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Old 11-24-2006, 09:41 PM
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Zelda controls

I just know i'm gonna get flamed for this.

Is anyone else besides me a little disappointed with the controls for Zelda? After watching hundreds of videos and reading countless articles, I was misleaded into thinking that every motion you did with the Wii-mote was done by Link (I knew it wasn't 1:1 motion, but I thought that you'd at least be able to perform all of Link's sword moves from the other 3D zeldas using just the Wii-mote, or at LEAST distinguish vertical vs horizontal.

I'm disappointed to find (and please someone prove me wrong and make the game 100x better), that shaking/swinging the Wii-mote in any direction is the same as just pressing the B button on a gamecube controller, and your different swings are ONCE AGAIN controlled by the Analog Stick.

In addition, in a video demonstration I saw for Wii Zelda, the guy pushed his Nunchuck downwards to make Link to the finishing stab, and after explaining what he did, said "and that feels REALLY good". Now you just press A to do that. Why take that mechanic out?! So far all the Nunchuck movements are my favorite addition to the game control wise (besides of course using projectiles).

In fact, although i like shaking around my right hand to unleash the fury of my Master Sword, I absolutely don't like swinging the controller in unison w/ an analog stick direction (to control your sword swipe direction). I don't understand why if you can determine direction using motion, you are forced to use the Analog Stick.

Fortunately, as I progressed through the game (almost up to Sky temple), I fell in love with the general gameplay, and most of all the awesome puzzles that I love more than anything else in a game. Pretty much, the temples/weapons/puzzles make this game my favorite Zelda game of all time by far.

Please, someone tell me how my swings make a difference and make the game better for me. This is not a Zelda disappointment so much as a Wii disappointment (and I love the idea/potential of the Wii).
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Old 11-25-2006, 12:15 AM
obscenitor obscenitor is offline
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Re: Zelda controls

My only guess is that at one point in time the game functioned the way you hoped it would and it either caused too much arm fatigue or they thought it was distracting. I could go either way, but in the end I get the feeling that the final scheme was better for the game than an extremely elaborate means of interaction. Maybe a compromise would have been best... The finishing moves would be nice to have special arm motions for, and then the standard jabs/slices could remain generic/analog controlled.
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Old 11-25-2006, 12:50 AM
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Re: Zelda controls

I was expecting 1::1 controls for ALL Wii games, like wii sports and especially Zelda, sports would be sooooooooo much funner with 1::1
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