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Old 07-30-2008, 03:44 PM
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Please rate this.

I know this goes in the writing and art area, but i posted it in the writers council and no one answered but here is the idea.

I have a story thought, and i wanted to know if it would make a good zelda fan fic. here it goes

It takes place years after TP link dies in the CT
a new reincarnation of link and zelda are born, and one again they have the triforce of wisdom and courage. Gannon is sealed away with the ToP(debating whether to include him, give me an answer please) now despite the total fakenesss of it, Vaati has been a resident of the twilit realm since the events of TMC, he has none of his power so he thought it useless to try to take over. One day he feel pain of his hand looks down to see the triforce, hoping he recives power the midle glows(yes, the tetra force despite total fakeness) he is puzzled by this and then transported to the Chamber of sages where raru explains this piece and tell vaati what to do to find out more, in the mean time,link is going through a ceremony done on boys his age and seeing the the temple of time in the sared grove with zelda. The farries are also given large apperences as well as the kokiri and the subrosians(the people who live under ground in OOX).Eventualy link ends up on a quest against Vaati(+ gannon?)

Please disscus and give me your opinion
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Old 07-30-2008, 03:49 PM
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Re: Please rate this.

Well, what's the plot? I mean, you haven't really given us the seemingly impossible problem the protaganist usually has to solve. In fact, I'm kinda confused as to who the protaganist is. I would assume it's Link, but why is it necessary he go on a quest against Vaati? You haven't really revealed what kind of threat Vaati is to Link. Is Vaati going to use the power of his piece of the Triforce to take down the world? Or does he plan on keeping the Triforce so he can replace Ganondorf as the ultimate LoZ evil king?
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Old 07-30-2008, 03:51 PM
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Re: Please rate this.

Yeah, this sort of stuff goes in the A&W. Not here. Ever.

*blows up thread*

Also, it's Ganon. Ganon. GANON!

It's been, like, 20 years since the guys at Nintendo fixed that error. How can people still be making this mistake?
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