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  1. Gamer Miki
    07-11-2014 07:15 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Oh thank you, thank you thank youuuuu!

  2. Gamer Miki
    07-10-2014 09:44 AM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Barely. My heart containers need filling.... *stares at you*
  3. Gamer Miki
    07-09-2014 06:29 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
  4. Gamer Miki
    03-17-2014 02:27 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Nothin' goes better with cookies than a DELISH RED POTION! **looks at you**
  5. Gamer Miki
    03-13-2014 12:25 AM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Hey, thought you might want some COOKIES.

  6. Gamer Miki
    02-17-2014 07:52 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Over my dead-then-revived-body-because-of-fairy-in-a-bottle will Ganon steal you!
  7. Gamer Miki
    12-18-2013 06:43 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    I hope he didn't steal your red potions!
  8. Gamer Miki
    12-17-2013 05:53 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Oooh so glad you likey! ^^ Yeah, some special cows at that Lon Lon ranch farm. There was some dude named Ingo around, he was a real prick ^^
  9. Gamer Miki
    12-15-2013 06:51 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Hey, just a little somethin' to compensate for that red potion I needed. I stole it from some redhaired girl... 'name was Romani or Malon or something like that.

  10. Gamer Miki
    12-09-2013 03:12 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Thank you. I needed that. How many rupees do I owe ya? ^^
  11. Gamer Miki
    11-24-2013 10:47 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Actually, kinda-sorta... Ganon started to kick my ass and I went down, but I had a fairy in a bottle and was revived and luckily I then WENT NINJA on Ganon's ASS.

    Whew. So uh, got one of dem red potions? I NEED ^^
  12. Coconut Water
    11-16-2013 01:06 PM - permalink
    Coconut Water
    It depends on what mode you're playing. Standard Team Deathmatch is 12 players. I've been in modes that are 18 though.
  13. Steak Eater
    11-06-2013 05:08 AM - permalink
    Steak Eater
  14. Gamer Miki
    10-21-2013 06:38 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Awwwww thankies! ^^ ^_^

    Whaaa, nooooes I LOVE pics! Keep it up, plz ^^

    Oh, and I grabbed something for you at the milk bar -- it's Chateau Romani!

  15. Gamer Miki
    10-20-2013 09:59 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    All for... meeeee!?

  16. Gamer Miki
    10-18-2013 03:03 AM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Aaaaah thanks for that. That was the good stuff. Wow and tasty, too. Hey -- got any more? lol
  17. Steak Eater
    10-16-2013 08:43 AM - permalink
    Steak Eater
    In my time, there'll be no one else.
  18. Gamer Miki
    10-16-2013 01:03 AM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Lol... are you sure that will help with this TERRIBLE JONESING I have for a red potion? The crossbones and skull kinda looks... scary... ^^
  19. Gamer Miki
    10-14-2013 08:28 PM - permalink
    Gamer Miki
    Quick, gimme a potion that will help this potion addiction, lol

    Green potion, maybeh?
  20. Kagamine Len
    10-14-2013 06:21 PM - permalink
    Kagamine Len
    Dude just yes. I haven't met many people on here who know Unwell by Matchbox 20, it's nice to see that someone does.

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