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  1. Inquisitor Darklaw
    Today 10:33 AM - permalink
    Inquisitor Darklaw
    Yes I figured it would be one the new Hoenn megas which i won't be bummed about missing. I think part of my lack of motivation is the fact that I'll probably see it all on tumblr if someone does find something secret.

    Oo ouch. Well at least with Mr. Riches he would always evaluate someone knowing their capabilities and seeing that someone put their effort into it. Like all it had to do was meet a guidleline which would be about what the project depicted rather it's quality.

    I've been doing that but I mean sometimes I just think she's reaching the point where she won't be able to bounce back from medial problems you know? Like eventually there won't be a recovery because she'll be so old soon. Oh no I'm sorry it sounded like she's staying there for 6 weeks! She was only in over night honestly and then back in for an x-ray. She's been mainly bedridden at home and will be that way for the next 6 weeks. Sorry for the lack of specifics.
  2. Unconformed
    Today 10:30 AM - permalink
    Well with gen 6 I've kept on, it was just the games beforehand that I finished and stopped playing.

    I don't really play as much as I did a few months ago, but I do battling and such. completed the dex, bred a few shinies on accident ;-;

    I use this site I found last year called Pokebay and on it, they have an "official" league within the site of 8 "gym" leaders and an E4. I'm one of the gym leaders but we haven't got too many challengers lately so I'm a bit rusty ^^;; I definitely need to train more and battle more.
  3. Unconformed
    Today 10:24 AM - permalink
    Basically xD I was a dumb kid okay lol
  4. Keaton-King
    Yesterday 09:04 PM - permalink
    99 is max for now, but it may not be max in the future.
    Each character is leveled individually and I have only gotten Link and Zelda to max for now, working on two more.
    And yes, they are playable.
  5. Unconformed
    Yesterday 07:51 PM - permalink
  6. Inquisitor Darklaw
    Yesterday 07:46 PM - permalink
    Inquisitor Darklaw
    It'll be okay if I don't get it. I just really haven't felt like it.

    Well I've had a pretty good experience in Art I and Art II thankfully. I like my teacher a lot, he's really snarky and funny but also a fair critic. I haven't met the graphics teacher yet though.
    Not yet which is understandable. It's a little hard to advertise them and it's a bit of a niche fandom. But I have some friends who want to once they have some extra money to spare.

    My mom went to the hospital for a liver transplant when I was 7 and she could have died during that time so it was pretty scary. I think that may have left some trauma on me but I don't know. Seeing her in a hospital again just kind of reminded me about those times and shook me up.
  7. Inquisitor Darklaw
    Yesterday 10:50 AM - permalink
    Inquisitor Darklaw
    My mom was in the hospital for several months when I was pretty young. I don't really remember the specifics, I think I blocked out a lot of that time, but idk being reminded of their mortality again freaks me out since both my parents are kinda old.

    She was actually one of the few to have it fracture but not shift so they didnt have to do anything surgical. She'll be better in about 6 weeks which is good.

    I've taken two art classes at my school and plan on taking a third next semester but I haven't taken any formal graphic design classes. I'm thinking about that for senior year. I have made a t-shirt design though and I'm selling it on a Redbubble store. All my stuff so far has been Mother 3 related though.

    No, not yet. Honestly I've just been to lazy to.
  8. Unconformed
    Yesterday 09:47 AM - permalink
    I was about 9 or 10 when I started playing. My friend had a copies of Ruby, Emerald, FireRed and LeafGreen. He gave me Ruby and FireRed and I fell in love with Ruby. I played it almost every day for at least a year. That game meant a lot to me lol since then I got Diamond, Platinum, SoulSilver, Black and White, and then Y. I always traded games in, though so I only have Y.

    I literally almost felt like crying when I heard the music upon turning the demo on.
  9. Inquisitor Darklaw
    10-21-2014 08:48 PM - permalink
    Inquisitor Darklaw
    That's good! I have that problem myself too. But mostly with trying to get help and ask questions. That's actually what made today kind of bad.

    Well it's always good to explore and find yourself even if you find it wasn't quite the right fit in the end. You have the reassurance and experience.
    School mostly. I'm doing well it but this year just feels so grating. My mom also fractured her hip and she's okay but I had to see her in the hospital again and that freaked me out. It still does... And I'm also stressing myself out a lot about art, I suppose.
  10. Unconformed
    10-21-2014 08:30 PM - permalink
    I got the demo, too! My friend was keeping an eye out for the issues to resolve itself while I was busy ;-;

    And no problemo ^-^ You post funny stuff lol
  11. Inquisitor Darklaw
    10-21-2014 06:51 PM - permalink
    Inquisitor Darklaw
    That happens, it's cool.
    Oh I think I got a 95 on the entire thing which was pretty good. My teacher at the time was known to be a strict grader.
    I could be better I guess. I've been feeling very stressed and unsatisfied lately I suppose. You?
  12. Unconformed
    10-21-2014 06:45 PM - permalink
    Apparently the email can come in at any point. I got my email, but in the field where the code should be, it says "coupon" I'm not the only one having this issue.

    Also, a few of the things I saw on your blog made me loll

    Here's mine ^-^
    A fun mess~
    I'm also fairly new. Only been using it for a month or two
  13. Unconformed
    10-21-2014 09:37 AM - permalink
    I just checked their website on how to get the code. Most methods involve purchasing a game or looking out for promos at game stores, but this is what they had to say about the newsletter:
    "Codes will be emailed the week of Oct. 31 to select Nintendo customers with Nintendo Network IDs who have signed up to receive promotional emails from Nintendo."

    And I post a lot of random things. Mostly game, band, or humorous.
  14. Unconformed
    10-21-2014 08:42 AM - permalink
    Hey, did you get the demo code? My friend and I haven't got it and we have the newsletter option turned on...
  15. Keaton-King
    10-20-2014 07:23 PM - permalink
    99 is currently the max level, may or may not chance with future DLC. Just got Zelda to 99 as well, so now I am grinding Lana and Ganondorf, who both are around lvl 60 at the moment.

    Will put it on my list of games to check out.
  16. Unconformed
    10-19-2014 09:29 PM - permalink
    I already had a trainer club account. But, I had the newsletters disabled. Luckily some friends of mine on a pokemon site let me know that I needed to enable it. So I should be set!
    I'm trying to get more active on the forums, and I've been using Tumblr a lot. I get these random people following me sometimes and I'm just like "e.e Where did you come from...?"
  17. Unconformed
    10-19-2014 09:05 PM - permalink
    I haven't been playing much tbh. I picked up 4 books the other day for me to read an occupy my time with.

    How about you?
  18. Unconformed
    10-19-2014 02:50 PM - permalink
    I've found someone who makes me very happy >w< I've never had that before
  19. Unconformed
    10-18-2014 07:33 PM - permalink
    That demo is going to be my life until I get the full game.

    I feel very good. Very happy, for once (:
  20. Twilit Sunrise
    10-16-2014 01:27 PM - permalink
    Twilit Sunrise
    So so so sorry about not replying sooner. I haven't been on a lot because I've been a little busy offline :/ Nothing major, just spending time with my family and workin' on piano and stuff.

    Yeah, I guess around when Twilight became an alicorn was where things started to feel different for me. Though I guess it did sort of "freshen" the show up a bit, giving it a little more to work with. I love the idea behind the show (if only everypony watched it, then they would all know of the magic of friendship!), but you can only make so many episodes about someone learning something new about friendship. You've got to shake things up, once in a while.

    Did something happen to said person?

    Welcome back! Sorry about your shoulder. Hope you feel better soon, if you don't already. Did you have fun?

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