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Quod tu es, ego fui; quod nunc sum, et tu eris
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  1. Amariel
    07-24-2011 04:42 PM - permalink
    Happy Birthday!
  2. AXavierB
    07-21-2011 09:45 PM - permalink
    Oh my God there you are, I hadn't heard from you in months! *hug*
  3. Treble
    12-28-2010 06:06 PM - permalink
    I have already graduated as a honors student in advanced English.

    I can speak several Languages - however some one with no obvious education like you wouldn't understand the power of my shear genius.
  4. Treble
    12-25-2010 06:06 PM - permalink
    Shut up, no one cares for you. What a fat flawed no good creature you are.

    By the way my grammar/spelling is impeccable.
  5. SuperDecimal
    09-08-2010 10:48 PM - permalink
    Hi girl here.
    Also, agreed with everything Fulcon said.

    Other M destroys the character of Samus.
    It's almost borderline sexist. At the end of the day, Samus has to submit to big bad Ada and needs a big strapping man, Like Anthony, to save her from a creature she's killed five times before. :/
  6. Beatrice
    09-04-2010 09:54 PM - permalink
    I saw you in SD, so I guess that's what made me think you were backish. :b
  7. Beatrice
    09-04-2010 06:29 AM - permalink
    Surprised to see that you're online.

    Slightly unrelated; Ultimecia is delicious. And, it's Kara if you were wondering who the random Sephiroth on your friend's list was.
  8. Treble
    03-27-2010 08:38 PM - permalink
    The ramblings of an imbecile .
    I make no mistakes, However you're just a flawed pitiful soul.
    You are curse to a lonely, sad existence.
    You egoistic liar, After reading your conversation with Leinator I hate even more.
  9. Leinator
    03-27-2010 01:48 PM - permalink
    What do you think of M. Scott Peck's definition of evil? I think the religious assumptions he makes are full of ****, but do you think there's any truth to his ideas?
  10. Σεβαστιαν
    03-16-2010 05:43 PM - permalink
  11. Treble
    03-13-2010 07:17 PM - permalink
    What you "ought" to do, Is work on your behavior, worthless imbecile.
  12. Treble
    02-24-2010 07:18 PM - permalink
    I ought laugh in your face, worthless Cur, at least I get attention .
  13. Treble
    02-13-2010 06:08 PM - permalink
    Somebody can't take criticism.
  14. Treble
    01-23-2010 04:44 PM - permalink
    You should stop behaving badly and the way you do.
  15. Σεβαστιαν
    11-11-2009 09:27 PM - permalink
  16. era
    11-02-2009 11:06 PM - permalink
    have you played phantom hour glass before?

    I'm thinking about playing it soonish.

    also: would you care for a game of riddles?
    or is that not your bag?
  17. era
    11-02-2009 09:05 PM - permalink
    I err....edited.

  18. era
    10-17-2009 11:56 AM - permalink
    hey: do you remember what piece this link was supposed to go to?
  19. era
    10-14-2009 06:51 PM - permalink
    oh shoot, did I say everlook?
    I think I meant winterspring, which is east of that one grassy glade village area, connected through the underground tunnel thingy, and theres an important druid quest giver in the grassy village I think, so you might know who I'm talking about perhaps. yes?

    (it's been a long time.)
  20. era
    10-13-2009 04:58 PM - permalink
    that's where winterspring maw tribe is, isn't it?

    I was grinding rep and also those random drops you get with that one necklace....
    gives you decent potions and such if you get a stack of 5 of the same one.
    also cloth for bandages dropped pretty well.
    plus I was a skinner/miner back in the day on mah rogue and there were decent amount of both to be had there.

    also there are dragons and giants that are fun to kill there as well if you happen to be doing all those things with a friend.

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