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Old 07-07-2005, 03:10 AM
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If Zelda Universe was real...

I pose this hypothetical situation to all of you: What if every member of ZU were brought together in a building to meet eachother and possibly have a real forum? Imagine this: The main lobby(Community Forum) would be filled with people trying to reach the different halls and floors (forums) with many rooms (threads) to have discussions in. Not only discussions, but of course there would be fun (we aren't boring). There would be games to get to know eachother, Zelda games we could all play (just imagine it as a smaller E3...but with all Zelda games and not just the future ones), dances/parties. What are some things you'd want to do? Who would you like to meet in real life from ZU? How would you act (be honest. Not everyone acts the same way they do online than they do offline)?

Now ofcourse us Mods can't control you the same way offline as we do in here (hehe) *Hires many security gaurds*....much better.

Remember, this is just hypothetical...I'm sure it would never happen (I know some people here at ZU have met eachother, but nothing as large as thousands) in reality, but who doesn't like to indulge in the "What if...?" game.

Hmmm personally in person, I can come off as a shy guy sometimes...I guess it all depends on the situation I'm in. There would be plenty of people I'd like to meet. Some I've known for my whole ZU life, and others just a few months or even days. I'd like people to get to know me, Marco, better and not just "BGS: The Mod that loves Gorons". If ZU was real, you'd possibly find me hanging out in the Gamecube Zelda section playing FSA with (Hyrulean Adventures) and agains (Shadow Battle) people. Future Zelda would be the happening place to go. Play the TP Demos, watch the trailers, go into discussions, finally putting a face to all of those screen names (well the Scrapbook helps...). Ah the Scrapbook. That could be a place for Photography where you could take pictures with someone from ZU you met. To step out of the Zelda fray for a few moments, I'd possibly go into the General Gaming, Art & Writing, and Entertainment to see what's going on in there. The Battle Arena...eventhough I haven't battled in quite awhile, I wonder how (or really if) this could be used in this "Real ZU".

I may be living in a world of fantasy just thinking of this hypothetical situation...but it's fun to indulge in your thoughts at times

Tell me, what would you do if Zelda Universe was real...

-Marco Antonío (aka: BGS)
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:15 AM
Link's Guardian Link's Guardian is a male Link's Guardian is offline
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Heh well I would visit the battle arena, if ZU was real.
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:22 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

ah, BGS, nice to see you made the thread form the chat . heh, personally i would go around and meet everyone in person i have been wanting to since i joined here. i wouldnt really bother with the discussions as they would have already been covered in my time on the internet forums
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:23 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

You know, im a lurker at the evboard forums (evanescence offical forum) and they are putting together a party for all members. This reminded me of that.

And i'd stay around the art and writing hall.....erm....yeah
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:25 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

If ZU were real, I.. No wait a start like that isn't good enough.
But honostly, I really like this idea, to have this massive building full of halls and rooms with a lot of ZU users. I would most likely hang out around in the Future Zelda hall which I do mostly here on ZU. There people would discuss Twilight Princess and watch trailers 24/7 to prove arguments and so on.

Future Zelda would not be the only thing i'd visit, also General Gaming where I would take all my consoles + games to kick ass. It would be fun to see a lot of Gamecubes connected to eachother all playing MarioKart: Double Dash, even though the game is not that cool. =) I would go to the 'LAN' room where all the online computer games take place. Maybe I will even visit the entertainment 'room' where ofcourse all the newest movie's are provided.

In real life im a lot more shy then here on the forums, weird but true. The communication would not be as easy as just posting a message and ignoring people and you cannot just go 'offline'.
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Old 07-07-2005, 03:31 AM
Peefy Norway Peefy is offline
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

I bet I would be wearing a crown with my head poiting at the sky. I'd probably ride on a dog or something (since my ZU personality is prett small, while I'm as a person am very tall).
Also I would spend the most of the time sleeping outside in the chat, sometimes waking up and talk nonsense, then fall asleep again. At times I would run into the generalchitchat, join a conversation, then leave again in the middle of it.

Oh well.


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Old 07-07-2005, 03:39 AM
Kenzymandias Kenzymandias is a male Togo Kenzymandias is offline

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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

I'd just like to start off by saying: This is by far one of the best, most conversation provoking threads made in the history of ZU, ever. Yet people are still posting one liners. -_-

Anyhoo, I myself am a bit of a shy guy as well. I'd probably be hanging around the general chit-chat room, just meeting everyone. After I get comfortable with peeps I can be a lot of fun. Then I'd probably be up playing games with everyone, having a great time. I personally would probably go everywhere at least once just hanging around meeting everyone and doing as much as I can.

People I'd be specifically interested in meeting go as followed:
Big Goron Sword: Only because you act so mature and polite on the forums, and would love to see if that's how you really function.

