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Old 01-08-2012, 08:04 PM
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Skyward Sword Summary, Divided into Chapters, etc.

This is basically for people who don't want to play the game and/or don't give a crap about spoilers. And are too lazy to watch a full walkthrough. Which I would not have the patience to watch more than 5 minutes of.

Anyway, some RPG's are split into "chapters," emphasizing the progression of a game's story throughout. Well, I was bored on New Year's Day, the day after finishing SS, and I decided to give SS the same treatment. In fact, I have done the same thing for three other games in the past (Metroid Prime 3, Super Mario Sunshine, and...Twilight Princess, of course!).

Basically, I took the whole story/game progression and divided it up into twenty-eight chapters and five "interludes." Then I gave them names. Fancy names. Awesome names. also details the major (and some minor) events that occur in each chapter. I'm planning on actually expanding these "event lists" into detailed paragraphs that tell the story in third person following Link (instead of little blurbs from the perspective of the player, as I did in the existing event lists).

Again, I originally only did this because I was bored, but I thought I'd share it with you people because you're awesome or something. I dunno. Anyway...

(NOTE: I know that Chapter VI focuses on meeting Batreaux, which is technically NOT required to beat the game. However, it is important for triggering almost all of the sidequests in the game. Most people do it anyway because of this. And it's also terrible to let a mother keep crying about her missing child. Seriously, that's pretty messed up, yo.

NOTE THE SECOND (lol): This guide-thingy lists Sky Keep as a major dungeon, despite lacking a boss or even a central item, because it is widely regarded as such, and I believe it to be too big and long (and confusing, lol) to be considered a mini-dungeon.

NOTE THE THIRD: Chapters XXII, XXIII, and XXIV can be done in any order (unless you have not repaired your save data yet lol!). I ordered them this way because this is the order in which I met the three dragons. I have also noticed that this tends to be the most common order people go in.

NOTE THE LAST: This is just a little fun fact. Know how I mentioned that I'd also made chapter names for TP? Well, Chapter XII of SS and Chapter I of TP are both named "Silence Falls." For different reasons. And yes, it is also a reference to Doctor Who. Because I try and sneak in my references at every possible opportunity. Just listen to my podcast segments!)


Prologue: The Legend of Skyloft (Chapter)

Part 1: Call of Destiny (Chapters I and II)

Sequence I: Chasing Zelda
Part 2: The Land Below the Clouds (Chapters III, IV, and V)
Part 3: Playing with Fire (Chapters VI, VII, and VIII)
Part 4: The Sands of Time (Chapters IX, X, and XI)

Interlude the First: Darkness Breaks Free (Interludes I and II)

Sequence II: Forging the Blade of Evil’s Bane
Part 5: Floria and Fauna (Chapters XII, XIII, and XIV)
Part 6: The Lost Sea (Chapters XV, XVI, and XVII)
Part 7: Overwhelming Heat (Chapters XVIII, XIX, and XX)

Interlude the Second: The Legend Comes to Light (Interludes III and IV)

Sequence III: The Song of the Hero
Part 8: Hero's Quest (Chapters XXI, XXII, XXIII, and XXIV)

Sequence IV: The Golden Power
Part 9: Legendary Light (Chapters XXV and XXVI)
Interlude the Last: Falling into Place (Interlude V)

Part 10: Beginning's End (Chapter XXVII, Chapter XXVIII, and the Epilogue)



Underline: Chapter (and Credits)

Bold: Major Area (first time)
Italicized: Mini-Dungeon/Silent Realm
CAPS: Boss


Prologue: The Legend of Skyloft


Chapter I: Wings of the Endless Sky (Link's Nightmare, Knight Academy (Skyloft), Skyloft, Meeting Zelda at the Statue, Enter Groose, Sword Practice, Waterfall Cave, Freeing Crimson Loftwing, Flying Practice, The Wing Ceremony, Tragedy Strikes)

