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Old 04-03-2007, 04:36 PM
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Re: Are you popular?

I think I had some semblance of almost-popularity in ZU a few years ago when I posted regularly, but that's been gone for a long time. Right now, I'm doing fairly well on deviantart instead.
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Old 04-03-2007, 04:42 PM
Ozzy Ozzy is a male Canada Ozzy is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I'm not really popular, I'm well known though, like everyone knows me, good or bad referenced.

But I don't hang around with the "in" crowds at lunch or anything...but hell, I don't want to, even if they let me, I'd still say screw that

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Old 04-07-2007, 12:20 PM
Pink Flamingo United_States Pink Flamingo is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

No one at my school is popular because no one knows eachother...its too big.
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Old 04-07-2007, 12:25 PM
Nox Nox is a male United States Nox is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Originally Posted by Pink Flamingo View Post
No one at my school is popular because no one knows eachother...its too big.
That's pretty strange, you would expect a bigger school to have at least one popular person.

Artwork. Why not critique so I can get better, plz :3

Originally Posted by Red View Post
I have a friend who once asked me if vaginas had taste buds. Because of flavored condoms.

We were 17
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Old 04-07-2007, 12:44 PM
Solink Solink is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I don't know to be exact. I don't do anything and I'm usually the "quiet" one. I hang out with mostly outcasts, but I have friends in the "in" crowd. Some guys who are thought to be popular usually bother me like hell for no reason. (B-tards) I guess I'm the avarage guy who does weird jokes that people like. Kinda remind myself of Two-Bit from the book "The Outsiders", seeing we read it in class in the first semester, and people recon me to be so...
As for ZUf, I doubt everyone likes me. Like the real world, people critisize me of what I do (my comics), as do people in here that I wish not to count. But hey, I'm the jester; not everyone likes me. Alot of guys like me here, even though I don't know em personaly...
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Old 04-07-2007, 03:00 PM
Malia Malia is a female The Byzantine Empire Malia is offline

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Re: Are you popular?

ZU: Hell if I know. I have friends, or people I pretend to like (eg Hylian Z *punches and runs away*) and I know some people via IM, but I'd say that's pretty much it. So, uh, guess not XD.

Real life: High school, I guess so since I was a school leader, so that kinda makes it hard to be unknown.

Nowadays - I know a lot of people, friends with lotsa people from uni, church and such, buuuut I'd say only like 5 of them I would trust with everything. I guess I can be quite the social butterfly, but I don't really open up too easily. My trust is usually very hard to come by. So popular? Maybe known with quite a few people, but close friends with only a few. I'd make that a no, but content with where I am.
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Old 04-07-2007, 06:06 PM
Polloman300 Dominican Republic Polloman300 is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I dont know about ZU but in Real Life in my areas I am. People like hanging out with me because they say I'm a funny person, that I am a cool friend and not a two-face hippocrit. Girls say I am respectful, adorable and accurate with the moment. people refer to me as The Man! yes I like the title I dont know why. I got a question for all the ZUers that recognize me; Am I a cool ZUer? And if I am why?
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Old 04-07-2007, 07:02 PM
Dulcie Dulcie is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Most people on ZU have never heard of me. Some never got the chance to know me. A lot of people think I'm an annoying, immature, and secluded *****. Some people like me.

In real life, most people kind of know me and occasionally talk to me when they see me. I can be found hanging around nearly anyone, but most of the time I can be found hanging around two of my best friends or other friends. It's a fact that most people think that I am fond of them, but the truth is that I'm really not. A lot of the time, I can found alone, busy. Most people like to label me as a "snob". I admit that I'm standoffish with most people, but not always. I guess I got that label from hanging around people that are actually of that label.
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Old 04-08-2007, 11:22 AM
Necco Necco is a male United States Necco is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I'm new, I'm not popular.

