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Conversation Between musical zombie. and Panique
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  1. Panique
    08-18-2013 07:57 AM - permalink
    yessss goooood!
  2. musical zombie.
    08-18-2013 12:56 AM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    word! thanks for the advice girl! i'm pretty set on it now. probably only going to pick up animal crossing and maybe pokemon when it comes out initially. fire emblem also seems pretty good. it's got a pretty good canon of work already and more to come.
  3. Panique
    08-16-2013 05:59 AM - permalink
    if you get the chance to get an XL over a 3DS i'd really recommend it! the console feels a lot better made, the screens are amazing, looks heaps better than the DSi XL did - they kind of stretched the image, but the resolution is perfect on the 3DS XL. i'm really happy with mine. the normal 3DS consoles are fine too though! never had a problem with mine, and my sister and boyfriend both have them.
  4. musical zombie.
    08-15-2013 10:36 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    im not sure, i might just stick with the standard 3ds because the size doesn't matter too much to me, although it isn't too big of a price jump from regular to XL so i'll consider it.
  5. Panique
    08-15-2013 10:23 PM - permalink
    the new Animal Crossing is amazing. it jumped to my top played game within about 3 days! are you getting an XL? i upgraded from 3DS to XL right before Animal Crossing came out and i've been super happy with it.
  6. musical zombie.
    08-15-2013 02:52 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    yeah, im looking forward to new pokemon and i've heard nothing but great things about the new animal crossing. i was already leaning towards it but i think i'm gonna take the plunge. i played one a few days ago and it felt like a really solid system
  7. Panique
    08-15-2013 04:41 AM - permalink
    yeah i do! there are some great games on it now, the launch titles were pretty disappointing and the months after weren't great, but it's got a good library behind it now and i'd say it's definitely worth an upgrade.

    you've got Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 3D World and heaps more. upcoming Layton and Phoenix Wright crossover too!
  8. musical zombie.
    08-14-2013 03:17 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    semi off topic, do you recommend the 3ds? i have a ds but i dunno if i should upgrade or not
  9. Panique
    08-14-2013 03:00 PM - permalink
    yeah curse my need for money.
  10. musical zombie.
    08-14-2013 02:58 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    it's tempting but i like to have food regularly.
  11. Panique
    08-14-2013 02:31 PM - permalink
    oh that job sounds sweet! what's the pay like? nothing you say? hrmm...
  12. musical zombie.
    08-14-2013 02:00 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    that doesn't sound like a bad gig at all. i wish i could just write and eat and sleep but unfortunately the only job that that describes is "unemployed"
  13. Panique
    08-14-2013 02:57 AM - permalink
    it's not bad! i would prefer to be MORE internet famous so that someday i can quit my job and just sleep all day and make videos 8)
  14. musical zombie.
    08-14-2013 12:29 AM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    for real haha. i see that you're internet famous now! how's that?
  15. Panique
    08-14-2013 12:08 AM - permalink
    kind of! been a while since i seen your face dude!
  16. musical zombie.
    08-13-2013 04:20 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    yo you still hanging out and about in zu!
  17. Panique
    06-07-2011 04:17 PM - permalink
  18. musical zombie.
    06-07-2011 04:06 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    no way! what do you youtube aboot?
  19. Panique
    06-07-2011 02:50 PM - permalink
    i am a youtuber!!

    also e3 hngh
  20. musical zombie.
    06-07-2011 02:21 PM - permalink
    musical zombie.
    internet famous?! how so?

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