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Old 02-17-2012, 12:45 AM
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Re: Transport

What kind of transport do you use?
It varies. Last semester I rode my bike to school every day, but it was not as cold then. Now, I take the university shuttle to school. It's quite convenient, it makes a loop around my neighborhood and one of the dorms. I still take my bike to work, though, but it's like a ten minute walk but five minute bike ride (I work at the medical center next to my campus).

When choosing, do you consider how ecologically friendly the transport you use is?
Same situation...I don't have a car here. I wish I did. I would probably abuse it. XD But also I do feel happy that I am being good to the environment even if I don't mean it.

If you do have car, what sort of car do you have, when did you get your license, etc. etc. :>
I got my license a little over four years ago. I used to drive to high school every day in my loveable 99 Nissan Altima, but my brother CRASHED IT. I was so sad. Then my parents got a Scion xA which I kinda didn't like at first, but then it became my baby <3. But then my brother started living in the real world and my parents basically gave it to him because he needs it more than I do.

Stories about funny grandmas running to get a sitting place on buses and such are also welcome. :3
haha no stories about those...but I do have to run to the bus stop nearly every morning because I somehow never leave on time, and I think my neighbors must think I'm crazy, running down the sidewalk with my backpack and business casual clothing/sometimes heels. XD
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Old 02-17-2012, 12:52 AM
Bobblehead Bobblehead is a male United States Bobblehead is offline
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Re: Transport

I drive/will be driving a 2003 Subaru Forester, which my mom is using until I get my license next month. (I'm 15.) My learners permit requires a parent to be in the car with me until I get my license anyway, so it works out well. My Subie is truly a delicious vehicle that I love to death. My sister drives an '03 Outback, which is a fantastic car, but I still prefer mine. My mom has a minivan, but we've lent it to my cousin and we're considering giving it to him. We've had the van since we bought it new in 1999 and we've formed a bit of an emotional attachment to it, so we want to at least keep it in the family. He's a 21 year old single college student... I don't get why he's into minivans either, but he is. If we do end up giving it away, my mom would either get a new car (most likely) or we would continue sharing my Forester.

Before these days of being able to drive, it was all biking all the time. If the weather was permitting, especially during the summer, I would ride my bike everywhere. I have some fantastic memories involving that thing! Oddly enough, though, I didn't know how to ride a bike until I was 8 or 9... now it's one of my favorite activities. I'll have my license and my Subaru this summer and that's pretty much a call to grand adventure. However, I'll still ride my bike around if it's a nice day and I don't have too far to go.
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Old 02-17-2012, 01:17 AM
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Re: Transport

I've been using my sexy mother❤❤❤❤er of a car. My 1997 Chevy Lumina. Piece of ❤❤❤❤ is a gas guzzler, but it works like a dream. I got my license right at the beginning of my senior year in '09. Well, my provisionary license. I got my basic license in November 2010. No more stupid provisionary rules for me muahahahaha!
I got this awesome bike for Christmas. I'm bringing it up to college with me soon.

At College
Just had to walk everywhere so far. Once I get my bike up here, transportation will be much easier.
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