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by Commander GorMor
11-17-2011 05:53 PM
I've come back, and some notes on contacting...
Okay first of all, I realize that posting in the Wiki Lounge may be a bit pointless, especially...
11-17-2011 05:53 PM
by Μαtt
02-28-2009 05:09 PM
The Wiki Staff
I'm going to be direct. Once again the wiki finds itself severely understaffed. For all intents and...
12-20-2010 05:33 AM
by Melchizedek
01-14-2009 05:12 AM
Member Profiles
Okay everyone... for easier reference purposes everyone who is a part of the group is to post in...
05-16-2010 05:34 AM
by La Zed
03-08-2009 05:26 PM
Glitch Testers & More Hacks Needed
Due to the Wiki's policies, we cannot confrim a glitch/hack is true just because they might be in a...
04-24-2009 03:25 PM
by La Zed Go to last post
by Axiomist
04-21-2009 09:01 PM
Things To Do:
I hear many users say they want to do more on ZW. My guess is that it's getting harder and harder...
04-23-2009 11:22 AM
by La Zed Go to last post
by Melchizedek
08-17-2008 04:41 AM
Zelda Wiki Contributors Lounge
Welcome to the Zelda Wiki Contributors Lounge at ZU I have invited all the...
04-12-2009 09:18 PM
by La Zed Go to last post
by Commander GorMor
01-15-2009 06:17 PM
An 'example' page, maybe?
The Zelda Wiki has editing standards, right? Well some people, like me, are more visual learners....
02-06-2009 06:56 PM
by Μαtt
01-22-2009 03:57 AM
Other Meeting Places
In the wake of the recent closure of the Zelda chatroom, there have been a couple...
01-24-2009 01:14 AM
by Commander GorMor
01-13-2009 03:58 PM
This is perfect....
With the new groups update, we can post threads in a group. Since we are a Zelda Wiki group, this...
01-14-2009 03:58 PM

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