Chapter II: Spirit of the Sacred Sword (Gaepora’s Reassurances, Following Fi, Inside the Statue of the Goddess, Enter Fi, Getting the Goddess Sword, Placing the Emerald Tablet, Changing Clothes, Down to the Surface)


Chapter III: Remnants (Sealed Grounds, Replacing the Broken Seal, Sealed Temple, Enter Old Woman)

Chapter IV: Sea of Trees (Enter Gorko, Faron Woods, Enter the Kikwis, Enter Bucha the Kikwi Elder, Searching for the Lost Kikiwis, Receiving the Slingshot, Deep Woods, Gorko Introduces Goddess Cubes, Entering Skyview Temple)

Chapter V: Touching the Sky (SKYVIEW TEMPLE, Enter Ghirahim, VS GHIRAHIM - FIRST BATTLE, Skyview Spring, Receiving the Ruby Tablet)


Chapter VI: The Monster of Skyloft (Return to Skyloft, Wryna’s Lost Child, Flying to the Lumpy Pumpkin, Rusta Tells the Tale of the Monster of Skyloft, Return to Skyloft, Opening the Graveyard Shed, Enter Batreaux and Kukiel, Batreaux’s Request, Return to the Statue of the Goddess, Placing the Ruby Tablet, Down to the Eldin Province)

Chapter VII: Mountain of Fire (Eldin Volcano, Enter the Mogmas, Volcano Underground, Receiving the Digging Mitts, Search for the Key Pieces, Entering the Earth Temple)

Chapter VIII: Fire of the Earth (EARTH TEMPLE, VS SCALDERA, Earth Spring, Brief Reunion with Zelda, Receiving the Amber Tablet)


Chapter IX: Shifting Time (Return to Skyloft, Placing the Amber Tablet, Down to the Lanayru Province, Lanayru Mines, Introduction to Timeshift Stones, Enter the Ancient Robots)

Chapter X: Past Meets Present (Lanayru Desert, Temple of Time (vicinity), The Blocked Entrance, Return to Lanayru Desert, Unlocking the Generator Tiers, Powering the Generator, The Mining Facility Rises, Entering the Lanayru Mining Facility)



Interlude I: The Imprisoned (Encounter at the Temple of Time, Groose Follows when Returning to the Sealed Temple, The Gate of Time, The Seal Breaks, VS THE IMPRISONED - FIRST BATTLE, The Old Woman’s Plan)

Interlude II: Into the Thunderhead (Return to Skyloft, Turning the First Windmill, The Missing Pinwheel, Repairing Scrapper, Enter Scrapper, Return to Eldin Volcano, Retrieving the Lost Pinwheel, Return to Skyloft, Reattaching the Pinwheel, Turning the Second Windmill, The Light Tower’s Beam of Light Pierces the Thunderhead, Entering the Thunderhead)


Chapter XII: Silence Falls (The Thunderhead, Isle of Songs, Isle of Songs Bridge Puzzle, Entering Isle of Songs Temple, Learning “Farore’s Courage,” Return to Faron Woods, Opening the Trial Gate, Farore’s Silent Realm, Obtaining the Water Dragon’s Scale, Drawing the Symbol of Farore, Opening the Gate of Floria, Diving to Lake Floria)

Chapter XIII: Sacred Waters (Lake Floria, Enter Jellyf the Parella, Following Jellyf, Faron’s Shrine, Enter Faron the Water Dragon, Return to Skyview Spring, Scooping Up Sacred Water, Return to Lake Floria, Healing Faron, Faron Stops Floria Waterfall, Entering the Ancient Cistern)

Chapter XIV: Life and Death (ANCIENT CISTERN, VS KOLOKTOS, Farore’s Flame)


