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Old 07-02-2009, 12:49 PM
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The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

I've been working on this for some time, and now tell you a little bit of this. I have very big notes in my own computer, but I now decided to tell you the base story.

The story is set to about 50 - 100 years after Twilight Princess. It locates in Huryle, but not the Huryle we've known. It's new land, and inhabited widely. The world was fine not long ago. The fields were growing on plants, everybody could travel safely, and one could leave their door open for nights. The politics were running smoothly, and the Kingdom of Huryle seemed like it would last forever. Peace was in the world, and royal family was well, lead by the wise Princess Zelda.

But then it all went wrong.

Unknown darkness started to capture the land. He didn't attack straight, but everybody knew, something strange was happening. People got disappeared, the fields of Huryle started to abandon. One could still find a burned down house in the fields, with the stench of death rising from the windows. And on top of that, the royal family wans't good anymore. It seemed like evil magic would have captured their minds, and would now control the land. Senseless order were given, and the princess seemed to be haggard.

The ministers started to corrupt. The princess was not heard anymore, and ministers took the power into their own hands. The royal family was left to be mascot for the land, but all their power was now worn to symbolic . At those years, the land started to corupt.

Now, the the daily lives are just echoes of the past glory. Women carry daggers on their waist. Men have sword on their backs, and people don't leave the town alone anymore. If one sleeps their night in town, he can hear a distinct scream, or desperate plead for help.

But still in those times, the people still try to keep the hope up. The houses are decorated with colourful flags and emblems. The shapes of Triforce is shown in many places, and celebrations still exist. In the countryside, soe people are unaware of the danger, but the darkness has started to reach its arms even into there.

The legend is starten to awake, that somewhere in the past, there lives a forgotten tribe, which would have the power to repel evil. This race protects the ancient treasure of the past, so that one day, newborn hero could rise, and wield this weapon. This power is said to be left behind by the three goddesses themself, and being so powerful, that the one who would obtain it, could alter the tracks of the godesses themself. That's why the civilization still keeps their land sealed from the world.

Now people only have one possible thing to do. Pray for legends to be awaken.


I've thought this game as quite challenging, and quite dark. Instead of annoying pushovers, the bosses and enemies general would be actually quite challenging, and more aggressive. Instead of "Come and kill me"
enemies there would be "Defend or die" enemies. I've thought some items and quite list of characters up for this.

The characters evolve through the game. You can for example see how people start to respect Link, and how the people feel the danger. They actually say something if there's a giant yellow pyramid behind their backs. This game also involves maskes. There are few maskes, which aren't as important as in MM, but they affect the game too. Examples of the maskes are Social mask and Combat mask.

Some new items would be Lunameter, where you can keep track on your progress. You can also forge weapons and arrow heads by using different metals. There are about 10 metals to combine in the game, some more powerful than others, and some having elemental advantages. Some old items come back, and some items get altered. Floating leave is a parachute that floats down, and Hookshot is now even more versatile.

If you want more info from the plot or something like that, I can post it into there. However, my notes are on my home, and I can't post them until saturday.

Btw, you can mix potions from Aphids and Wormlings. Isn't that handy?
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

This is cool I like it.
The Timeline
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Originally Posted by Arceus View Post
Yeah it's a game idea.
He just said that... Don't be a naughty little spammer, repeating people's posts. Yeesh.

Anyway, the idea is good, but I personally need more info on the game itself. Like, who is the main villain? What is the Hero doing, why is he doing it? stuff like that. Also, while I don't like to be a grammar Nazi here, I noticed many annoying spelling errors such as Huryle.

EDIT: Holy crap Arceus, 129 posts in one day!?!?!?!? ****.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Sounds interesting, whats the big mechanic?
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Well, more details coming up later, but basicly, Link starts out in a small village, known as Ganfol. He is repeling the monster outside the village, when two Dynalfos ride by horse from the north. Link gets captured and wakes up in The mountain prison (name pending). He escapes the prison (Well, little more complicated). In the progress, he meets Zoan. Zoan is wise and quite useful spirit. When they are i the top of the tower, and have beaten the final fight, Zoan tells Link about the three pearls. These three pearls of the goddesses are the most valued power in the world. (straight after the Triforce ofcourse) He says hat he has heard from the events in royal family. He thinks that the evil power behind it wants to find the three pearls. However, those pearls are locked to the past. Zoan tells, that to aquire these pearls and save the land from the dark ruling, Link should first find the Sacred elemental stones. The holder of these can have access to the past, to the ancient Kingdom of Hyrule, where they are kept. Otherwise the evil may change the world into barren wasteland.

After this, while Link's traveling down the road, he meets some people. These tell some problems in Zora lake. Zoan says that the elemental stone could be there, since those stones, unless in the store of pure-hearted individual, can be extremely unpredictable. He also says, that before they should go any further, they should probably visit some town and get some equipment.

They visit Acuteon town, and after that, they travel to Zora lake, which seems to be withered. They travel the dungeon to the earth, and fight Darchon, the monster who has inhabited the cavern.

After this many curious events happen, leading to the discovery of all 4 Elemental stones. Link travels to the sea, where the ruined tower is. Link shows his stones, and the goddesses let him travel underwater. Zoan, with his wisdom guides Link through the underworld. They finally arrive to the Hall of Origin. However, they notice something: The pearls are gone! However, by playing the Song of Sages, they see a cutscene. The sages tell from the events, that led to the hidenance of the pearls. They tell where the pearls are, but they also tell that the evil that they are seeking, does not die from power of those. They need the blade of evils bane. But the sword cannot be obtained without the pearls.

Link and Zoan resurface. They travel (and events happen), and finally find all three pearls of the goddesses. By ordering them to the three statues in the Hall of Origin. The seal in the hall is broken, and the door of time opens. Link walks through this, and obtains the Master sword! Link now travels to Huryle castle, where he battles the three phases of Ganondorf. Before the last phase, Princess Zelda is awaken. Using his aid, Link finally beats Ganondorf. They are happy and the ending credits start to roll, where the rebuild of Huryle is shown, and how the pearls rest in the Hall of Origin.

The map
The map is composed by sea and land, where the sea takes about 3/5 of the whole map. The land is bigger than TP, but I would still imagine it having lots of sidequestes. You can actually meet people here. more of this later too.

Ocarina of Time
Is in this game. Want to know why? Well the reason is logical and you'll hear it later.

