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Me likes anime, do you? Yes? No? Maybe????? If yes/maybe, JOOOIIIINNNN!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, discuss anything related to anime/manga here, and you can make your own comics and stuffs here.
43 1 83 2
06:56 PM
For fans of the FMA manga/anime/video game series!!!! All are welcome!!!! ;)
55 7 124 5
04:57 PM
Just a generalized group for various anime/manga. Discuss whatever you desire involving the two, or feel free to make a separate thread for an individual anime or manga for discussion.

Fall 2011 Series:

Shakugan no Shana III
Mirai Nikki
Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon
Guilty Crown
24 4 173 0
01:10 PM
Show, and talk about, your love for these Japanese masterpieces.
25 2 23 0
11:19 PM
How the hell has this not been made yet? Well, this is the place for all you AoT fans out there. Just thought it'd be fun.

12 4 38 3
12:57 AM
This is for those of you who love Fairy Tail! Haven't seen any fanclubs for it so figured what the heck, why not. Discuss favorite episodes, openings, etc.

*Please use spoiler tags if you're discussing something past the first season so nothing is ruined for someone.
9 1 5 0
10:42 AM
(~*) R.I.P. Brigadier General Maes Hughes (*~)

For all fans of the late Maes Hughes. Promoted from Lt. Colonel to Brigadier General for dying in the line of duty.

A man dedicated wholly to his family, friends, and his work. Husband and father to Gracia and Elicia Hughes, friend of Roy Mustang and Winry Rockbell (among many others), and devoted soldier, who died to protect them all.
21 3 14 0
10:35 PM
If you a strong fan of this epic fighting anime, join here!
(May edit that)
48 3 109 5
12:35 PM
For all of you Bleach fans, digging Aizen's sociopathic genious behaviour to freakin' awesome releases of power.

Join now!
39 3 42 0
08:17 PM
Hi! This group is for fans of the amazing anime/manga/game called Umineko!
1 0 0 5
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