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Really wants to come back when I can
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  1. Brotagonist
    06-25-2008 11:22 PM - permalink
    Your sig and avvy look sexy with the new skin.

  2. Brotagonist
    06-10-2008 01:44 PM - permalink

    You changed your name back to Itsuya! ^^

  3. Brotagonist
    05-31-2008 02:09 PM - permalink
    Have yew read the latest chapters for Bleach?

    It's getting aweshum. Especially with the recent pic of Shiro and the other captains preparing for the battle in Kurakara town.
  4. P.
  5. Brotagonist
    05-23-2008 10:50 PM - permalink
    Family Guy: Live in Vegas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And I thought only Japanese shows had character albums, hah.
  6. Brotagonist
    05-23-2008 12:56 PM - permalink
    Zelda Universe Forums - View Profile: Missy

    I saw her post, and I thought it was *your* Missy. XD
  7. Nox
    05-22-2008 05:27 PM - permalink
    Omg, you're so kawii! ^_^

    If you need any poetry, I'll give you some of mine!
  8. Brotagonist
    05-22-2008 10:46 AM - permalink
    I am trying to translate your custom title.

    No luck yet. D:
  9. sakuya
    05-21-2008 06:49 PM - permalink
    heh well thats cuz ur really good with words.
    man i wish i coulod write like u..^_^

    at least u can ^_^
  10. sakuya
    05-16-2008 09:27 PM - permalink
    0o0 yes i very much enjoy them, there REALLY good poems..
    0h and ur very welcome. but i should thank you for even posting them ^_^
  11. Lillia
    05-11-2008 04:41 AM - permalink
    That means it's happened already and everything right?
    HOW was it?
    (And morning!)
  12. Lillia
    05-09-2008 02:53 PM - permalink
    we have like magiic brain waves or something, you dont need to speak but I can communicate with the power
  13. Lillia
    05-09-2008 12:29 PM - permalink
    *WOULD SO GO with you too if she could*!
    (ALSO NO YOU ARE, *zips your mouth*)
  14. Lillia
    05-07-2008 12:29 PM - permalink
    <33333333! Nope you,

    THAT'S HORRIBLE! :/! What a mean thing to say ;__; You're never someone to be looked down on, you are fantastic, that person was completely wrong; ignore it! There are always times when some people say things like that, and you know you're not someone to be looked down on (I shall kill you if you dont! <3)
    *hugs tight,* wasnt today any better?!
    (ALSO luckylucky you get a prom, I'm at an allll giirls schoool! ;__; )
  15. Lillia
    05-06-2008 10:28 AM - permalink
    that sounds so similar to last night for me-
    and now, right now I want to sleep for years and years and then wake up and have like no feelings and not care about anything at all,

    I'm so sorry that you were feeling like that, and dont ever think you aren't amazing You are a very awesome, kind and nice and just excellent person- make sure to remember that and let me know if I can help.
    love you, I seriously do hope it get's better for you, quickly,
    and tell me if there's anything I can do.
  16. Lillia
    05-05-2008 03:29 PM - permalink
    *Returns your old head *
    I miss insaney
    I'll eat his head when he comes,
    today was a tiring day, did you do anything cool?
  17. Lillia
    05-05-2008 08:42 AM - permalink
    *looks at your head which she bit off*

  18. Lillia
    05-05-2008 04:57 AM - permalink
  19. Kitsuné
    05-04-2008 01:20 PM - permalink

    How's you? :3
  20. Kitsuné
    05-04-2008 12:46 PM - permalink

    I wuvs my Rawwwb

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