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Old 10-10-2009, 02:19 AM
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Re: Users you've never heard of saying hi and friend requesting you.

Here and elsewhere (so basically everywhere except real life, because real life doesn't have lists) I'm rather picky. I only accept requests from people I at least somewhat know (and like), and tend not to request from others unless I have more than the one obvious reason.

So as you can probably tell, I don't accept friend requests from random people I don't know. I will however politely decline by telling them why.
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Re: Users you've never heard of saying hi and friend requesting you.

It's happened to me once or twice, but I've never rejected a friend request. It feels far too rude to do so on here.

If it happened to me on Facebook, on the other, I wouldn't accept the request if I didn't know the person, since more information is being shared on Facebook than on ZU.

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Re: Users you've never heard of saying hi and friend requesting you.

Most of the people on my friend list are ones I hardly know, and raarely interact with. If ever. But I accept anyway, because I'm a nice guy. But you do whatever you want.

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Re: Users you've never heard of saying hi and friend requesting you.

I consider online friendships to be of very little importance. Thus I only become friends with people who are deserving of that title.
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