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Old 07-21-2005, 12:20 PM
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Looking for sounds (Windows 95 owners, READ!)

(Note to mods: Bit of an oddball thread I admit, but have nowhere better to make this request, seeing as how this is the most active forum I visit)

Yeah. I'm getting more and more sick of the Windows XP sound scheme. And I long for the sounds of old, from the days of Windows 95. (Mixed with some Halo clips, to match the Halo theme I have going on my computer right now) But, I really want some certain sounds from Windows 95 (and my 95 disc is scratched to hell)

So, anybody who has Windows 95, and can get me the sounds library (default one, not the animal or robot themes) please, either contact me here or hit me up on AIM. (sn: capncornflake)

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owners, read, sounds, windows

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