Anime_Queen: She friggen adopted me, of course I'ma want to meet her. And she seems really laid back and fun on the forums, if that's anything like she really is she'd be fun to hang out with.

Lee: Just to get to know our know owner a bit more.

Peefy: He seems like a fun guy. He reminds me of one of my friends, in appearance as well as personality.

StarBoy: After hearing him on the "Your Voice" thread, I have to meet him. He has a wicked Southern accent and Mr. Rabbit rules.

VacumGod: He's just wicked cool like that. I need not say more.

And tons of other people I fail to mention.
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Old 07-07-2005, 05:39 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

I've often thought about this myself, as well, BGS. The Battle Arena would be out in a courtyard or something, perhaps. Anyway, I'd probably be pretty shy at first, as I am in real life. It would take a bit before opened up and participated in everything. I'd hang around in the General Chit-Chat, Art and Writing, General Gaming and Entertainment areas. Pop in to the Zelda areas occasionally and jump into the BA every once in a while. I'd imgaine for the Feedback, Suggestions and Questions, there would just be a suggestion box or something or a 'Complaint's Desk' so to speak.

Who would I like to meet? I dunno, a lot of people I suppose.

By the way, great topic, BGS.
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Old 07-07-2005, 05:44 AM
Ninboy Australia Ninboy is offline
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Yeah i think about that alot, i was going to make a thread like this, but better you then I!!

I would be theoryising (sp) about TP in the future sectection!!!

Also i would be standing by myself looking at everyone because i have no friends!!! .
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Old 07-07-2005, 05:48 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

if zu was real, i would wonder, but go into General Chit-Chat alot, but going into Zelda RPG as well.

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Old 07-07-2005, 06:17 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Awe, Ninboy, I'm sure you have friends ;0) What...that doesn't comfort you? :0S

Ah, I've been thinking about this...hmm... First off, the Battle Arena would DEFinitely have a giant battle-dome. That's a must for ZU. It would be ANcient, by ZU standards, now.

Also, although I'd like to get to know new people, I really think I'd be checking time-zones (ZU has 24 clocks standing all in one room, with an electronic readout list of who lives in which timezone, didn't you know that?) to try and predict when certain people would be likely to show up. So, what I'd do is get up to the very topmost of points that I could where the most people could hear, and yell out "ANY OF MY FRIENDS--LET'S GO TO BBD's ROOM!!" didn't know I had my own room?? Yeah..Lars made it right before he switched over :0P' (joking, btw...)

There are SO many people I'd want to spend time with. But, I would definitely limit myself to casual conversation with the majority of people, just so that I could sneak away and have the deepest of convos with my closest ZU friends. Sorry, but that's what would happen :0|

Ah yes, and we'd all have to call on Frodo to cook us up something in the "What's your favorite recipe" thread :0P'
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Old 07-07-2005, 07:26 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

I would love if ZU were real. I would mostly hang out in General Chit Chat. I wonder how the Signature Shops would look?

People I'd want to meet:
Altamira: Of course I'd want to meet my best friend!

Fianna: One of the most memorable members for me. I always pictured Kazan and Fianna as a couple. I think they were ZU married or something.

Future: We've talked a few times in the chat and I feel very comfortable around him.

Kazan: Got a good impression of him when he adopted Altamira. I've always seen the good posts he's made every time I visit ZU.

Lars: He's very handsome and I'd like to thank him in person for creating ZU. Also, I want to learn a little more about Norway.

Peefy: The first ZU member I ever talked to through PM when he was asking me to make a signature to advertise sig shops. I instantly liked him and can be found shouting "FEEPY!" in the chat at times.

sadida: She was the first ZU member whose online journal I went to. I also think she's mature and would be fun to hang around.

Hope I didn't forget anyone.
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Old 07-07-2005, 07:48 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Originally Posted by Lunar Boy

VacumGod: He's just wicked cool like that. I need not say more.
awwww, I feel so warm and fuzzy wuzzy inside!

Well, you'de all find me walking to and fro between the Future Zelda section, and the art and writting section.

I'd definantly want to meet (In no specific order):

BGS, helped me up on me feet when I first joined ZU

anime_queen, sadida, kess, and vega, because I love their artwork

Starboy, because he has the jobs only children dream of, and he's just plain cool

achitka, because of her wonderful writting, and all her help on Project Mudora

Lunar Boy, because "He's just wicked cool like that", and he's got the best whitey hair I've ever seen.

tiger boi, because we literally brothers, the black kind I mean

mirren, cuz he's such a good friend

Drago and akechi, for all their battle arena fun-ness

Of course I would probably meet everyone else here at the ZU building simply because, in large gatherings, I tend to be very social and loud, shaking everyone's hand and such.
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Old 07-07-2005, 08:10 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

There's a whoollle lot of people I would like to meet! To tell you guys the truth I would like to meeet everybodyon ZU! I think I met some of these people on ZU before.

