    My "morning" is usually noonish, and almost always started on a headache from my bad sleeping habits.
  15. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 01:47 AM - permalink
    I am always awake at this time of morning!

    I don't usually feel tired until like 3 or 4am, really. :|
  16. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 01:40 AM - permalink
    I think it's that video craze thing.
    we all know what we sound like and move like now and whatever.

  17. sahrrie
    04-13-2011 01:27 AM - permalink
  18. Malia
    04-12-2011 11:52 PM - permalink
    You, sir, are one of the reasons I've not left yet lol <3
  19. 8bit
    04-12-2011 06:32 PM - permalink
    Also, you might want to wait a couple weeks, as the new version drops in 16 days...
  20. 8bit
    04-12-2011 06:20 PM - permalink
    Use the netbook edition instead of the main edition:

    Netbook | Ubuntu

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