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  1. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 09:28 PM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
  2. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 09:22 PM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    ok the
    open control panel
    click Clock, Language, and Region
    click Region and Language
    click the tab that says Keyboard and Language
    click the Change Keyboards... button
    click the Add... button
    scroll down to Japanese and enable everything under that
    and then you should be good!
  3. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 09:03 PM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    what operating system do you have? (if you have vista for 7 I can help you but if it is xp I have to refer you to a friend of mine on these forums)
  4. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 08:19 PM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    I've figured out how to type Katakana and Hiragana on my standard qwerty keyboard =D
  5. Beh
    10-30-2009 02:56 PM - permalink
    I couldn't think of anything else to use. I almost used my old Stairway to Heaven sig (you might've still been on hiatus when I used it actually), but people thought I was a girl when I had that. :<
  6. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 02:47 AM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    ok then, I didn't mean to blow up like thank I've been up far too long D: 7 AM to 1 AM is just not good >_> plus I have ♥♥♥♥ load of homework due next week which ALL my teachers decided to dump on me on the same ♥♥♥♥ING day >_> in short gomenasei don't know if it is spelled right and I don't care.

  7. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-30-2009 02:33 AM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    OR it could be I just started learning Katakana hmmm? and maybe I don't have them down yet and plus there are new rules for JUST katakana to remember hmm?? I think so! now take your downerism and move over there! >=(
  8. Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    10-29-2009 11:55 PM - permalink
    Tar Potomi Źëngrīn
    >=( don't be a ♥♥♥♥ing downer!
  9. Halcyon Hero
    10-29-2009 11:10 PM - permalink
    Halcyon Hero
    No point in particular. Just an epic clash is all.
  10. deekay
    10-29-2009 03:09 AM - permalink
    Thanks, Sabbs. :>
  11. BigGoronSword
    10-28-2009 09:35 PM - permalink
    Go to a mod (just don't over do it like a certain "Austin" that I know). The Report System is fine if you don't see anybody online who has the power to do something (so we'll get to the problem once one of us gets back online), but for the most part I don't mind people VM/PMing us mods. The more details you give us (and not just a link, or just telling us what's wrong), the better (you did exactly what I like to see).

  12. BigGoronSword
    10-28-2009 09:10 PM - permalink
    Thanks for the heads up again Sabbo. Instead of locking the thread, I just decided to delete the new posts and give the newbie "only link" a talking to about how things run around here.

    Keep the good work up,
  13. Halcyon Hero
    10-28-2009 06:06 PM - permalink
    Halcyon Hero
  14. HitokiriChibi
    10-28-2009 07:13 AM - permalink
    Haha well I'm not impatient so there won't really be much prodding on my half anyway. I find it... annoying if people pressure me to work faster. Then I go all contradictory and work even slower xD Not to mention losing motivation.
  15. HitokiriChibi
    10-28-2009 06:58 AM - permalink
    Haha, ah procrastination XD It's a disease, I swear.

    Yes, I am curious =P And fight scenes are darn hard. Highly detailed? That can be up to interpretation... and is it going to be coloured as well? And I agree, four days is a bit tough, but he could have been trying to cause you to work harder =P

    Critiquing will be fine with me =D I look forward to seeing it! (So now you got me to pressure you into showing me something soon =P)
  16. HitokiriChibi
    10-28-2009 06:25 AM - permalink

    Oh dear, he only ever asked me to draw one thing for him I think. What has he got you doing? And I never asked for a deadline =P
    Oh and if he complains say your doing it for all the people he's kept waiting in RPs... divine justice if you will =P

    Aside from that, if you need help drawing wise, let me know if you want and I can try to help =)
  17. HitokiriChibi
    10-28-2009 04:44 AM - permalink
    To which Joker replies : "Ara, obviously you don't go out much! Or, if you do, obviously you hasn't seen everything in the world as yet. It be fine, Joker understands you are still young. Can't have been everywhere and seen everything yet. Would be boring, yes?" *much condescension*

    XD You would be right to assume he doesn't like to explain himself =P
  18. Galedeep
    10-27-2009 10:29 PM - permalink
    I did delete them.
  19. Ysionris
    10-27-2009 07:43 AM - permalink
    I'll keep that in mind and try not to make a fool of myself upon first impression. But thank you for the heads-up~ I'll see if I can tag you for a roleplay someday. ^_^
  20. Ysionris
    10-27-2009 07:08 AM - permalink
    Thank you very much~ Although I totally admit that I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into; I've never roleplayed in the Escapists' Haven, so, on the same note, I don't know what is the range of "acceptable" powers and abilities. But aim high, then adjust, eh? ^_^;

    Thank you again~ ^_^

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