There are a lot of people I would want to meet such as:

LinkN64:He's pretty cool,and he's the first person I've PMed.

Epox:If he's still active... he's my adopter and a great ZU friend.

Psychochik4life:She's funny yet odd. I might meet her someday anyways...

Zoran Hero:He's really cool,and still usually has something to talk about

Drago:I wonder what it'll be like to fight him in a real BA?

Cheifoftheaces:It'll probably be pretty cool to meet him.

Nox:I'll want to meet him and see if he acts like this offline too and Nox if you're reading this then this means like the seemingly quiet yet easily angered ZUer like you are on ZU.

I also wonder what it'll be like to visit the SD if we still had one.
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

I would have to meet Linkmastersword, because he's my teacher. I would also like to meet Half-a-Bee and Wumpi, because they approved all of my characters.

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Old 07-07-2005, 09:01 AM
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Nox:I'll want to meet him and see if he acts like this offline too and Nox if you're reading this then this means like the seemingly quiet easil ngered ZUer like you are on ZU.
Im a bit different outside of the computer, but I'll still be the same in a way.

As for me, I'd like to meet all the mods and some ZU'ers here:

RenaKunisaki: becasue she is my cute adoptee and then I would have a kendo match with her. ^^

Bobslob: becasue he is a mature person and I wish to learn more from him.

sadidia: because she is hot and I adore her artwork.

Gecko: because he's phaptastical, duh.

Kazan: because he's cool.

Anime_Queen: because most of us never saw her and would love to meet her.

Peefy: because he is awsome and I'd like to learn form a peefy person like Peefy.

The n00bs: so I can knock some common sense into them.

EA: so I can discuss what he and I fap to.

Fia: because she is very pretty.

Captain Cornflake: Even if he has left, he's still on the chat and he's become a really cool guy with me.

Asci: because he's another cool guy.

luckz and Nenue: becasue they make such a cute couple and I'd like to see what Nennies does to poor, old luckz.

Aldhissa: because next to Sear, he's pretty much a metal guru.

Haruhiko: because talking to ZU's very own Fail-Bird can be fun and he was my adoptees BF so I can learn more about Rennies this way.

Uno and Yami: there awsome in the art of sig making and it'd be really nice to learn from them. Plus, there the only cool British people on ZU.

vacumgod: His artwork plain rocks.

Mirren: Nobody has seen or heard him really, so why not talk to him? He probably looks like a little brat.

milk- How he makes such awsome sigs in PSP, I would love to learn. Plus he's one of the few cool newbs.

Alonely & Altimira: They both look beautiful and make awsome graphics.

Wolf: because he has awsome hair.

Mess: Even if he doesn't come to ZU, he still manges to rarely come by the chat. He's a nice guys, overall.

Hindmost (Willam Shatner): He may be banned, but he still hangs out in his private chat. (which Im not posting here as I don't want any retards visiting it) He's the Emperor, so yeah.

And you would probably find me in the chat room most of the time talking with the people I put on the list. I might stop by the Newbie Board room, GCC room, Entertainment room, and any other board n00bs lurk in (which is every one, sadly) to find any n00bs and knock some common sense into them.

Artwork. Why not critique so I can get better, plz :3

Originally Posted by Red View Post
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Hyrule_Soldier Hyrule_Soldier is a male United States Hyrule_Soldier is offline
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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Advances in VR technology within the next ten or twenty years or so could make it a reality.
Not quite sure what I might do. Probably lurk and listen to conversations that catch my interest.

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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Nox, you've never seen Mirren? :0P' Little is right, hehe.. Brat? uhm.. <.<

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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Hehe, this is a great thread but these are the people I'd like to meet

Cool, funny, a great friend and...errr....some other reasons hehe

Feline Witch:
He's one of ma best friends

Cuase he makes me laugh lol

He's my zu bro

Big Goron Sword:
He is such a dude hehe

Great friend, always has something to talk about

Thats about it, if I sudden;y remember anybodu else then I'll come back and edit this post.

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Re: If Zelda Universe was real...

Originally Posted by Dr. cheese
Hehe, this is a great thread but these are the people I'd like to meet

Cool, funny, a great friend and...errr....some other reasons hehe
I know those other reasons you want to meet her for!!!!

I'd like to meet

GoI: She's like my sister

PsychoChik4Life: Well for certain reasons that bring back bad memories. and she's sorta a great friend..but still I'll never forget that day....*cries*

Sacred Order: Who doesn't want to meet their adopter?

Milk: Hey, I want to thank him for the great avy and sig in person.

BGS: Seems pretty nice ^^.

If she hadn't left forever......DLR: Hey, we both share a taste for demons!!!

Um for right now thats all.

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