Chapter XV: Silent Sands (Return to the Isle of Songs, Learning “Lanayru’s Wisdom,” Return to Lanayru Desert, Opening the Trial Gate, Nayru’s Silent Realm, Obtaining the Clawshots, Climbing the Sandfalls, Lanayru Caves, Enter Golo, Opening the Door to the Sand Sea)

Chapter XVI: Ocean of Memories (Ancient Harbor (Lanayru Sand Sea), Enter Skipper, Lanayru Sand Sea, Skipper’s Retreat (Lanayru Sand Sea), Scaling Skipper’s Retreat, Recovering the Ancient Sea Chart, Beginning the Search for Skipper’s Ship, Shipyard (Lanayru Sand Sea), Minecart Rides, Battle versus a Moldarach in the Construction Bay, Shipping Off Again, Pirate Stronghold, Introduction to Timeshift Orbs, Searching the Stronghold, Finding Ship Remnants, Chasing Skipper’s Ship, Boarding the Sandship)

Chapter XVII: Pirates of the Sand Sea (SANDSHIP, VS TENTALUS, Nayru’s Flame, Farewell to Skipper)


Chapter XVIII: Erupting Silence (Return to the Isle of Songs, Learning “Din’s Power,” Return to Eldin Volcano, Opening the Trial Gate, Din’s Silent Realm, Obtaining the Fireshield Earrings, Return to the top of Eldin Volcano)

Chapter XIX: Dowsing the Flames (Volcano Summit, Reunion with Gorko, The Fire Corridor, Dowsing the Flames, The Blocked Sanctuary Entrance, Return to Lake Floria, Scrapper Gets Faron’s Water Basin, Return to Eldin Volcano, Protecting Scrapper Up the Mountain, Return to the Volcano Summit, Protecting Scrapper Through the Caves, Dowsing the Fires Blocking the Sanctuary Entrance, Entering the Fire Sanctuary)

Chapter XX: No Sanctuary (FIRE SANCTUARY, VS GHIRAHIM - SECOND BATTLE, Din’s Flame, The Master Sword is Born)


Interlude III: A Friend Indeed (Return to the Sealed Temple, Groose Introduces His Groosenator Contraption, The Seal Breaks Again, Groose Helps Out, VS THE IMPRISONED - SECOND BATTLE, The Gate of Time Awakens, Entering the Gate of Time)

Interlude IV: The Goddess Reborn (Temple of Hylia, Enter Impa, Reunion with Zelda, Zelda Explains All, Zelda Blesses the Master Sword, The True Master Sword is Completed, Zelda Says How to Destroy Demise the Demon King Once and for All, Zelda Seals Herself Away for Generations, The Door of Time is
Sealed, Return to the Sealed Temple)


Chapter XXI: Sky Parasite (Return to Skyloft, Questioning Gaepora, Gaepora Tells of Levias the Sky Spirit, Return to the Lumpy Pumpkin, Pumm Gives Some Soup with which to Lure Out Levias, Return to the Thunderhead, Scrapper Places the Soup, VS LEVIAS/BILOCYTE, The Thunderhead Calms, Levias Tells of the Song of Hero)

Chapter XXII: The Great Faron Flood (Return to the Faron Province, The Seal Breaks Again, VS THE IMPRISONED - FINAL BATTLE, Flooded Faron Woods, Faron’s Tadtone Hunt, Faron’s Excerpt of the Song of the Hero)

Chapter XXIII: Trial by Fire (Return to the Eldin Province, Eldin Volcano Erupts, Stealthily Retrieving the Lost Items, Retrieving the True Master Sword, Enter Eldin the Fire Dragon, Eldin Apologizes, Eldin’s Excerpt of the Song of the Hero)

Chapter XXIV: Lost in Time (Return to the Lanayru Province, Return to the Lanayru Caves, Lanayru Gorge, Escorting the Timeshift Stone, Enter Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, Retrieving the Life Tree Seedling, Return to the Temple of Hylia, Planting the Seedling, Return to the Sealed Temple, Picking the Life Tree Fruit, Curing Lanayru, Lanayru’s Excerpt of the Song of the Hero)


