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Okay, this is a group dedicated to the MMD RWBY! If you like it and want to join, then by all means, join!
5 2 9 2
12:36 PM
Who here is a fan of the commonly overlooked legendary pokémon Reshiram? (the Black & White series of pokémon has been hated on and overlooked by a lot of people) If you are, then join this social group!
3 1 2 0
12:44 PM
Remake of the previous Fanclub
35 11 117 2
07:30 PM
This is the group for anyone who thinks im awesome.

22 36 2,301 4
02:55 AM
for fans of Homestuck, the current MSPA story.
65 11 191 0
09:46 PM
As the chrysalis is rendered cleanly, a new entity emerges from that which not only served as his barrier, but also his only shelter from the sins of this world.

Now as he gazes upon this forsakened earth, he ponders whether he is really more suited than before, a plague gnawing at his mind like a pack of carnivorous dogs. Nonetheless, his anguish thus far has only strove to drive him to the brinks of insanity, where pleasure was soon fused with that of pain, the dividing line ceasing to exist, as this new splendor spreads his embrace to engulf everything.

This is the world with which he has consumed. The incarnation of Sin hast returned.
13 10 4,784 0
Because for whatever reason, this isn't a thing. Yeraza is awesome, we can all agree.

The picture is Sync now because everyone likes Sync.
16 4 90 0
11:14 AM
Come one come all! Fans of our Vocaloid singer Hasune Miku!
10 4 23 8
04:07 PM
I made this because Twilight Wolf made a fanclub for himself, and so I figured, "Why can't I"?!

I have a lot of friends here, so why not?!

All of my friends, please join!!
72 1 109 0
09:06 PM
For those of us that appreciate the great vocaloid, GUMI Megpoid.
3 1 4 0
05:09 PM
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