- The main villain here, unless you didn't guess it, is Ganon in his own majestetic Piggyness.
- The land is big, times are tough, and Gerudos are alive.
- It has plenty of sidequestes.
- Some towns have their own underground.
- You can make your arrows excpecially strong against fire enemies. Isn't that nifty?
- It has twohanded swords!
... allthough only one kind of metal can make two-handed sword that will last forever.
- There are optional dungeons!
- Epona can be used!
- Link has brother, father and mother (all alive!)
- You can hack any animals in this game.
- You can hold more diversity of baits than before. This also applies to spoils.
- And unless clear, this game has Feeders bag (for baits), Spoils bag and Metal Pouch.
- You can hold 5 swords at time, and sell any swords, except Master sword.
- This game has 11 stepped partly timed trading quest.
- This game has day and night.
- This game has weather, which you can affect. (Sun, storms, cloudy, raining etc.)
- This game also has musicalm sidequest, and combat sidequest.
- Quite alot of enemies have stronger sister with them. (Darknuts have Darknut Knights, Stalfoses have Skeletal swordsmans etc.)

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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

I'm actually pleasantly surprised by this story-line. In my view, some elements might need a little tweaking (but we are reading the condensed version, after all), such as some of the events sounding a lot like Wind Waker (the whole tower thing, and going underwater to find the ancient kingdom). It sounds a little like a Wind Waker/Twilight Princess hybrid, actually, what with Link's trying to stop an unstoppable monster and ending up in prison, and having to break out. Either way I think it sounds better than Twilight Princess's confused story-line already, so I say power to you! Excited to hear the rest.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Yes. The Ruined Tower is the ruins of Tower of the gods, as it through the years started to crumble. There are 8 + 1 + 1 temples. 8 for the main temples (pearls and elements + Huryle castle), 1 for Mountain prison (Which is, yes stealth), and 1 for the dungeon underwater. This dungeon is otherwise like others, but it has no Heart Container boss.


Hyrulian Knight Cotton, the boss of Mountain prison. No heart container.

Aquatic Beast Darchon, the boss of Aquatic Den. Heart container and Sapphire of Water.
Ancient Statue Arathor, the boss of Goron crater. Heart container and Ruby of flames.
Parasitial Demon Florentia, the boss of Kokiri woods. Heart container and the Rock of earth.
Cyclonic Dragon Lufters, the boss of Gust palace. Heart container and the Ametist of gust.

Blizzardous Monster Blostia, the boss of Ice temple. Heart container and Nayrys pearl.
Inferial destructor Tonbar, the boss of Fire temple. Heart container and Dins pearl.
Messenger of darkness Garathon, the boss of Unknown ruins. Heart container and Farores pearl.

Sorcerer of the evil Phantom Ganon, the boss of Hall of Origin. (Battled twice)

Ghost of the evil Ghost warrior, the boss of Ganondorfs palace.
Evil beast Ganon, phase 1 of Ganondorf.
Evil magician Ganondorf, phase 2 of Ganondorf.
Evil shadow Ganondorf, phase 3 of Ganondorf.
Evil lord Ganondorf, last phase of Ganondorf.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Mkay. If 'twas a real Zelda I would play it. If 'twas not a real Zelda game... I would play it anyway. It's cool, keep building upon your idea.

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Do you understand?

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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Info of map added Check this out. I would love to have some comment too.

The map

The map is quite large. It holds one big continent, holding about two fifths of the map. The rest is formed by oceans. The land goes from the west and north to about halfway map, covering quite large area, approximetely twice of the Twilight Princess area. The land is mainly mountains on the north and northwest, and some of the mountains are actually snowy. The mountains cover about quarter of the continent. In the southern end, they flatten into hills and finally plains.

In the southern edges of the mountains, there is also the lake Sociran. It's quite big, being slightly larger than the lake Hylia in TP. The lake descends down a river going all the way to the sea. Upper in the mountains, there is also the village of Zoras. It has no connection to lake Sociran, and the flow from the lake actually goes quite deeply underground for the whole lenght. The lake of Zoras holds the first temple of the game.

The Goron live in the mountains too, although at the other end of them. Their village is quite high, and getting there isn't easy. The area also has quite bit of volcanic action in it. The crater of the mountain also holds the second temple of the game. The village of Gorons is quite large, and is inhabited widely with Gorons. You can find also some Hot springs in the mountains.

In the most northwest corner of the map, there lives Anoukis. The air here is freezing, and Link cannot travel in it without special suit. The area here is wide, but Anoukis live in Blorforn town, except for few. Mostly the area is mountains, but there are also some frozen ponds. The area here is hard to reach, because the long undermountain paths in it. The area has the fifth temple of the game.

The mountains descend into great plains. These plains hold about half of the continent. This area also has few little mountains crossing it. In the northern end is Links home village, Ganfol. South from it, is Acuteon town, quite remarkable town in the game. Western in the plain, build to the river is Forlana town, which is really big town. Eastern, in quite middle of the plains is the Hobarar Ranch. This ranch is quite big, and you can get Epona here. There isn't really other special places in the fields, except for Bonofal village. This is little smaller than Ganfol villlage, and isn't really special either.

The sea is the bigger half of the map, but it too holds many interesting places. The most notable island is Birdmans peak southern middle in the map. This holds the Continental postal systems main center. It's inhabited by Rito, and it's quite big. Link can get his delivery bag here, and it's quite important place otherwise too.

The biggest island, almost a continent in the east is Getodors island. It is very big deserted island, which holds the base of gerudos. Many gerudos live there, and it's quite dangerous place. The fortress here is the fifth dungeon of the game.

North in the sea is Merchant Oasis. This Oasis holds many different merchants, and is very useful to get different things. Beetle also has special boat in here.

There are many islands in the sea, many quite small, but also some quite notable. It is vast sea to explore.

And info of some items. (NOTE: this is only few items)

Lunameter acts as an ingame calendar. It contains lots of useful info. It tells you the date of the last save, the date when the log started, and total playing time. It also tells you how many times the player has fallen, and how many saves he has used. In ingame, it tells you the next lunar phase, tells you if the world has anything special things going on in that phase, and the current daytime. (is it day or night) In short, it is pcked with information. Lunameter is obtained from the guy in the Acuteon lookout. He gives you that when you first talk to him, as the guy himself is into lunar stuff. Lunameters theme will be changed from blackish to goldenish, if you beat the game with zero deaths.

Social mask
By using Social mask, Link gets along with people very well. It has effect, that makes people talk. If Link uses this, and talks to someone, they usually say lot more and give more information. Some people don't talk at all, if you don't talk to them with Social mask. Link can obtain this from the Mask Collector if he manages to talk every person in Forlana town. If it's used, you cannot wield sword and shield, and some items are unattainable. It's quite useful, because some people even give items to Link if he goes to them using the Social mask. This is not required for gothrough, but often using this gives the player much valuable information.

