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  1. Stanzie
    09-10-2014 06:16 PM - permalink
    thank you!
  2. Contraltissimo
    09-10-2014 02:24 AM - permalink
    Hee hee! Thanks! X3
  3. Contraltissimo
    09-10-2014 01:51 AM - permalink
    Heh, I have a few. Is it the one of me singing with myself about chili con carne five times? XD
  4. Contraltissimo
    09-10-2014 01:28 AM - permalink
    Oh cool woot woot! Yay contraltos! ^__^
  5. Yeraza_Bats
    09-08-2014 03:44 PM - permalink
    Haha yeah Veitnam :p Is a neat flag :3

    And yeah? Haha it sounds like German to me :p I wouldnt know the difference.

    And you play music?
  6. Yeraza_Bats
    09-08-2014 01:48 PM - permalink
    Are you from America?
  7. Yeraza_Bats
    09-08-2014 01:48 PM - permalink
    Haha, nah Im from America. I just liked the flag :p
  8. Dysphoria
    09-08-2014 12:54 PM - permalink
    Thanks! Liah drew it for me in this thread; I'd recommend checking it out if you haven't. Sadly, I found out about a chance to get a Meloetta in my game a few days after the promotion had ended. Hopefully I'll get a chance in the future.
  9. Dysphoria
    09-08-2014 12:46 PM - permalink
    Haha, excellent letter choice in the Sentence Game. I know the sentence you have in mind, so I'll leave it for someone else to mull.
  10. John
    08-30-2014 11:50 PM - permalink
    Originally Posted by Era View Post
    technically it's not a book, but slimebeast is growing on me
    I think they make a cream for that.
  11. Foo
    08-27-2014 11:32 PM - permalink

    Just a desperate attempt to hold on to some summer memories in an absolutely crazy autumn. As of next week I'm bouncing back and forth between the picket lines and consulting jobs six hours away while my wife couch surfs from Ottawa to Talahasse.

    (But I will get back to the chess thread soon )
  12. Bicentennial_Pidgeon
    08-26-2014 12:48 PM - permalink
    Well, it is a religion thread, so it is doomed to be derailed eventually. Just probably not into String Theory

    I've heard about that, and the sad thing is it may be impossible to prove. From what I understand, String Theory is not a theory in the traditional sense, it's just that the math works out nicely; there isn't any observational evidence to support it, nor could there be.

    But if there is anything to it, philosophers will have a heyday.
  13. Bane of Envy
    08-24-2014 01:31 AM - permalink
    Bane of Envy
    Hahaha good one. I haven't heard jokes like these in a while.
  14. Bane of Envy
    08-23-2014 05:27 PM - permalink
    Bane of Envy
    I'd just like to mention that I understood your sig. First time round.
  15. First Mate Spagh
    08-18-2014 06:02 AM - permalink
    First Mate Spagh
    You've probably got this already a couple of times, but I like your sig. Had to read it twice to get it, it was good
  16. Lord Zero
    08-12-2014 06:10 AM - permalink
    Lord Zero
    Oh. See I want to say "that's pretty clever" but since it's just logic, actually it's not clever. It's just logical. Still good though.
  17. Slur
    08-10-2014 01:24 PM - permalink
    Oh wow that's sweet. I'd love to hear your work when you're done--which video games are you covering? When I graduate, maybe I'll have the time to self teach myself piano haha. But as of now, at the end of September I'll be starting my third year of university. I'm studying math and physics. Oof, I feel old.
  18. Chocoroko
    08-10-2014 10:32 AM - permalink
    Cool! I have lived in Denton for more than 7 years now. It's a cool place.
  19. Lord Zero
    08-10-2014 07:42 AM - permalink
    Lord Zero
    I don't get your sig. o_O
  20. Slur
    08-08-2014 12:36 PM - permalink
    Justin, friend. I miss you. How is everything going?

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