Chapter XXV: Silent Sky (Return to the Thunderhead, Levias’s Excerpt of the Song of the Hero, Learning the Song of the Hero, Return to Skyloft, Opening the Trial Gate, Goddess’s Silent Realm, Obtaining the Stone of Trials, Inserting the Stone of Trials into the Mysterious Bird Statue, Sky Keep is Revealed)

Chapter XXVI: Riddle of Hylia (SKY KEEP, Obtaining the Triforce)


Interlude V: Falling into Place (Wishing Upon the Triforce for the Destruction of Demise, The Statue of the Goddess Breaks Off and Descends to the Surface, The Statue Fits Perfectly into Place in the Sealed Grounds and Crushes the Imprisoned/Demise for Good, The Door of Time Reopens, Zelda Wakes, Reunion with Zelda, Ghirahim Reveals Himself and Tells of His Plan to Resurrect Demise in the Past, Ghirahim Snatches Zelda and Escapes through the Gate of Time)


Chapter XXVII: Spirit of the Dark Sword (Return to the Temple of Hylia, Hylia’s Realm, Descending into the Sealed Grounds (VS MONSTER HORDE), Ghirahim Reveals His True Form, VS GHIRAHIM - FINAL BATTLE, Demise Rises Again, Groose Catches Zelda, Demise’s Challenge)

Chapter XXVIII: Unending (Demise’s Battlefield, Demise Speaks, FINAL BOSS: VS DEMISE, Demise Curses the Skyloftians, Demise Sealed in the True Master Sword)

Epilogue: Destiny Fulfilled (Fi’s Farewell, Fi’s Gratitude, Fi Sleeps Forever, Impa’s Farewell, Return to the Sealed Temple, The Old Woman Reveals Her Identity, Old Impa Fades Away, The Door of Time Reopens, Grand Finale (End Credits), Link, Zelda, and Groose Decide to Stay on the Surface, THE END)

Zelda should actually display chapter names before each part of the game. It would be cool like that. Wait, what?

Thanks to Zelda Wiki (down with Zeldapedia!) for helping me fill in some of the blanks in my memory in regards to some of the more minute details. Making this guide-thingy also helped officially get me back into editing the wiki after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus! If this guide-thingy wasn't enough for you, non-players, check out ZW. It's awesome. And better (and prettier) than Zeldapedia.
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Re: Skyward Sword Summary, Divided into Chapters, etc.

i would like the idea of chapter as checkpoints, after you beat the game, you can replay them.

for example: chapter 14 ancient cistern. by opening that menu, you could start immediately on ancient cistern. there would be a high score of time, items collected, enemies defeated, etc.

but the reason why they didn't include chapters is because they wanted to make it less linear, and let you decide what order you want to do certain things such as the side quest of rescuing the girl from the pedophile
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Re: Skyward Sword Summary, Divided into Chapters, etc.

^Hmm, an interesting thought. That would be one minigame I would not have the patience for, but having dungeons be like timed, hack-and-slash/puzzle levels once you complete the game would be something that a lot of hardcore Zelda gamers would probably drool over. I could actually see this in a Zelda game.

As for your other point, had Nintendo included chapters in the game, I don't think they would have included the Batreaux/Kukiel sidequest as a chapter like I did, and for the parts you can do out of order, it would only display the chapter name when you started that part, and the chapter number would be variable and displayed in the order you play them in. Dunno. In Zelda games, especially the more recent ones, there are very few spots at which you can choose the order of playing huge sequences such as dungeons. In Spirit Tracks, I don't recall this freedom existing at all.

But again, I only did this for fun and to expose the story progression more. When it comes to video games, I'm huge on game plots, so I do things for myself to make the whole thing seem to flow more as a preset story rather than a game with variables and choices. It's just what I do!
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