Combat mask
By using Combat mask, Links weapons cause more damage. Basicly, swords power increases, and items get little more powerful. It is extremely usable item, and is recommended to get. Link can obtain if he beats all 10 levels of Combat training (which is difficult, by the way). This item is also obtained from Mask collector in Forlana town. This makes combat little easier, and also adds more power to your sword. However, if Link tries to talk to people with this mask, they won't say too much. They usually just say few words, and not much else. Although, for example warriors and Colto in your village do start to talk more, and some may give you things.

Fairy boots
Obtained from the great firy, this item makes Link excpecially light. These can be used like Iron boots, except for opposite effects. You become extra light when using them. Incredibly useful on things such as walking through a trapped corridor or pulling yourself to light things on the other side of the room using the hookshot, which is very versatile with this. Because the superlightness, Link is also blown very easily and very violently by gustes. This can be used in advantage in various puzzles. If Link is hit while using them, he'll fly much more longer. You should remember, that it's much harder to control Link when using these. Link runs faster when using these.

Ocarina Of Time
Link obtains this from his brother as birthday gift. While he doesn't know, this is the magical ocarina that the hero of time used. When the goddesses washed huryle away, this was washed too. When the time has gone, it does not hold its original power anymore. However, you can still learn few melodies with it (10 to be exact). If Link reads the books in the library of Forlana, he can also read the legend of the hero of time, as shown in the prologue of the Wind Waker. The library also has other intresting tales, such as the Legend of Wind Waker or the Story of Triforce. Link does not recognize these, as he is not the same Link as in WW. You learn melodies in different ways. They can be howling in the wind, whistling of someone, or carved into stone tablet. It conducts 5 notes. (Up, down, left, right, nothing)

Faolin sword
Crafted at Links hometown Ganfol, this sword is very fine sword. It is made of steel, and it's quite strong. Faolin sword will be replaced with either forged special sword or Master sword. Link will be taught at the start of the game the basic techniques how to use it. Link obtains this from the swordsman colto. Faolin sword can be sold if you have another sword in stock, but if it's sold you can never get it back. This can be thinked as Link can hold maximum of 4 swords at time.

Heroic greatsword
Heroic greatsword is reforged from the broken sword which you receive in the end of trading quest. It is large two handed sword. Heroic Greatsword is so fine, that it could be one belonging to hero. It seems to have great power. It also seems to be quite heavy. Link cannot use shield with it. It does more damage than any other sword in the game. It can be sold for 500 rupees, but it cannot be never forged again, because broken sword holds unique metals not found anywhere else in the game.

Heros Clothes

The authentic, non-copy version of the suit that the legendary Hero of Winds carried. It's very valuable, and they house the power that allows Link to carry the Sacred elemental stones. They also have the power to banish evil. If Link doesn't wear this and Master sword while battling Ganondorf, he cannot deal theal hit. In land, this armor is little faster than other armors, but it isn't anything like pegasus boots. You obtain these when you first leave your village. They are your familys greatest treasure, so use these wisely.

Anouki armor

This finely made armor is warm as Anoukis Fur, and can withstand extreme coldness. It is so warm, that even the mightiest Blizzard cannot hurt Link when he's wearing this. Link founds this on the mountain passage. He cannot travel without this in Icy Mountains. However, this Iceproof armor is very weak against firebased attacks. If Link is traveling in hot areas, and is wearing this armor, he will suffer damage until he either takes the armor off or travels to somewhere colder.

Zora armor
Zora Armor is armor made from Zora scales. Using this armor, Link can swim as quick as Zoras. He is able to dive deep and long, and he can also breath freely in this armor. However, this armor isn't suited to Icy conditions, because in there it starts to froze. It also takes extra damage against Icebased attacks. Link must take this armor off or travel to somewhere wamer, or otherwise he will take constant damage. This also isn't suited for swimming in salt water. In there, it loses its strenght, and Link must resurface.

Goron armor
Goron Armor is armor that is hard as rock, and can withstand extreme heats. It is made from mountain Rock, but it's still crafted so finely, that Link can move freely in it. If Link is wearing this, he can withstand mighty temperatures, even high as the crater of volcano. However, if Link is swimming with it, he takes extra damage. He must resurface or take it off, or otherwise he'll suffer constant loss of health. It also takes extra damage against Waterbased attacks. Link cannot use this to defend against lava streams.

Secret mask
No, this mask isn't a secret, but this mask reveals secrets. For example, if you are walking on top of secret cave, tingling noise starts, which alerts you. But secret caves are not the only purpose for this. They can also be used to reveal secret patterns, or secret switch in a wall. this makes Secret mask extremely useful, but not needed. It's acts similar to Lens of truth. Seccret mask can also show invisible things such as caverns in walls or chestes. This is not needed (speedruns), if the player can remember the places of every secret object. Secret mask is obtained if the player beats the Hide and seek game in Acuteon town.

Shadow mask
This mask is very useful when fighting stealth. By using this, if Link hasn't been seen by enemy, he does 1.5 times the damage to it. This mask acts differently in shadows, where it makes Link nearly invisible, unless exposed to light. Use it with care because people are scared of this. However, if the enemy has already seen Link, this does not provide invisibility and damage boost (due useless in boss battles). This is obtained as a prize for completing Gerudo training ground. Obtaining it is quite useful, but not necessary.

Kokiri wand

Kokiri wand is the extremely valuable treasure of Kokiris. It hols mysterious powers that allow it to steal life force from surtant plants and enemies. This energy can be converted to spells, which you learn as you progress. It also has top number of charges. First it's 3, then 5 and finally 10. One plant deals one charge, and for enemies there is their own cases. Weak enemies like Crablins and keese will only give 1 charge, while stronger enemies like Moblins and Flamalfosses can give 2 charges. The strongest enemies such as Iron Knuckles and Darknuts give 3 charges. Stronger enemies won't get affected by as much as others, and some creatures that are infused with Dark magic won't get affected at all. (For example, Ganondorf and Ghost warrior take zero damage from any spells this launches) If Link takes charge from plant, and goes to talk any Kokiri, he gets a curse. This curse will deplect Links life energy by 1/4 heart / each charge from plants / 1/4 minute. Link can prevent this by reviving the plant with his own life force. That's why the enrgy should always be tken from enemies. Link can when he first obtains the wand, only cast Reviving Chant. But after first temple, he learns his most important spell, the magic container. This allows Link to store enemies spells, and use them later. The spells stored will only store for little while. The last spell he learns is the Warping crystal, which allows Link to keep one warping point and warp to there anytime he wants, but if he puts the point to somewhere else, the old will disappear.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

To be honest, it sounds like Twilight Princess, except non-rushed and difficult.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Second half of items. After these I have the bags. Comments appreciaded.

