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Old 05-22-2012, 08:36 PM
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My dog, his name is Cole, hates the rain. He loves to swim! He loves to get baths! He even loves playing around outside with the garden hose! But he HATES the rain. In our old house with the dog door when it was raining, he'd peak his head and then scootch back in like "naw ❤❤❤❤ that." Like even if you KNEW he needed to piss or ❤❤❤❤ or something, he'd be like "naw, I'll go later."

You actually had to push him out the door and keep it closed to make him go.

Now that we live in an apartment, we don't have to drag him out when he's on the leash, but you can tell he just DOESN'T LIKE IT.


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- G. K. Chesterton

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My cat, his name is Shivaco. This is him:

In his time out room.

He is the naughtiest little ❤❤❤❤er of a cat, and with good reason; I raised him to be a dickhead. 'Atta boy, I'mma proud mama.

Shivaco once beat up a pitbull, not kidding. I looked out my window and he was on the dogs head, biting and scratching and clawing the dog's eyes out. But I watched him run away from a mouse once. What.

My sister once brought home some special bread that her friend's mother had made (apparently it was blessed or something by a priest? I dunno, and it was meant for my Dad). It was wrapped up, too. While my famz were out, my cat destroyed the wrap and ate the Jesus bread. He nom'd it all and made a mess. My sister's friend's ma later was like "did your dad like the bread? ;-; <333" and Az was like ... yeeeaahhh >__>... Not only that, but one time my Dad was cooking chicken breasts and when we got home, one of the breasts went missing. We found it later hidden behind the shelf of encyclopedias wrapped in a tea towel o_O. I... don't know. My cat, man, my cat.

His name has a special story too: when my Papa lived in the islands, he had like three dogs, five cats and 20+ chickens. And he named them all one thing: Shivaco. Yes, my Dad named all his pets the same thing. I thought that was great, so I named my cat Shivaco too. I may name all my children Shivaco.
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My dog drinks water directly from the faucet.

That may not sound too weird, but the thing is that he basically drinks only from the faucet.

If you go to the kitchen, he'll follow you, jump and stand right in front of the kitchen sink on two legs, and stare at you like "Where the heck is the water, man." and he won't move from there until he gets his water, same with bathrooms. Yeah, he'll follow you into the bathroom.

He's also VERY PICKY when it comes to dog food.

There's this one brand that has several different colors and shapes on each one of the... uh... things... dunno what they're called. Anyway, the thing is that he doesn't eat the green ones. For whatever reason, he eats any color, except green, he actually takes his time to separate the green ones from the rest while he eats, and they end up all around his plate when he's done.
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My dog, Bacchus, likes to stand between my legs (or anyone else's for that matter.) It can be awkward sometimes because he also likes to lean against people that he likes. He's caused me to fall a few times. x3

Both of my dogs refuse to eat out of their own food dish. They sit by the correct one while I pour the food, but after I tell them they can eat, they switch.
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We have so much dogs ourselfs and two birds.

Princess (She is also know as Pretty): One of the oldest dogs that we have and she's a yorkie. I remember she was a grouchy dog when we had her. She would growl and bit us. You had no how much hate we had for her. Years later she never did that anymore, she became a quiet dog who loved to hang around with our grandpa.

Coqueta: She's a pillow, she's a pet, she's a pillow pet! (Not sure what type of dog she is) Everybody loves this dog. So calm and including that she's super fluffly. She doesn't love outside and yet she loves long walks. The first time we had her she was such a cry baby. I remember when she a tumor in her, but she survived and is a happy lazy dog again.

Tutuki (Tootooki?): I have to honest, he is the only illegal immigrant in the house. He's a chihuahua that came from Mexico, we bought him from a pet store from there. He was so tiny (now he has a face that a mother could love), he was the only dog that helped me during my depression. Each day when I came back from school he would run towards me to give me many kisses. I remember that he knew what leche (milk) means, I would yell leche and he would run to drink a tiny cupful of milk.

Petunia: A lovable puppy that we got from one of our mom's friends. She is part shih tzu and chihuahua. Another cry baby and had a terrible balance. Everytime when she drank milk or ate, she would tip over and fall (I think we record it once but it's long deleted now). If you walk back from whatever business you had she would pop her head into the window and run to the front door.

Luigi: This dog.... this dog. He's like a minature Marley. The things that is does; destroy shoes and licks me. The first couple of days were terrible he wouldn't even sleep and yet he is still a lovable pup. Also he is Petunia's step brother.

Zelda and Tonyo: The two cockatiels that we have. Everytime I whistle Zelda would come down at the bottom of the cage to whistle back at me. We are not sure about Tonyo, he's just silent. Only got Zelda's picture.

