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This group is for the people getting the new DS remake of Pokemon Silver: Soul Silver, instead of the remake of Pokemon Gold: Heart Gold.
31 6 33 0
06:19 AM
If you play the freeware, moddable fighting game for PC, Mac and Linux known as M.U.G.E.N., post here.
2 1 1 0
02:16 AM
a minecraft group with a server. anyone is welcome. except griefers
6 3 4 0
11:12 PM
This group is to all the fans of Golden Sun, The Lost Age, and Dark Dawn.
66 5 86 20
09:38 PM
For fans of the fighting game "SoulCalibur"

I, II, III, IV, Legends
20 2 8 0
01:27 PM
Just because it's a Nintendo site doesn't mean some of us don't go and play some Xbox. Due to lack of inspiration to allow Xbox gamer tags under our usernames, I've decided it'd be special that we represent our site with our own gaming network group. Want to get in a match but not finding decent players? Want to know people playing your kind of Microsoft titles? From Banjo-Kazooie 3 to Gears of War 2, we're getting a list up.
53 9 81 20
11:26 AM
For those who like Pokemon Black\White.
13 2 9 0
11:22 PM
This a new social group for Garry's Mod. There was one, but it died a few years ago. So we can show off screenshots, share cool and useful downloads, and more!
1 2 2 0
03:43 PM
Here, people can discuss Gecko OS (which is completely legal. It does not allow you to play pirated content.) codes for Zelda games and if anybody with a USB Gecko joins, then we could request codes. We also can share cool codes. Also, we can discuss Mario Kart Wii hacking and Super Smash Bros. Brawl hacking.
2 10 10 0
05:06 AM
My first (and one of my favorite series) video game , and I'm sure more people love it too.
12 1 2 0
03:09 PM
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