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Some people believe videogames are merely "toys," below forms of artistic media such as films and novels. We, on the other hand, don't. If you believe videogames are a format for great art and plot- which they are- join here.
34 1 15 0
10:29 AM
Any fans of the Viewtiful Joe series are welcome here, and the GameCube fans as well
4 1 1 0
06:24 PM
For those who like Black2/White2
6 1 2 4
04:32 PM
Recently, I noticed that one of the groups I belonged to, "Pokemon of ZU", created by xlr8, was no longer on my list of groups that I belonged to, and when I searched it, the only match to "Pokemon", was something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, and I just thought I would revive the group, so that former members, would join, if indeed the group WAS DELETED, and maybe some new members, and I can't remember who exactly belonged, besides me and xlr8, but this is to attract members of the old group, as well as possibly some new ones!!!!

All are welcome!!!! ;)
26 3 81 0
12:54 PM
We pass the word about Fire Emblem, come here if you like it and want to spread the word of the amazing franchise!
7 2 7 13
03:56 PM
Love the Professor? Love his top hat? Does everything in life remind you of a puzzle? Do you wish to defeat Don Paolo, or Jean Descole? Then, talk about all of it, here!
5 2 5 0
04:16 PM
This group is for the people getting the new DS remake of Pokemon Silver: Soul Silver, instead of the remake of Pokemon Gold: Heart Gold.
32 6 33 0
06:19 AM
If you play the freeware, moddable fighting game for PC, Mac and Linux known as M.U.G.E.N., post here.
2 1 1 0
02:16 AM
a minecraft group with a server. anyone is welcome. except griefers
6 3 4 0
11:12 PM
This group is to all the fans of Golden Sun, The Lost Age, and Dark Dawn.
66 5 86 20
09:38 PM
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