I guess that's it.... maybe I'll post some pictures of them.
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My cat is a dog in disguise.
he likes to drink from the toilet and attack other dogs. he likes to go for walks too.
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My bird is awesome, he doesn't have a cage or anything. He just chills around the apartment all day unless he wants attention, he'll just find me and just start yelling at my and biting my ear. He doesn't seem at all interested in the outdoors, but I've noticed something weird, when the window is closed he'll sometimes start squawking to get other birds on the ledge, but when its opened he's completely quiet. I think he just likes ❤❤❤❤ing with the minds of other birds because the other birds will just start putting the feet against the window wondering what the hell is going on.

Whenever I go to make a phone call he makes a ringing sound, when I go to a specific cabinet he imitates the squeaking. You can always tell if he's happy or not because he has very subtle facial expressions and mannerisms.

But the weirdest thing is he ❤❤❤❤ing LOVES Law and Order. When the song starts he always goes bat❤❤❤❤ insane flying around the apartment and the he lands on me and just sits there quiet and mesmerized going between staring at me and the TV until I stand up. Maybe in his mind he's associated the Law and Order sounds like the theme and the trademark gavel with something good? I don't know. But its the weirdest thing ever.
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Originally Posted by Pietro View Post
But the weirdest thing is he ❤❤❤❤ing LOVES Law and Order. When the song starts he always goes bat❤❤❤❤ insane flying around the apartment and the he lands on me and just sits there quiet and mesmerized going between staring at me and the TV until I stand up. Maybe in his mind he's associated the Law and Order sounds like the theme and the trademark gavel with something good? I don't know. But its the weirdest thing ever.
I cannot tell you how much this made me laugh. I love your bird.
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My cat, Baby, likes to fetch.


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My Samdog (no recent pics, sorrryyyy) is such a beast. Hes a choco labrasaur. He likes to put his head on my leg and give me puppy eyes. When he gets super excited, he starts running laps around the yard and ❤❤❤❤. Its adorable. He gets super whiny when one of us leaves though. Dont like that. If he thinks he's home alone, he starts this eerie low howl. Im like "Hey, hes a nice baritone." Hes a sweet beast though and just loves everyone. Sammer (one of my pet names for him, because Sammer Guy) is uber smart too. He can balance a treat on his nose and then catch it in his mouth. He's...somehow...learned to help me get up off the floor or something. (Chair in my dad's case) We never really taught him that. But its pretty awesome. Hes a smelly guy but i love him!

My kitty is levels of hilarious cute. Her name is Simone.

She sleeps like a peoples!
Shes a Maine Coon and those cats are big (really big) and really floofy. Shes so damn flippin' cute and she knows it. Her thing is, when she sees any of us, she will run up, drop on the ground and roll around like a loon. Its so cute, you gotta give her belly rubs. (apparently this is a Maine Coon thing. Ive seen videos of other such cat beasts doing this.) If she wants food, she will sit in the middle of the floor and then lie on her back with her paws all cute. Its like shes going "See? Im so goddamn adorable! FEED MEH!"
She can actually sit on command! Its awesome.
Shes also a vicious hunter and gets all sorts of vermin. Rats, gophers, mice, and shiz. Including birds. (we try to discourage the birds but yeah...cant fight instinct.) She will leave them for us to find usually. Lately, shes taken a rather...disturbing turn with leaving us her kills. Shes been disemboweling them and leaving the entrails as a present. O_________o I dunno whats up with that but yeah. Shes great though and really loving.

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My fish just learned how to swim sideways today :(
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I'd post a picture of my dog but he's so dark that he only shows up as a black mass of fur in pictures. It's like he absorbs all light. You can only see him by looking where light isn't. It's super hard to get a good picture of him.

Anyway he's an Irish Setter/Black Lab mix and he's the size of a small pony. Huge dog.

He's afraid to go up to the third floor of my house. He also sits on the couch like a person. He'll put his ass on the couch and sit with his front paws on the floor. So sometimes we watch TV together and it's brotime

He also sits on everybodys lap, which would be fine if he wasn't so goddamn huge.
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My deaf, dumb dog, Emma, is eight years old, and still has as much energy as she did when we got her seven years ago. This is both a curse and a blessing.
When we go for walks, I bring plastic bags to pick up her crap. She knows that bags = walks, so when I take out bags out of the cupboard, she gets SO excited and does a tap dance on our floor. It is so precious.
She also circles constantly when she's nervous and excited.
And Emma LOVES to pretend her bones are her prey. It's SO adorable.