In my old school there were about 4,000 kids and such, but in my circle I was fairly popular. I was a sophmore hangin with seniors and such. I'd call that popular. :/
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Old 04-08-2007, 11:56 AM
DekuQueen DekuQueen is a female United States DekuQueen is offline
Amanda Mullins
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Re: Are you popular?

Being popular on the internet is not the same as being popular in real life ... at all, in so many ways.

I'm not popular in ZU, and I don't think really anyone is with everyone. Site is just too big.

In that sense, I think it's easier to become popular, or at least recognized, in real life. You don't have to stick to using just words to make your presence known.

In school I'm most likely known as that girl who has friends with every "click" of people - I'm friends with the student body, gifted, band nerds, AP kids, and art junkies. Yeah, they're steryotypes, but I'm not someone who tends to attatch herself to people so closely that I can never leave them. I also don't care to be popular anyway, the attention makes me feel I'm reinventing myself to fit other people's images.

I'm not popular in either, really, but I have a grand bunch of friends in each, and don't mind making more. You know who you are.

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Old 04-08-2007, 12:39 PM
deku_named_mich deku_named_mich is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I am popular because I am nice.
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Old 04-09-2007, 07:59 PM
~Sheik~ Bahamas ~Sheik~ is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I just joined ZU so In real life, I'm not sure what other people think of me. I don't think I'm hugely popular.
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Old 04-10-2007, 05:27 AM
Lieutenant Lollipop Lieutenant Lollipop is a female Lieutenant Lollipop is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Me neither, Sheik. I've got a different style of clothing compared to other people. I'm actually alternative... But most people are emo, gothic, ...
That kind of unnecassary ****.>_>
I only wear a jeans, (Dream Theater) shirt, normal all stars, so why would I personally be considered different?:S
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Old 04-10-2007, 10:54 PM
Dragon Eyes Dragon Eyes is a female United States Dragon Eyes is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Popularity doesn't mean anything to me because if I were Popular I wouldn't like it because people would always bother me and I would be In newspaper's and that would be embarrassing to me because I would be doing personal things and the whole world doesn't have to be in my business.
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Old 04-10-2007, 11:21 PM
Trico Canada Trico is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Everyone loves me for my lack of modesty.
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Old 06-07-2007, 11:13 AM
Tywar Tywar is a male United States Tywar is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

nah. not in life. i want to be my self. i hate popularity because it divides the people into groups and other people determine where you belong. In ZU?... not very much. i have plenty of friends and posts and im perfectly fine about both.
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Old 06-07-2007, 11:19 AM
Loffle Monster. United_States Loffle Monster. is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Nice bump! And yes I'm fairly popular in life. It is truly hard to keep up with everyone.

At ZU, I'm new so no. And even when I'm not new I don't plan on being popular.

Used to be hero_of_legends.
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Old 06-07-2007, 12:29 PM
forte Morocco forte is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

I'm not popular in the sense that I know everyone and am everyone's friend and I have no real friends. I'm popular in the sense thar everyone knows meh. Only because I have a strange personality and have a friend in like every group. Also cuz I'm the shortest 8th grader. I was last year and it sucked. Although, my real friends were popular too. I guess I was happy that I had real friends that weren't outcasts and I left them alone to be cool. I don't care about being cool. I'm myself and I enjoy school. On ZU, I don't know but I think I might be popular on ZU.
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Old 06-07-2007, 12:48 PM
mika99cv United_States mika99cv is offline
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Re: Are you popular?

Originally Posted by \/\/ind \/\/aker View Post
Are you popular in ZU and real life?And do you like it?

I am, and I hate it! People like being my friend because Im funny and strange. i like having all these friends, but it's so hard to keep up with them all.

Same way with me people like to be my friends for the same reasons its ok to have all the friends but over that I dont really care about popularity

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Old 06-07-2007, 12:50 PM
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Re: Are you popular?

I'm comparatively popular. Just a normal person at school. But I'm easy to recognize, my hair style is completely different than most people.
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