Fairy boomerang
Fairy boomerang is an upgraded version of boomerangs, obtained from the Great fairy. Very useful, and very verstile. It can cut vines, hit switches and stun enemies. This boomerang is very special for one reason: it can be used as elemental boomerang. Basicly, you can store power to it similar to arrows, and similar to arrows, first it is just plain boomerang. This can target up to 5 objects, and sometimes you need to think the order of the switches you hit. For example, one puzzle will rise some walls and lower others when the switch is hit. (Which is another minigame too) this can be loaded with water, ice and fire. Veru useful item, so use it well.

Bottles (1- 5)
Bottles are back, and they are quite useful for storing water, potions, and other liquids. They are made from glass. Plain and square. These bottles appear in different places and can be obtained in various ways. Aside from water and potions, you can also store soups you have made in Soup and Sauce to these bottles (they appear as "Homamade soup"). Unlike in previous games, this game has 5 bottles insteead of four for extra capability of delivering soups. Though there is side-effect: drinking 3 potions in 10 minute time period can do nasty things to you. It may suck all your magic power, reduce your health by 5 hearts or do other things like this. However, you cannot die from this side-effect. There are few special items that are storable in the bottles.

Rod of time
This is the legendary Rod of time, residing in the soul of Unknown ruins. This is extremely powerful item, because by using it in some place, the place is transformed to the state it was 100 years ago. This can be used to solve various puzzles, for example a broken switch, or collapsed stairway, or a broken chest. It can be used in the overworld too, but remember that you cannot use this in every place. However, you can for example hit some rockfalls with this, so it disappears and continue to something good. Mostly, even if this could be used, it can do nasty things too. For example, while the Rod may remove the rockfall, you can notice that there is no path to discover after it. If you are using this on a place where there was a tree or something, you are pushed from the item. Mostly those things aren't around things that you can use the rod of time. Remember that the use is limited like the grappling hook in WW.

Ignitors Mallet
This item is obtained from the Blizzard Palace. It is quite heavy and big hammer, and most notably, it is quite hot. Using this, you can hit Icy walls to shatter them. It also is workable as weapon. However, it's quite slow, and it is weak against watery enemies. Ignitors mallet is powerful against Ice enemies, and is very useful against those. This hammer weights so much, that Link walks little slower when equipping it. If Link swims while equipping it, the firein it's core burns out. You notice that it doesn't glow anymore. Link can load it by charging it with his life force. It takes 3 hearts to completely load it. Link can use it to some walls, Icy obstacle, freezing blocks. He can even use it in some Icy lakes to make hole in the ice, so he can fish in it.

Floating leave
Floating leave does not fly, it floats. It gracely descends slowly down, and you can control the float of it. Obtained in the sixth temple, this item is very useful. It allows Link to float to some places or ledges that were unaccesable before. As the name stands, this cannot fly forward very much without losing its height. It can use the wind as it advantage, but the wind isn't very controlling to it. Using this makes rough landings soft, and allows to land for example, on top of a wall. Floating leave can float upwards using updrafts. Using floating leave does not cost anything, since it's basicly just a parachute. The look of this item resembles the look of Makars wingy leaves in WW.

Bow and Arrow
Link founds this on his fourth temple. It is very useful. It first holds only 30 arrows, but by upgrading it, you can hold up to 60, and then up to 100 arrows. They can be useful for hitting switches, damaging enemies, and solving puzzles. The bow can be upgraded to Aqua and Flame arrows. If the bow is shown to the gang at Garricos village, they offer Link a minigame where he can win Piece of heart. This bow is known to be very strong. You can buy different strenght arrows to this bow. The ones you found in dungeons in pots are wooden arrows with wooden tip. These deal half the damage of a steel tipped arrows. The ones you can find in most stores and in some chestes are normal arrows. They deal the ordinary arrow damage. If you go to the Ravsters blacksmith, you can give him some metals. Using these he can craft the finest arrows. These then automaticly spread to Forlanas general store. These deal twice the damage of normal arrows, and fly notably further.

Bombs are most useful tool for exploding walls and shattering stone. Link founds this on the second temple of his trip. They are quite powerful in terms of attacking force, and they are needed for some enemies. These can be found in bomb flowers. when Link obtains the bag, he can carry 30 bombs. He can upgrade it to up to 100 bombs by playing the Cannon boat minigame. The game has two kinds of bombs: normal bombs and water bombs which can be used in water. The quality of the bombs differ. While the shattering properties are the same, shop bombs deal twice the normal damage to enemies. However, if a enemy is bomb only killable, it doesn't matter which kind of bomb you use.

Hookshot is brilliant for shooting into things, and grabbing them to you. It's obtained in the fifth temple of Links trip. It is very versatile, and can be used to grab to chestes, targets, some trees, enemies, vines and even some rocks. It acts differently for what you are wearing. If wearing Iron boots, the target will be pulled to Link, If not wearing special boots, Link will be pulled to the target. If wearing Fairy boots, Link will be pulled to even small objects such as jars. In some puzzles you have to think how you use the boots and Hookshot. Overall, the tool is incredibly useful, and can be used vastly in the overworld. Hookshot is also good tool to use in dungeons before the fifth, if you have forgoten a chest or other item.

Iron boots
Iron boots are heavy boots made from heavy metal. They offer you more weight, to for example press a switch or use hookshot. They also can be used to sink in the bottom of water. The Iron boots in this game do not posses any magnetic properties. However, they work better if used in solid stone or ground. If used in soft soil, and you stand long in the same spot, you will start to sink a little. However, you really have to stand there like a minute to get this effect. You can also pull some switches that you didn't could before. Iron boots are obtained in the first temple, becoming item attained in the very beginning of the game. And they are used also widely around overworld, so don't forget them.

Fairy crystal

While it does not seem very powerful as weapon, this crystal is pretty strong. If you use it, it marks quite wide are to the ground and then explodes the spell. However, armored enemies aren't affected by this. Using this requires magic, but it's still extremely easy way to get rid of big masses of enemies. Fairy crystal won't affect any enemies with dark magic infused with them, including some bosses. Fairy crystal is the last of the blessings of Fairies, and is obtained before seventh temple. It is obtained from the secret great fairy, and isn't required for gothrough. Resembles Din's fire.

Supposedly the last or second to last post before the actual plot. This time: Characters. (not including all, the ones that seem to be most fitting)


The main character of the game. Young boy who is known as a good fisher. Adults have mixed feelings of him, but you can se the changes as you progress, they start being more respective. The children adore Link, but when out of his village, he has to spend time with the people to get used to them.

Link's younger brother, he thinks that Link is unbeatable in everyway. He will be seen around the world in different places. He'll always ask what's going on with Link, and sometimes tells where the player should go. Gami seems to appear most often at the Fun and Fanciness house at Acuteon town.

