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Re: DMC: Devil May Cry (aka DMC 5)

Originally Posted by Master Vainqueur View Post
As long as they don't create a game where about seven missions have Dante in them with a lame way of portraying his personality, and also having a whiny little dip**** as a protagonist who also happens to be part of a stupid and cliche romance, or making the battling some weird parody of past battle systems, I think I'll be fine with the new DMC game.
I get Nero being a whiny little dip❤❤❤❤ with a romance that can really muddle down the story of some innocent little flower who doesn't even know how to defend herself at all even know her brother is the Captain of the Holy Knights and is awesome with a sword.

But I've heard elsewhere that Dante ins DMC4 sucked as well, I don't see it though. I personally like Dante in DMC4 the most. And was the battle system in DMC4 a parody of the past battle systems? Real-time style change a bad thing?
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