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Guides and Other Useful Info

Below are some guides and other interesting threads compiled by myself for your use:

The Official "How Come In Zelda" Thread - Every wanted to know why characters do certain things or why something happens in Zelda? Here's the place to discuss it.

The Official Zelda Romance Thread - Think Link should be together with Zelda? Is he more fit for Malon? Does Navi share a special bond with the Hero of Time? Talk about your views on Hyrule's Most Eligible Bachelor here. :>

The Legend of Zelda Film Discussion Thread - Hyped about the possibility of someone making a movie about our favorite video game series? Share your enthusiasm with others here.

The Official Easter Egg Thread - Do the Mario paintings in everyone's houses raise your eyebrow? Why is Malon wearing a Bowser pendant? What's with the Yoshi doll? Whatever cool easter egg you've seen or found, bring it up here.

The Permanently Missable Items Guide - While you can get most of the items in a Zelda title, some of the games feature items that, if you progress too far, you cannot obtain later. Here is a guide to help you with those one-time items that you can't get anywhere else.

Basic Zelda Terminology and Abbreviations - Within the Zelda fandom, there is a lot of jargon and abbreviations we use when we talk about the game. This little guide will tell you what means what when we talk about the games.
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