Links father. In village he is not known to be anything special. However, his past has been mysterious. He always seems to be busy, while nobody really knows what he's doing. Later in the game more is revealed of him. He is apparently though talented musician.

Link mother, she is much more widely known than her husband. Falan is an active woman, and seems to have some skills with the swords too. She is respected by many. Allthough it hasn't been confirmed, it is said that he is born in Forlana. He keeps an eye on the world an sometimes goes around to hear the news. If you talk to him you may get hint where there are troubles.

Villages swordsmaster, Colto handles the ways of the sword very well. He seems to be fan of different Gauntlets. He is very old, and it is said that he has fought in the armies of Faolin. He respects Link and sees him as talented young swordsman. He seems lately to be worrying about things.

Sabar is the mayor of the village. He seems not to care from kids, although when links adventure progresses he starts to talk to Link in other words than grunts and smurs. Sabar has shown interest for traveling. He seems to be going around the world, and bring mostly bad news with him.

Jovin is one of the youths in Ganfol. She seems to be quite shy, but still quite happy. Shes the little sister of Cela. They get along so-so.

Cela is the most wildest of the kids. He seems to be daring and worryless. The adults don't really like him. He admires Link and wishes that he could be like Link.

Foranin is another is another of the youths. She apparently is into music. From all the kids, she seems to be the most worrysome. She sometimes tells Link about her problems.

Gado is father of Jovin and Cela. Known as a active villageman, he seems to be everywhere. Gado is the least worrysome from the adults of the village, as he doesn't have time to worry. He is still known to think about he passed away wife, which makes him sometimes quite sad.

Pace is the laziest of the adults of the village. He always lays on the riverbench watching to the horizon. Although Pace seems to be quite careless. He seems to be lately sometimes walking around the village for no reason.

Rofer is a wayfarer that just recently moved into the village. People are not yet used to him, but she seems to get along wiht Link quite well. She tells at the beginning of the game a lot of useful information. She has told that she comes from the mountains, but people are suspicious with her.

There are more people in the village, but these are the ones worth mentioning. Next up is some characters around Acuteon town. Remember that these are not all of them.

Vidor is the keeper of Wayfarer store in Acuteon town. He is actually Goron, who excpesially love Goron Amber. He is quite joyful, and seems to get along with Link from first look. If you talk to him, beware. If you do not buy his stuff, he can keep talking all about the mountains and Gorons.

Nada Holds the bar in Acuteon. He isn't so happy, and actually first time when you go to the bar he'll kick you out. As time progresses, even he can say Link other things than "Get out" or "Go away". He says that he's born in Acuteon, but some don't think so. He's been mysterioiusly away in his youth.

Koma is the nice cook in Soup & Sauce in Acuteon town. If Link has gone through the first dungeon, she can start to make potions here. Potions made in here won't show their effects. They can be all sorts of effects, such as "Fills until you have 3 hearts" or "cuts magic bar magic in half". That's why you won't always know what the effect truly is. Koma herself is quite weirdo, wearing maskes and making all sorts of strange noises when making potions. Link can also mix his own potion if he wants.

Bojir is the holder of postal systems local center. Link can get his letters from here too. In this game, you see the mailboxes are much rarer than in the past games. That's why there are only few in the key places of the world. Bojir is quite strange. He doesn't talk much and when he gives his letters he seems to be still looking at his papers. He will be quite the same during the whole game, because he doesn't listen the news.

Enji is the teacher of Acuteon shcool. He is quite strict, and the children didn't really like him. He does get along quite well with Link, but if he has had some fun with the kids (making the kids look happier), he seems to glance at Link if Link is near him.


Clar is the richest man in the town. He is walking with his cape and his servants in the town. If he sees a poor man, he usually may spit at him and throw a penny. People hate him, and sometimes talk about him. He first doesn't like Link either, but when he gets big wallet, he starts to get along with Link.

Forit is one of the poor people in Acuteon. He lives in one of the dirty alleys. His only friend is his dog, which follows him everywhere. He seems to be quite nice to people, but also quite suspicious. He hates Clar, because apparently he stole all Forits money, and left only the dog to him.

Ando is one of the woman in the dirty alleys. She doesn't talk to people, and throws them away if you try to speak to her.

Oidel is the holder of the Acuteon music club. After you have gained your Ocarina, she lets you to join the band. Oidel is very musical, playing wooden flute himself. She seems to be quite dramatic. All people who don't have musical talent are "wasted creations" for her. She seems to be always in her own world.


Zodic is the butcher of the town. He is the one you can buy Pigs ears from. His house is restricted in his own hill. Zidic still seems to be quite interested what's happening on the world. He's notably worrysome. although, if you talk to him and choose "tell me from the meat", he gets up from his table and talks pretty much all he can tell from meat. He is quite rough.

Gina is one of the ladies on the street. She has interest in Zodic, and always talks about him. She is seen often in the night, walking towards the butchers house. Although nobody cannot confirm this, she is often seen in the mornings smelling like pigs.

Tovi and Pona
Tovi and Pona are two gossipping ladies in the bar of Nada. They tell you all kinds of stories from the city. They often sit at bars, although sometimes they are away. If Links talk to them first time, he gets Magic Pictobox. They are really interested in rumors about Gina and Zodic.

Nomil lives in the upper floor of Oidels club. He is terribly sick, and is dying. You would need miracle to save him. He has collected lot of items during his long life. He is wise and modest man. He would be eternally thankfull if someone could save him.

And few misceleanous people.

On of the Zora merchants in the Merchant oasis. She is different from other Zoras, being more humanlike. She also says what she thinks. She has strong hate against Gorons. Otherwise, she is quite wise and thoughtful.

One of the merchants in merchant oasis. He is one of the richer merchants. No of the people really like him, and they talk about him behind their backs, but he has quite good selection of products.

Gor Hogo
The leader of Gorons, Hogo is very powerful man. He is respected and liked leader. Although, it's said that he is completely weak to goron amber, and can't resist it. He does think that Link is still not a Goron, although he lets Link to walk in his grounds.

Narbol is the leader of Zoras. He is admired through all the Zoras. He has no prethoughts about anyone who enters his grounds. It is still thought, that he does not like Gorons very much. Narbol is known to also be a good warrior.

Condo is the leader of continental postal system, and also the leader of all Ritos. He has very much power, and he is nearly always busy. Condo lives in the chamber at the top of birdmans peak. This ensures that no-other than Ritos can come to him.

Gefil is the leader of pirates, found on the great sea. The pirate gang is spreaded accross the sea. Gefil seems to be human, but for some reason, he always has his head covered. He is good swordfighter. His ship is also very fast, moving faster than KoRL. If he storms Link ship, Link will be dragged to their ship where Link has to fight agaiinst Gefil and his 3 pirates.