My mom's dog, technically my other dog, Sosa, has megaesophagus, so we have him sit in a high-chair thing for 40 minutes after he eats to help keep his food down. It is the cutest damn thing, and he even falls asleep in it. He LOVES belly-rubs, and when we try to put on his leash and make him sit, he'll just flop down and roll onto his back.
One time we had him in the dog park in my mom's development, and I accidently left the gate open, so he RAN out, and I was chasing him, deathly afraid he'd run away. Where does he go? To the door of my mom's building, waiting patiently for us to catch up.
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Alrighty. Let's see...

My oldest cat, Abby, only drinks out of the bathroom sink. Nothing else. If you don't turn on the water for her, she will grab the nearest thing she can fit in her mouth (a pen, or a sock) and meow with it until someone listens to her. If she absolutely must drink out of her water bowl, she will dip her paw in and lick it off that way. This is the only picture I have of her on my computer, with me:

Another one of my cats, Roxy, likes to run with her backside completely to the side. She'll be running sideways pretty much. It's just adorable to watch, but it sounds like an earthquake because she's so fat! xD

And my youngest cat, Sophie, is just... the loudest cat. Ever. You say her name, she'll look up at you and just meow. And meow. AND MEOW. She has meowed for like 10 seconds straight before. Insane!

One of my dogs, Amber, if you take her out for a walk she'll spend 10 minutes chewing on the leash and running in circles and going all over the place. She's two and has done this since she was a puppy. After we get to the end of my street, she immediately stops and begins acting like a little angel. I don't even...

My oldest dog, Cleo, doesn't really do anything out of the ordinary sadly. She's 13 and spends most of her time sleeping and lazing around which is sad I don't have a picture of her on my laptop, and I thought I did. Which I feel bad about. ;____;
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Pets? Let's see.

There's Smokey, a Russian Blue. Laziest freaking thing on the planet. No, your cat is not lazier. Literally all day and all night he's sawing logs. He actually growls when you try to move him.

Holly is my black cat. Very small, petite, and cautious despite being the oldest of the bunch. Although she's a complete wuss around everyone and the other two pets (the other two love to chase her off, it's the only thing Smokey will do besides eating and relieving himself outside of his sleep). She's a great hunter, though. Catches mice and birds like a boss. Unfortunately she decides they're fun toys to bring inside and get bored with them.

Lastly there's Daisy. Yellow Lab. Very weird dog. She gets extremely sad when you take her collar off, she falls into a literal trance when you start scratching her, and she sheds SO. FREAKING. MUCH. I honestly cannot understand how she isn't completely bald. Very good dog, though. Loyal, energetic, and always ready to play.
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* Couldn't bark. Only snort, grunt, growl, howl and neigh like a horse.
He barked ONCE. It was a silent: " .. Wfh.. "
And then he was done.

* He hated getting wet. Rain made him walk right next to me and hang is head, like it was all my fault.
Showers were even worse. He'd look at me like: " What did I do to you, huh? Why do I deserve this? "


I usually put one towel in each room before I released him from the bathroom. That way he bolted towards one towel and rolled the ❤❤❤❤ around in it before locating another and dashing to that one. While he was on one towel, I had time to run and fix the ones he had previously already rolled in.

* He ate everything he liked.
But if he liked something and didn't want to eat it, he rolled in it.
He rolled a lot in me, but he couldn't decide between rolling and eating poo so he switched it up.

* We lowfived a lot. We tried teaching him high fives but he had very short legs.

* Wagged his tail whenever he switched position to lie down on his side, because it was most comfy.

* He always wagged his tail. I once had him in a leash because there were tractors everywhere on the field.
I see him tangle himself up in the leash and just.. falling sideways into a ditch and TUMBLE TUMBLE TUMBLE THMP.

I rush to check on him.
Mofo was lying on his back with all his paws in the air, wagging his tail.

I miss him. ♥


* Had a broken ear due to having a stare down with another cat.
It was -30C outside and his ear got frostbite.

* Spoke by making " Bao "-noises.

* Always purred after he released a fart.

* Always had a runny nose.

* Suckled on ears.

* Once slapped me right across the face and looked at me with this glare like:
" You sicken me. "

* Bolted towards you if you sneezed.

* Would sleep anywhere if you placed a plastic bag under him.


* Meows like EH EHE EHEHE HEHEHEH EHEH EH-dolphin sounds, unless she screams at everyone with this EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE sound.


* Has had over 30 babies, so now her stomach is all worn out. Slut.

* Her eyes point in different directions when she is excited.

* Killed a huge bat once.

* Purrs like a bulldozer.

* Has very foldable ears!

