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Conversation Between Raptor Buddha and Pietro
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  1. Pietro
    07-19-2012 06:49 AM - permalink

    Dis nigga.

    Thanks man.
  2. Raptor Buddha
    07-19-2012 12:29 AM - permalink
    Raptor Buddha

    Wise men say, that only fools have birthdays without luxuries...Kiiiing.

    Happy early birthday Pietro!

  3. Raptor Buddha
    03-12-2012 09:12 PM - permalink
    Raptor Buddha
    Sorry to bother, but you might want to take a look at the question tag thread when you get a moment. It appears the deadline has been reduced to a week. I am guessing that you'd be grandfathered in with the two week deadline, but figured you might want to double check to make sure. It be a shame not to hear your answer on account of that.
  4. Pietro
    03-09-2012 11:11 AM - permalink
    Ha, nice question . Thanks for the tag and I should get to it sometime next week, and I am doing well thanks for asking.
  5. Raptor Buddha
    03-09-2012 11:08 AM - permalink
    Raptor Buddha
    I have tagged you sir. Enjoy, and if you want me to rephrase or ask you another question, feel free to contact me. Hope you're doing well:

    "Now, I have a question for Pietro. My question is this: you are obviously a great man of the world—now it’s time for you to become a man of space. You are stranded on a barely habitable world, along with whomever you choose. You have no chance of ever escaping this world. So, what do you do? Do you build a new society or do you simply live out the rest of your days? If you build a new society, what kind of society would this be?

    This really isn't intended to be a serious or funny question, so go crazy with this and enjoy."

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