Uciner is the leader of gerudos. She controls every gerudo in the desert. She knows now mercy, and is said to be ruthless agimst his enemies. She is always supported by her women.

The prologue

(Showing pages with pictures that describe the events)

(Using the tune from wind waker prologue, which turns to a mighty melody)

In ancient times, there was world filled with sea.

This sea was filled with islands, where people lived peacefully.

For awhile, everything seemed to be fine.

But as time passed, the sea was getting inhabited with evil creatures.

And with his servants, there lived the great evil.

The evil, that everybody had thought to be sealed away, was risen.

Using his part of the goddish power, he used it to cover the sea in darkness.

He took control of every evil creature in the sea.

(music changes into peacefullier tune)

In those days, in one of the islands, lived a boy.

He used the winds to travel the great sea, and defeated many ordeals.

And once, even he was met by the evil.

Wielding the goddish power and the blade of evils bane, he killed the great evil.

But that was not his last adventure.

(new music again)

He continued to travel the seas, to found new lands.

And to defeat any ordeals he might come into.

(the book now shuts, and is switched to the start cutscene)

The Legend of Zelda: The Lost civilization

The game starts at you wake up in your bed in your house. The sun seems to be up already, and the room is filled with light. Open the door, and step outside. You'll notice that the village is not too big, but it extends in some parts to forest. You cannot go to this forest this early. It has small pond, which flows down to the river Zora. Mostly this has some hills surrounding it. It has singgle exit to the plains. North you can see the short way leading to swordmaster Coltos house. There are about 8 - 10 houses in the village. Here you see your father and Gado discussing intesively. As you talk to your father, he starts to explain the situation.

"Last night, we saw monsters near the village. They were looking at the village, and smoorching something with their smuddy tongues. We are afraid that they might attack our village. The village doesn't have men to fight against those monsters. Only few still know how to handle sword, so if they would attack only few could fight against them. Do not leave the village."

He then starts to talk with Gado again. You can start exploring the village, but you cannot go out or your father will stop you. You see that the village has some people in it walking around. In the pond you'll see your mother washing laundry. Talk to her and she'll tell you that Colto may know more about things. However, you cannot talk to Colto yet, if you go to him, his door is locked. If you talk after this to your mom, she'll tell that he is probably still asleep, and you should wake him up. He is apparently fan of fried Hylian Bass.

You realize now, that you don't yet have your Fishing rod. However, if you have visited some houses, you see that one of them is actually store, where you can buy fishing rod for only 40 rupees. You can collect these around the water, or on top of trees. If you give to your mother the shirt that she has lost, she'll give you red rupee (20).

Go now and buy the fishing rod. Fishing is quite the same as in Twilight Princess. You first probably get some Bloomscales, but eventually you'll catch Hyrule Bass. The next thing is, how to fry it. First, keep the fish in your Fishing Rod, and when it doesn't move anymore, take it to your pack. You can keep it as an item.

You'll notice that one of the houses has smoke coming from it. You can try to open the door, but it won't open. Instead, roll to the building, and Rofer comes to open it. She's quite happy seeing Link, and lets him come in. Inside, you can fry the fish. However, Rofer tells you that he needs some spicy sauce to fry it. Unless you didn't notice it, in the store they also sell a bottle of Spicy sauce which heals 3 hearts. This also gives you your first bottle. You can leave the fish to Rofer to cook. When you come in again, the fish is ready and you get fried fish. Now you can go to Coltos house. Leave the fish to the window, and the smell delivers to Colto. He opens the window and sees Link. He lets Link in.

Colto has heard from the news too. He thinks that Link is now old enough to wield sword, so he gives him lesson how to use it. First plays the gong, and after that they start fighting.

First Colto teaches Link horizontal Slash, the most Basic attack. Just hold B and swing the Wiimote horizontally. This is pretty simple attack. If Colto approves this and think you master it, he shows you the next attack, Vertical slash. This is the same as Horizontal slash, except you swing the Wiimote vertically from up to down.

Next he tells you thrust, where you push the Wiimote forward. This deals moe damage than slashes, but is easily blocked. Basicly hold B, and push the Wiimote forward. Next, he'll show you targeted attack, which is Z-targetting and slashing. This is most common attack you'll probably use. Fifth he shows you jump attack. Hold A and swing the Wiimote vertically. You can load this so it becomes more powerful Jump strike.

And finally, he teaches you Spin Attack. Load power by pressing down B and release. If you master this, he accepts you as Swordsman, and lets you keep Faolin sword. This sword is quite old, but still looking pretty sharp. You can now leave the house, but you can come back to learn more moves if you have Gauntlets with you.

You can now leave the village, but before you do, your father comes to you. He says that he cannot block your way, but you should still be careful, because no-one knows what the world has in store for him. He gives you Spoils bag. This bag can hold enemy spoils, and is quite useful on your trip. Before you leave, you can get Wooden Shield from the store for 80 rupees. It's recomended to get this, because you cannot get another shield until you have completed the second dungeon. Otherwise, you can leave the village.

(I may quit this because the lack of interest in this)

Comments really appreciated, tiering to do this without critisism and comment.

As Link exits the village, he sees that there are lots of Bokoblins spread around the village. There are 20 of them, and Link must kill everyone of them. They can be found on top of trees, hiding nehind rocks and even in some pits. You probably get some spoils while you kill these. As Link has killed the last Bokoblin, it takes its horn, and blows to it. It falls to the ground, but from the fields run two big warhorses. They are ridden by two Dynalfos. Cutscene appears where they knock you unconcious, and they ride away to the mountains.

When Link awakes, he notices that he is in cell. It's lighted by two torches. The cells door is locked, and there is now obvious way out. However, if you destroy some boxes (they have taken you're sword), you see that there is a little crawling space in the corner of the room. Crawl into it until you come to a darker space. Find a stick so you can light some torches and see something. You notice there are some rat and keese in the tunnel,but you can hit them with your stick. When you have walked some way, you'll come into a hole which lead up. However, it is blocked with wooden planks. Bring one of the stck and light it, so you can burn the planks. This leads you to the outside of the building. You now see a cutscene, which shows that you are in Mountain Prison. This is very well guarded prison with guards standing on the doorways, and few patrols.

You must sneak your way as the guards swap, through a little crawling hole behind some barrels. You now are inside the main wall. However, you notice that to get inside, there is not a door that isn't guarded. That's why, when you sneak to other side of the prison, you'll see that up there is a window leading to the main prison. Using some bocks and crates, you can climb to the wall. Her you just need to bring some crates from the walls to the window. Here are some stationary guards to watch out. If you manage to get the crates in place, you can climb finally to the building. The inner building has few cells. One of them contains the map of the dungeon. Now here is some sneaking in the hallways to the upper levels, avoiding the guards. If you get caught, you are dumbed into your original cell. However, it's bit easier now when you know where to crawl, and the blocks are now moved.