* The weirdest cat I've ever met. No one really gets along with her except me, because she is so weird and loud.
We never leave each others sides if I am home.

* Always sleeps like this:

Thank you, Mike. I needed to release some of that.
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Spike is an italian pomeranian. He is currently my display picture on my page. He's about 6 years old. He has diabetes, and just went blind last month, poor little thing. He's a fiesty little thing! He used to love running around and playing, now he doesn't do so much of that, because of not being able to see much, besides shadows and shapes.

Pecularities? Well...he does tend to move his food dish away from the dresser, and I'm not sure if it's because some of his food has fallen behind the dresser, or he's just... always done that? lol.

Also he has this thing with getting comfortable. He will move the blanket around with his paws, or his mouth, until it is to his liking, and then he'll walk in a circle about 2 times and then lay there. This is soooo cute.

After Spike eats his dinner, he has to wipe his face on something. Anything. He'll wipe it on the floor, a pillow that's in his way, your leg, the couch, etc. lol. Just anywhere. Doesn't matter to him. lol.

Oh, and the weirdest thing, but I believe it has something to do with how he's built... his tail, his pomeranian curled tail... doesn't stay curled up on his back. It is usually down, but we think it was broken at one time.
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This was my last hamster..

He passed away back in April, though. I still miss him so much and I kind of feel like crying writing this post. :/ Since I was 8 years old, I've always had a pet hamster. So that adds up to 13+ pet hamsters I've had over all these years. I've loved them all very much and felt sad when each of them passed, but I have to admit, there was something extra special about this little guy.

I swear, he was like a cat and a dog trapped in a hamster's body. Whenever I'd pet him, he'd sit completely still and start vibrating like a cat does when it purs. And if I removed my hand, he'd start sniffing around and look like "Hey, where did you go and why did you stop that? :(". Sometimes he'd fall asleep in my lap like a cat when I took him out of the cage, too.

He also reminded me of a dog because he was such a little glutton for treats! He'd always come by the bars of his cage and beg for food. And if we didn't give him anything, sometimes he'd flip whatever food was in his dish onto the cage floor. XD

Also, he's the only hamster I had that "complained" when he was annoyed by something. He'd walk around his cage making these cute little squeaky sounds. ^__^

It's just so sad how hamsters don't live long enough. My parents and I took such good care of him, too (my mom always called me his "guardian" because I'd make sure no one spoiled him and gave him table food, lol). I'm thinking he contracted a respiratory virus/infection that spread throughout his body. We spent a lot of money on vet visits and antibiotics, and he fought for a long time before he passed away.

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tnf Antarctica tnf is offline
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Honky Magoo
- has an account on ZU and likes to use the internet
- sleeps on her back, on top of you:

- has to have her food bowl upstairs because she wants to watch you while she eats
- likes to talk to you
- hates rain/any kind of water; will faceplant into her water bowl if not watched
- likes vodka. will try to get involved with your drink

Action Bastard
- is a weird cat
- always looks high:

- likes to be flipped upside down
- tries to take showers with you; hates water
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My dog is a German Spitz, her name is Pamacs. Her name means FLUFFBALL or something similar, because that's what she used to be:


But then she grew up to be the cutest neutered ❤❤❤❤❤ ever.

She likes

-> running in the grass/forest/snow
-> chasing birds, cats, balls, leaves, snowflakes
-> people. Jumping on people, especially ladies with tights. Because you know, claws are sooo goood at creating holes.
-> SNOW. She loves snow and winter, when she's finally not dying in her huge fur. She rolls in it, digs caves in it, eats it, runs and jumps in it until she's white almost everywhere.


-> my bed. She thinks my bed is her bed. She thinks that I, as her sister - I think she considers me her play pal or sister, but totally not APHA RULER - and her should sleep together, so she keeps jumping on there and cuddling to me and we always fight about this. I don't allow this to her because I have dignity, but sometimes I wake up to her lying next to me and I can't be angry at her, because she's too cute. I'm good at spoiling dogs.
This is her lying on my bed:


-> eating. She eats all. Not only dog food or meat, vegetables too! And poop. Yuck.
-> looking out of the car's window. Like this:


She's generally hyper and enjoys being like that.

She dislikes:

-> rain. If it's raining and we are about to dogwalk, Pamacs has philosophy time. Is it worth getting wet for the walk? She usually decides so, but she's not really keen on rain.
-> being brushed. She bites and growls and is hissy, it's a pain in the neck to brush her, but I have to - look at her fur!

This is the look she gives me when she notices the brush in my hand.


All in all, she is a spoilt dog but I love her so. :>

PS.: This is her creepy face:

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