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Spin-off Zelda Watch Games

There are 2 games that the average zelda fan hasn't even heard of.

1. One is called the Legend of Zelda Game Watch.

The game consisted of eight dungeons with four rooms each. In each room, Link would have to collect a sword and/or a boomerang to beat his foes. As a reward, he gained a key to the next room. When entering it, though, he lost his found items and had to recollect them. The last two rooms of every dungeon also had hearts to replenish Link's health. Once all the enemies in the fourth room were dealt with, the dungeon's boss (which was always Aquamentus) appeared. To defeat him, Link had to collect a bomb and place it in front of Aquamentus. Following his victory, a Triforce fragment would appear, which allowed him access to the next dungeon.

Very fun game indeed. I actually have it. I think the game gets harder once you beat it but don't quote me on that.

2. The other one is the Zelda Game & Watch:

The story is about eight dragons that are causing havok in Hyrule. They refuse to live in peace and they plan to conquer the land. Zelda has been captured in the battle between Hylian and dragon. Link has to slay every dragon in the labyrinth in which they hide. These dragons plan to stop Link with the aid of Stalfos skeletons, goblins and ghosts. In the role of Link, players fight their way through a dungeon on the lower screen and take on Golbins, Stalfos, and Ghosts. Controls are of course everything but complex. You can move Link left or right with the NES-style control pad, push down to refresh your health with Water of Life, up to climb stairs, and the attack button to slash at your opponents. The same button also lets you protect yourself from the back by holding your shield behind you -- an essential technique when trying to get by undead foes. There are 8 triforce pieces to obtain meaning there are 8 levels. When you beat the game, you are given a second quest with harder bosses. I actually don't have this game myself but I heard it is pretty hard.

Here is a clip of Link collecting the last Triforce Piece by slaying the enemies and the last dragon! I hope you enjoy:


These two treasures are extremely expensive on Ebay. Maybe you can find one of these at a thrift store. Luckly for the Zelda Game & Watch you can now play it on Game & Watch Gallery 4 for GBA (though you have to unlock it). However, the Zelda Game Watch seems harder to find and there appears to be less information on the internet about it. The good thing is that both of the story lines are pretty similar so you will not miss much if you only get your hands on just one of them.

So have anyone of you played this? What are your thoughts? Feel free to discuss!
Have you played these zelda games?

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