The prison has 3 floors, and you notice that in the 3rd floor there is a door to outside. You see that you are now at the balcony going around the prison. Here there aren't any guards. However, you notice that one of the doors leads to storage house. Here you can find your sword and our shield if you had one. And you'll also hear a voice.

You hear a voice behind the crates, that yells for help. Eventually you notice that by moving and slashing some crates, you'll see the source of the noice. Blue spirit, not quite fairy, approaches you. Link is about to run away when the Spirit starts to talk.

"Hey, why do you leave? We haven't even met yet? I'm not gonna hurt you."

Link seems quite dazzled, scrathing his head while thinking how is this possible.

"I'm Zoan, and I'm not your enemy. You've released me from my trap where I fell while traveling these corridors. Why are you here?"

(Vacation, wandering, prisoner, choose prisoner)

"Your capturation is not unusual. Many people have been captured lately, and only few have survived. This is dark place, and you cannot proceed here without me. In echange for my help... You don't have to worry about it yet."

(You can now leave. Zoan is in similar form to other fairys, except more spiritlike)

If you now run into guards, you can try to hit them with your sword. However, if they gain one hit at you you are back at your cell. After you have regained your sword, climb the ladders to the 4th floor. Here you can see big door, guarded by two Elite Bokoblins. These have swords as their weapons, shields and they take more hits than original Bokoblins. You should still beat them, but you probably get some hits.

After this, the door opens, and you can enter. Inside you notice that there is nobody. Until you notice, that behind, you, there is a man. He looks quite high-ranked, with colourful uniform, and helmet. He tells that Link has done quite well, getting to the top hall of the Prison. However, his master, the keeper of the prison won't accept this, and tells that Link must be eliminated. The man takes sword from his belt, and starts to fight.

The warrior is quite good at swordfighting. While he's slashing you cannot damage him, but when he jump attacks, you can hit him. As the battle progresses, he becomes harder to hit, until he blocks you off completely. Zona notices you, and tells that you should get behind him. He is hanging near him, and when flashy A appears, press it and you'll jump over him. Hit him few times, and he switches tactic. He becomes defensive, and stays near the wall. That's why, when "chance" appears in the bottom of the screen, shake the Wiimote as fast as you can, so you'll open his defenses and can deal the fatal hit.

"I guess your fighting skills were enough to let you live, but do not think this is over. Someday we will meet again, and then I'll come back stronger than ever."

Zoan starts to talk, and tells about the elemental stones.

"Long ago, the world was formed by three gods. Naury, the Goddes of Wisdom, who gave it rules and boundaries. Din, the Goddes of Power, who used her strenght to form the terrain and master the fire. And Farore, Goddes of Courage, who used her soul to give life to the earth. When these three left the world, they left behind their three most beloved treasures. Their pearls. The one who could find these, would have huge power in his hands, to shape the world. And now it seems that the Great evil, the one who is the source of the troubles in this world, is waking again."

"This evil, known as Ganondorf, has tried to obtain the pearls for long time, but the pearls cannot be taken, because they are locked to the past, where the ancient people of Hyrule live. These guard the pearls, but even they would be lost against Ganondorf. however, even Ganondorf cannot alter the flow of time. The sacred elemental stones, stored to the vast ends of this world, have the power to travel in time. Using these, one could access the past, and obtain those pearls. If Ganondorf finds those pearls, He can turn this world into barren wasteland, where the only thing that will be living are his monsters, spreading terrors around the land."

"Link, for your own good... For Huryle... Will you help me to find the sacred stones, and stop the Evil king?"

(Yes and no appear, no gives you just new question)

You are now united, and can leave the prison. If you later come back to the prison, there are some places you'll probably want to visit. The waterway from the cell leads to another direction, but you need Zora Armor to get it. Here you can obtain Vaguine. And on second floor, if you go on one of the cells, you notice that it has some area in the wall that is craggy. If you blow it up you'll see little way that leads to another warehouse where you can find Heart Piece. But now, just escape from the front door and run down the mountains. The searchlights won't notice you anymore, so you can escape.

Go down the long and ravaged path. This has few enemies, and is quite curvy. It sometimes goes underground, but eventually you'll see that in front of you are only the large plains. It's now higly recomended to go to Acuteon town. You cannot proceed longer into the area because there are either Rockfalls or broken bridges that stop your way. So advance through the plains and little hills and you'll eventually see Acuteon town, where Zoan hints you to visit.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Wow, finally a great game idea and story. I like how much detail you've put into your idea. I would definitely play this if it were real.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization


Now for next point, the visit in Acuteon town. I also name few items here, because they are introduced at this point of game. Planning to continue this through first temple.

Acuteon town

Acuteon town is when you first visit it quite large town. You are not exactly required to visit here, but you must walk through it, and it has some useful items. You obtain Bait baag here. It is quite villagy with some hills and not so streety design, but it also has some alleys and streets to walk. First you should probably to Wayfarers store. Here you can buy your Bait bag and different baits for it. It's quite usable in your run. You should after this go to butcher and buy maybe one or two Pig ears, because in mountains an dplains they are really usable.

You'll also can buy from Bait shop your first item required for trading quest: 20 rupees costing Cheese. Also here, you can join the music club. The music club basicly lets you shine your musicians talent, and also earn some money during it. You should try this, because it's quite fun. The songs here can be quite long, making this quite challenging too.

Here is also Soup and Sauce, the soupmakers own house. If you have some baits here, you can mix them. Although, quite naturally if you mix Worms and Aphids, it won't probably be the most recovering soup. However, you can join the club by making any kind of soup and showing it to Koma. By being part of the club, you can receive letters which can contain bait, rupees, or something else. Inside the soup club are few other customers too but they won't do anything special.

Outside, you can visit the Acuteon shcool. Inside are about 8 children. They are watched by the teacher Enji. If you talk to one of the children, Enji will shut the mouths quickly. You can talk to Enji too, but you won't receive much comment from him. But if it's after 4.00 PM real time, the children are out. You can play with them hide and seek. This is like difficult version of WWs Seek and catch. You must wait so the children hide. This time, they can hide also some inner spaces too. For example, one of them uses the back exit of butchers shop, and hides behind two dead pig. They are in many places, and it probably takes some time to find them all. And here's the catch: if it takes more than 5 minutes, you'll have to restart. So swiftness is very important. The prize for this is piece of Secret mask, extremely useful mask.

