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  1. Aeffles
    07-11-2008 07:35 AM - permalink
    Damn you for beating me to it!
  2. デクの皇太子
    07-11-2008 03:17 AM - permalink
    Install Japanese language support. Are you on Windows XP? If so, go to start, Control Panel, Regional and language options, languages, and install files for East Asian Languages.
  3. theresa
    07-10-2008 05:10 PM - permalink
    That's it. I'm adding you. =-=

  4. Erimgard
    07-10-2008 04:57 PM - permalink
    Well, I can't eat the stuff, so I figure I should dump it on the forums
  5. Erimgard
    07-10-2008 04:36 PM - permalink
    mwahahahahahha. :/
  6. Anime_Queen
    07-07-2008 07:24 AM - permalink
    hah, I'm glad you're not feeling dejected ^_________^
    Inshallah, you'll find the lady optimum for you- and soon!

    be taking care and may today be kind and jolly with you :>
    Peace, always
  7. Anime_Queen
    07-07-2008 03:03 AM - permalink
    I grudgingly have to agree that Cody's comics are fantabulous!

    Hope the church date went well! ^__________^
  8. Saber
    07-06-2008 10:50 PM - permalink
    We were planning on walking over to the park on 125th street for them to start at 9:30. But they ended up begining an hour early because of the threat of thunderstorms (which ended up happening right at 9:30 anyways) and the lovely people of OC decided not to make an announcement about the change in time. We were watching the news when we heard the large booms outside and so we went to the top of our building and were able to see those, and a couple far away in DE. It was very pretty.
  9. Saber
    07-05-2008 11:34 PM - permalink
    BBD! How were the fireworks in your part of Deleware? ^-^
  10. Fox McCloud
    07-02-2008 11:28 PM - permalink
    Fox McCloud
    Ahoy Dawud (Or داود)! I don't think that question can be answered in one brief wall post, don't you think? Perhaps we can speak properly sometime =).

    I'm doing good though and can't complain. University's out and a busy summer lies ahead. How about yourself? What's new down your end?
  11. Nnu
    07-02-2008 10:23 PM - permalink
    Ah, my apologies, Dave. I have been so busy today I haven't had any time at all to be around. I hope I'll hear this good news soon! Otherwise PM me =)
  12. Administrator Breen
    07-01-2008 10:50 PM - permalink
    Administrator Breen
    Hmm, what was that infraction for again? Oh yes, SPAM.

    Because writing about the feeling you get between your spine when you bend it at a 90' angle isn't spam.

  13. Nnu
    06-28-2008 03:33 AM - permalink
    Eesh, Dave! I really hope they can salvage your files! Good luck with that.
  14. Nnu
    06-26-2008 09:28 AM - permalink
    Heya Dave. thought I'd hop by and say that I hope everything's going well with you. Take care of yourself =)
  15. Zaius Ex
    06-23-2008 03:34 AM - permalink
    Zaius Ex
    So how is the Royal Guard these days?
  16. Solink
    06-22-2008 11:19 AM - permalink
    Are you saying you added me on MSN?
  17. Luckz
    06-21-2008 11:48 PM - permalink
    to your irc question: well, I at some point got made op by eric after Pyro (only a halfop) powerabused me. then the server exploded and I fixed the channel, making me founder. then I returned ownership of that to Scott/Jason and was downgraded to superop.
  18. Drumsofdoom
    06-20-2008 10:02 PM - permalink
    Ahhh trust me they're nothin special haha.

    I had some with the leather jacket and white tee (think the fonzz aayyyyyyyyy ;0) ) and a few with a baseball bat and yankee shirts in the back and such and of course my yearbook photo of me in my suit hah.
  19. Drumsofdoom
    06-20-2008 12:33 AM - permalink
    oh i forgot to mention that I get to take some with the Chevelle though :0)
  20. Drumsofdoom
    06-20-2008 12:32 AM - permalink
    I had to buy a suit today for senior pictures tomorrow. oh joy :0\ haha

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