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Loved the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon? Well, here's a club to show you appreciation! Feel free to discuss, share cosplay adventures--anything, as log as we all get along, or in the name of the moon, I shall punish you!
27 8 80 5
11:52 AM
if you want to be my friends then join here! if your already my friend please still join!!

it should be call manga ninja fanclub lol
20 4 125 0
08:14 AM
Group dedicated to the amazing vocal talents of the bilingual singer Nano!!
2 1 4 0
05:05 PM
Okay, this is a group dedicated to the MMD RWBY! If you like it and want to join, then by all means, join!
5 2 8 1
12:15 AM
This is the group for fans of Waluigi :3
It was made by the voters in the count to 100 thread in the ZU F&G forum, in a game to make a new group together.
Lets all join in and show our love for the underrated anti hero Waluigi, and hope he gets his own game one day :3
11 1 34 0
09:39 PM
Are you a fan of the Vocaloid pair Rin and Len. If so, join our Kagamine Family in revolition against the enemy!! TAKE DOWN ALL THAT IS GREEEN!!!!! MWAHAHA!!

But no XP! Really this is just a group of Rin and Len fans! Miku lovers are welcome as well!!

Have fun and enjoy this Rin and Len Kagamine Fanclub!
8 2 11 1
Anyone else love the book series by Erin Hunter? Gather here! Discuss the books!
12 12 94 5
05:43 PM
Remake of the previous Fanclub
33 11 114 2
03:55 PM
I made this because Twilight Wolf made a fanclub for himself, and so I figured, "Why can't I"?!

I have a lot of friends here, so why not?!

All of my friends, please join!!
67 1 108 0
09:42 PM
The "Super League" of ZU is a place where members can congregate and hang out with one another; basically just chill and have a good time. We're fun, easy going, and love to lay back and play some video games and watch some anime. Events include Super Smash Bros. tournaments, anime nights, and fun times for all!
15 10 322 0
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