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little zombies wanna eat my brains
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  1. Mafoofoo
    10-11-2011 03:03 PM - permalink
    welp might as well jump off a cliff then.
  2. Malia
    10-11-2011 02:57 PM - permalink

    brb changing your username to Lovable Andy
  3. Mafoofoo
    10-11-2011 01:00 AM - permalink
    you've obviously never surfed while high. because thats the most awesome feeling ever. Well I guess being on mxe and having sex feels better. But whatever.
  4. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 01:29 AM - permalink
    well thats good. the more negativity on zu the better. also an easy way to stop being sad is to start being awesome.
  5. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 01:21 AM - permalink
    to bring negativity to all you nerdz
  6. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 01:03 AM - permalink
    then why are you on zu. go find a mouth to masterblast in.
  7. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 12:54 AM - permalink
    I hope you don't mean an actual vacuum and that's a nickname for some slutty girl you know.
  8. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 12:41 AM - permalink
    sometimes something sucking is a good thing though.
  9. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 12:37 AM - permalink
    well that sux then
  10. Mafoofoo
    10-10-2011 12:28 AM - permalink
    thats cool
  11. luca
  12. Apollo
    09-13-2011 02:16 PM - permalink
    It was The Gaslight Anthem song, I think I heard it once before.

    Well good luck with is all. Let me know next time your on. I wanna hear it when I can actually hear you.
  13. luca
    09-12-2011 11:10 PM - permalink
    well that sucks : /

    you ever wanna talk, PM, or add me on skype (jiminy1994) or msn (

    this should also cheer you up
  14. Apollo
    09-12-2011 11:08 PM - permalink
    Well I couldn't even here you at all in less I turned up my volume all the way so closer to the mic might not be enough, bust mess around and I'm sure you'll get it.

    Besides that it was good. The music was good, I only knew one song, but I enjoyed most of it. Keep it up!
  15. luca
    09-12-2011 10:59 PM - permalink
    why, bro

    i see you're a mighty fine dude, a great athlete and studying at uni. not a bad life if you ask me
  16. Jodd
  17. Conde
    09-11-2011 08:36 PM - permalink
    I hope you know the 'this and that' about depression and how you should probably speak to someone you know about this, just in case it is more serious. I remember how good it made me feel when someone reached out to me when I was feeling ~dark~, so I think it's important for you to do that

    andy! i want you to be well ;_;
  18. Conde
    09-11-2011 08:09 PM - permalink
    I was just talking to my friend about this. Like, there are periods of my life that have been sad, like, not clinically sad but just irrevocably sad. They stop, but, I'm not gonna lie to you, it was totally unsolicited. My whole life has been like that, a sequence of long periods of mehness and long periods of gleefulness that I have no control of. I won't be happy forever, but

    I won't be sad forever.I hope you realize that you will only feel like this for a while, that your mind will eventually find a way to stabilize. And if it doesn't, ♥♥♥♥ing make it stable.

    Oh man, maybe I suck at this 'pep' talks. I've always wanted to be a Grey's Anatomy character, but I guess not everyone is made for that. I'm just upset that you, being such a hot, sweet and smart man, are going through this.

    ♥♥♥♥ I just discovered why you say only gay guys hit on you >.>
  19. Conde
    09-11-2011 07:53 PM - permalink
    andy why are you so bleak lately :'(
  20. luca
    09-11-2011 07:49 PM - permalink
    what makes you say that

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