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Old 03-01-2012, 09:31 PM
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The Official Twilight Princess Support Clan!

Sometime after this game came out, some people do nothing but bash on it. To be fair, some have valid reasons, but others don't. This thread is for the support and praise of this underrated game, so here are all of the good things that I (and CrimeanSoldier) came up with. Credit goes to CS for some of these, though I reworded all of them:

New items which were fun to use (Spinner, Dominion Rod, etc.) -- and new takes on old ones (Gale Boomerang, Water Bombs, etc.)!

Horse riding was much better than it ever was, you could use not only your bow, but your sword.

Boss battles were very atmospheric and creative, even if they were a little on the easy side.

It has a great range of emotions. Sometimes it was lighthearted, other times, it was dark. The execution of the Zora queen in front of all the Zoras, and then her son having to take responsibility as the King of the Zoras is just one of many examples of how dark it was.

Character designs are amazing, such as Princess Zelda, Midna, and Zant. Each character had at least a little development, and fulfilled their role perfectly.

The graphics and art style were great! They really gave off the impression of a medieval art style, which is kind of where most LoZ games take place: in a sort of medieval time period.

It was different than the others but still traditional. I has the feel of an old Zelda game but with new twists to it, like the wolf form.

More later.

If you like this game, then join this clan! Or not. Your choice.
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Old 03-01-2012, 09:40 PM
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Re: The Official Twilight Princess Support Clan!


Instead of merging, I'm locking this thread because it seems a bit too similar to the TP fans who are you? thread.

I'm not sure what the whole idea is behind this thread, but just send me a message for more clarification and I'll judge whether or not this thread needs to be opened again.

Closed Thread

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