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Old 08-24-2005, 10:18 AM
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The best game ever and discussion of Kirby

I love Kirby. I've played every kirby game i could get my hands on and beat every one I have played. Some were great, and some were dissapointing, but i think i found the best of them all, if not the best of all SNES games, if not the best game ever. It is Kirby: Super Star. Its like 9 games in one!(the last one you have to un-lock). And they're not stupid little short games either. It has many MANY powers, from yo-yo to jet, ninja to plasma, suplex to wing, and more. So... a few more things. Does anyone have any screen shots or info on the new Kirby game fo GC? and what new powers or abilities do you want to see?

P.S.: if anyone finds a better Kirby game, please tell me!

Hunter Metroid
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