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Old 01-21-2009, 07:21 PM
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Getting the third pearl in WW

Okay, whatever happened to the third dungeon in Wind Waker before the Tower of the Gods? I always felt it was a bit of a letdown that to get Nayru's Pearl, all you had to do was break down the cave to find Jabun. I think it would have been better (and made the game longer) if there was a dungeon on Great Fish Isle.

I envision the following scenario:

Link and the King of Red Lions arrive at an intact Greatfish Isle...which has no inhabitants. A deathly silence seems to hang over the island, broken only by the lapping of the water on the shore. Perturbed, KoRL orders Link to investigate the cause of this unusual silence, and to locate the wise being who is supposed to reside here, Jabun. Link finds his way to the Water Temple, and vanquishes the great monster that he finds there. However, there is no sign of Jabun, nor the third pearl. Suddenly, a mental shout from the KoRL emanates from the stone that Tetra gave Link, telling him to get out immediately. Link emerges from the temple just in time to see a great bolt of lightning crash down upon the island from a dark, thundering sky. Link is sent flying by the tempest, and falls unconscious into the sea near the KoRL. When he comes to, he is lying on the boat, and the KoRL is explaining that Ganon, growing in strength, has unleashed a wave of energy that has destroyed Greatfish Isle. Link (silently, of course!) tells KoRL that Jabun was not there, only an evil beast, and KoRL explains that the monster was probably sent by Ganon to seize the pearl before the island was destroyed, but Jabun must have foreseen the coming attack and fled beforehand. At that moment, Quill flies overhead and warns Link and KoRL that he has just made contact with the pirates who happened to be sailing toward Greatfish Isle, and mistakenly told them of Jabun's location, a cave on Outset Island. He tells them that they were last seen on Windfall Island, so Link and the KoRL head for Windfall Island to find out what the pirates are hoping to achieve. And the rest of the game continues from there.

Now how much more dramatic was that?? I'm sure that the designers must have had something like this in mind, but cut it out of Wind Waker. Which is a pity.
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Old 01-22-2009, 12:46 AM
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Re: Getting the third pearl in WW

I found myself dissapointed that there were so few dungeons in WW. I was expecting a third dungeon as well, but I think Nintendo was trying to shake things up a bit. I honestly thought that I would get to do 8 more dungeons to collect the Triforce pieces as well, but that didn't happen. That's probably my biggest dissapointment in WW, even though I still enjoy the game.
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Old 01-22-2009, 01:06 AM
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Re: Getting the third pearl in WW

That sounded pretty good to me. I would have loved to have that dungeon. And from what I've heard they did intend to have that dungeon but they scrapped it along with a bunch of other stuff do to time issues. What a shame, that game could have been so much better. Not that i don't love it as is.

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Old 01-22-2009, 09:17 AM
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Re: Getting the third pearl in WW

that would be AWESOME, yeah WW didn't have enough dungeons to do, they had what, 5 or so
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