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Any fans of Left 4 Dead 2 are welcome here, Just whatever you do, DON"T DISTURB THE WITCH!!!!
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this group has been updated and is ready to go!

for those who are into four swords, in this group, you can become a colored link! just PM me a group request.

anyway, come on in and join the party of four! there are 4 types of links.

green link is the adventurous one. he acts without thinking and is often getting into predicaments. he has a big ego and is no way ever going to surrender his pride.

red link is the one that seems to like money more than himself sometimes. he is very powerful, though. and loves destroying stuff. he is always the excited one and brings the group out of the darkest of depression.

32 7 157 17
01:17 PM
join a pokrmon group and discuss about pokemon!
8 1 1 0
If you like me LOVE Alvin Earthworm's online video series, SMBZ, then join!!!!
3 1 3 0
05:34 PM
People that plays Playstation 3 can only join
4 4 6 0
06:44 PM
For all of those out there who find Banjo Kazooie to be one of the great series in the gaming world.
11 1 4 0
08:39 AM
Do you think that Zelda is still the est game ever, but the Metroid and Pokemon series' are right behind it? If so, this is the group for you! Those fat, chubby, and cuddly metroids and gengars? We can talk about that! Help on any Metroid game? We can cover that too! Join nao! WARNING: EVER SINCE I GOT POKEMANS HEART GOLD, I'VE BEEN ITCHING TO TELL SPOILERS BECAUSE I BEAT THE GAME!!! PLEASE TAKE CAUTION!!!
4 4 22 0
The social group that was made too early!
19 13 98 0
08:32 PM
This is for all of the fans that have played through Dead Space and loved it, you can either love it for it's thrill of Alien Zombies, the thrill of getting to kill anything you like, you just the thrill of a new gaming experience.

No matter the reason, come and join to discuss this highly fun, yet highly horrifying game.
3 2 3 0
11:56 PM
This is a group for those who wish to show off their work in Gmod, be it through screenshots, comics, modeling, whatever.

While I am technically group leader since I created it, nobody is really in charge here, so feel free to set up your own portfolios and create your own discussions.

Read the Guidelines.
8 7 27 0
03:23 AM
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