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A place for all to share their Animal Crossing: New Leaf experiences and post pictures, share friend codes, and talk about how awesome and addicting this game is!
33 2 4 0
A group for fans of the games in the Harvest Moon series. Here you can get to know fellow fans and discuss your favourites within various subjects.

So let's get together and search for the blue feather.
13 2 14 1
08:29 AM
Any one that is not afraid to talk about their favorite hardcore games.My post about hardcore countdown is on G.G.Your most likely to get the game,you think is hardcore,on the countdown list if you join the group. Hardcore gamers welcome!!
2 0 0 0
The group that loves one of the best franchises of all time.
36 3 36 0
07:17 AM
I don't know what to put here because my brain is bleeding, but it's pretty self explanatory.

Thanks goes to 2 girls 1 Tott for the picture :)
49 8 158 1
10:54 AM
Some people believe videogames are merely "toys," below forms of artistic media such as films and novels. We, on the other hand, don't. If you believe videogames are a format for great art and plot- which they are- join here.
36 1 15 0
10:29 AM
Any fans of the Viewtiful Joe series are welcome here, and the GameCube fans as well
4 1 1 0
06:24 PM
For those who like Black2/White2
6 1 2 4
04:32 PM
We pass the word about Fire Emblem, come here if you like it and want to spread the word of the amazing franchise!
7 2 7 13
03:56 PM
Love the Professor? Love his top hat? Does everything in life remind you of a puzzle? Do you wish to defeat Don Paolo, or Jean Descole? Then, talk about all of it, here!
5 2 5 0
04:16 PM
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