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Old 10-24-2011, 02:26 PM
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Exclamation General Chit-Chat Guidelines, and the Prefix System EXPLAINED!

If you ever have any questions about what, where, or how to post in General Chit-Chat (GCC), feel free to check in with this thread. This first post contains our prefix system, and the second post contains more in-depth guidelines and rules.

If ever in doubt, remember: you are always welcome to PM a GCC moderator.

These guidelines have been set in place so that the board may run smoothly and efficiently.

So, as you know, we implemented a tag system for General Chit Chat which would include prefixes for each thread- "casual," "normal," and "serious."

This was put in place because we had complaints on both ends- some people prefer to have silly threads, and others prefer to have serious conversations.

The system launched a few months ago, and now we are at the time where we would like to define the rules behind the prefixes.

Green (dot) / "Casual"- Basically, anything goes. So long as you are not flaming or breaking any rules. Some spam will be allowed, although excessive spam just isn't funny.

Yellow (square) / "Normal"- This is the hardest one to define- No spam allowed. Please try to stay on topic, but if there is more than one conversation that starts, we may end up splitting that to let all subjects be heard.

Red (triangle) / "Serious"- This is where conversations need to be absolutely respectful. Posts should be well-thought-out. No one-liners. Please put thought and effort into posts in "serious" threads.

Now that we have a definition, we will stick to these guidelines. Also, it is important to recognize that enforcing this type of organization is a challenge on all parties. So long as we treat each other with mutual respect, our community will flourish far more successfully.

If you are unsure as of what to label your thread, you have three options:
  • You can PM a General Chit Chat moderator and ask for a recommendation.
  • You can leave it blank and moderator will assign it for you
  • You can assign one anyway, with the understanding that a moderator may change it if need be.

Remember!: We are here to help make things better! If you ever disagree with a mod action, or have a suggestion, please send a polite message to that moderator.

Thank you so much, and happy posting!
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Old 06-29-2012, 11:02 AM
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Re: General Chit-Chat Guidelines, and the Prefix System EXPLAINED!

Hello guys! We GCC mods decided to put some guidelines together for you. Aside from forum rules that obviously apply in GCC as well, these might help you understand how GCC works. New members might find this helpful as these guidelines meant to show them the ropes of this specific board - and it can serve as clarification for our "old" members who are already aware of what we like to see in General Chit-Chat.

Generally in GCC we encourage threads that offer a discussion. For this it is beneficial that you write an Opening Post (OP) that allows the ball to roll. It doesn't have to be lengthy as long as you feel it can start a discussion! As you can see in the above post, we have prefixes that you are welcome to use. They also give you an idea as to how you should post in GCC.

Creating threads is fantastic and we are glad to see you creating threads and maintaining activity on the board. The more original the topic of the thread is, the better! It's usually better to aim for something new rather than copying a "trend" that exists in currently active threads.

In addition, we ask you that use common sense in the number of threads you make: please don't make pointless threads excessively either. Too many threads might bury the others and that way they might not receive the attention they'd deserve. Feel free to PM a GCC mod if you are unsure whether or not a topic warrants its own thread, especially if you have recently created other threads.

So that this doesn't become an issue, we have a General Chit-Chat thread among the stickied threads in which quick, small topics that don't warrant a thread of their own can take place, and you can easily socialize with your fellow GCCers and chit-chat to your heart's content. This is the epicenter of our chit-chatter community. Keep in mind that posts that contain pictures/videos only are not welcome there and will be consistently deleted - as real conversations get drowned by them and we don't want that to happen! It's a little corner for us to discuss and chit-chat, so let's keep it that way.

Moreover, threads that are not really about discussing things, but rather playing all sort of light-hearted forum games (e.g. "Association games") do not belong in GCC! Their place is in the Forum Games section of ZU. That's where random pictures and videos are better to go as well.

For those in need of help: GCC has an entire subforum for you to use! The ZU Help Forum is home to a wide range of topics from minor everyday issues to serious personal troubles. Remember: in this section you are asked to be serious, polite and tactful (see its Rules and Guidelines here).

Technology, GCC's second subforum, is for discussion about all things computers and technology. Topics range from the OS you prefer to troubleshooting help with gadgets to program recommendations.

Knowing GCC subforums helps us all in more appropriately categorizing our GCC threads so that they all get the attention they need.

In every case, we would like to work with you together. So if you have something to add to these guidelines, wish to suggest something, or would like to generously offer feedback, you can always PM or VM your respective GCC mods with any questions, comments, concerns, professions of love, suggestions, etc.

Thank you and happy posting!
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