You can also try to find the secret cave in the island, Using that you can enter the old town. The old town is composed by many buildings collapsing and the foundations of the city. You can also for example, listen the gossipping of the two ladies in bar, or go to the underground kitchen of Soup & Sauce. The old town has lot of other features too, but it would be tiering to describe them all.

If you have done evrything you can do in Acuteon town, you should probably exit and go to Veidor beaches. Before leaving, you should still take some baits with you. You can also buy your first bottle from here, for 100 rupees. You can buy it from Soup & sauce.

After dealing all things in here, you should continue through, and start exploring the vast fields of Huryle (Note: Huryle, not Hyrule). They hvae lot things to explore, and if you have bought All-Purpose Bait, you can even discover some secret caves by luring bombchus to blow up holes in the ground. Discovering these, however is very hard, unless you have gained Secret mask.

You should also notice, that east of you is the Hobarar ranch. You notice that it's quite large. It has different animals, and even some different animals in it. It's very hihgly recomended to visit here, because you can now have your own horse. Start by entering the front gate. Just as you are shutting the gate, you notice that a cuckoo and pig run of. The owner of the ranch runs at you and tells you that you should get those back. He also informs himself as Geval, the assistant of his father. Run through the gate. You see the targets as flashy targets in your map. If you just dash to it, it won't work. They just run away further. Instead, sneak behind and chase them to the ranch. You can also try to carry them to the ranch if you like.Dangerous method is to try to make them mad, and then let them chase you. Just get them to the ranch.

Geval says that it was very good for Link to get those back. He says that if he wants, he can take one of the horses in the ranch. You can walk to the stables, where you see few horses. You can pick any, it doesn't matter, other than the aesthetics (They are different from each other). He lets you keep it. You can also listen the melody of the horses neighing. This way with your Ocarina, you can learn Eponas song. If you want, explore the ranch.

In northern part, you'll see some chickens wandering, and also the main houses of the ranch. In the houses live the family, and if you look at the attic of the house, you'll notest one Golden scorpion. Running through the area are some dogs too. In the west you'll see few pigs. It has also two huge pigs, and if slashed 10 times, they will attack Link for good 5 hearts damage (So don't hit them!). There is one cuckoo in the area too. Here is also one of the minigames of the ranch.

Slash the pigs

The ranch owner says that if you can survive the attacks of pigs, with increasing difficulties, you may obtain something nice. This doesn't cost anything.

If you chose yes, you'l see that you are in circular area which has 5 pigs in it, 1 being huge. You have one heart, and hit from any pig kills you. Your object is to hit each pig 5 times, before being hit by other. If you manage to do this, the ranch owner congratulates you, and you receive purple rupee.

The next stage is the same, but you have 10 pigs to annoy, which is lot harder. Prize for this is Piece of heart. The last stage is where you have 10 pigs, and the arena is smaller than before. You also have time limit of 1 minute. This is very difficult to complete, and the prize for this is the second quiver upgrade. In any of those stages, Hurricane Spin is banned.

Comments hoped, as usual.

Feeders Bag
Feeders Bag contains all kinds of things that you can throw to your enemies or to animals, and lure them out. This bag holds 9 different kinds of baits that can be used in varius different ways. You get feeders bag for 30 rupees from Wayfarers shops. It first holds up to 5 pieces of each, until you get bigger bag which you can carry 10 of each. Everything in Feeders bag can be used as soup ingredient.


Worms are the most basic bait for fishing. They attract Hyrule bass, Hylian Pike and Hoovers. Eating this regains 1 heart. This costs 10 rupees each. Consecutive eating may result negative effects. Can be digged from ground to surface. Can be bought from Wayfarers store.

Aphids are the most best bait if it's bugs you're trying to attract. Throw them into antnests and vespiarys, to get special products. Ants sell mostly other bait, but from bees you can get bee wax, which is nutritious and also useful for fishing. Aphids cost 15 rupees each from the Wayfarers store.

Hyoi Pear

Hyoi Pears are back, and work quite the same way. Remember that Hyoi Pears can only attract seagulls. Mostly you can use them in coastlines and islands, and they don't appear around the fields. These cost 10 rupees each and can be bought from Wayfarers store and digged from ground.

Pigs ear

Pigs ears are the best bait for hawks and eagles. While hawks roam around the great plains, eagles appear in the mountains. They can be used to attack enemies, and hit switches as with seagull. Hawk and Eagles are both very fast flyers, and they require little bit more skill than seagull. You can get Pigs ears from the butcher. They cost 15 rupees. You can also try to steal them, but if you get caught, you lose all you pig ears that you have, and will be charged 50 rupees.

Bee wax

Bee wax is only obtainable from bees. It has no special properties itself, but if you mix it with something else to fishing bait, it can prove quite useful. At alone, this can catch Waafers. Bee wax can only be found from vespiarys, an it costs 30 rupees.

Premium Wormlings
Premium wormlings are the most expensive and useful bait for fishing. These shiny Wormlings attract every freshwater fish in the game. Premium wormlings can be bought from Wayfarers store and it costs 30 rupees.

Gorons amber
Gorons amber is not buyable in shops, and is the rarest of all baits. This can be only found in the caves at Goron mountains. This is formed in stalagmites on the caves. That's why it's strange, that it's the only thing that attracts Gertodors frog. Gorons amber cannot be bought from anywhere.

All-Purpose bait
All-Purpose bait is also back. This time, it can attract enemies too. The bait can also attract Wormlings to surface, make Bombchus to run to the bait, and make dogs to dig on some spots to dig out different things. All-Purpose bait costs 20 rupees and can be bought from Wayfarers store.

Gourmet bait
Being very fine and delicious bait, this is only cooked by the finest chefs of Restaurant Forlana. This can be used as All-Purpose bait, but it can also catch every fish except Hylian Loach and Getodors frog. It also attracts cuckkoos so that you can control them. Eating Gourmet bait also heals 3 hearts. This can only be bought from Restaurant Forlana in Forlana town. Talk to one of the chefs and he'll offer you this for 40 rupees.

Spoils bag
Spoils bag can be found on your hometown, where you can get it from your father before leaving the village. It can carry the things that enemies drop. Things in spoils bag can be sold, but often giving them to someone results something better. Spoils bag can be held up to 50 items of every kind.


This is spoil that can be obtained from Stalfoses. If you give 50 of these to the hex doctor, he will grant you Piece of heart. These are quite difficult to get: You encounter Stalfoses only in the later half of the game.

Bronze Gauntlet
Bronze Gauntlets is obtained from Bokoblins. If you give 10 of these to swordmaster Colto, he teaches you Silent stab.

Silver Gauntlet

Silver Gauntlets is obtained from Gohzals. You encouter these around the fourth temple. If you give 10 of these to swordmaster Colto, he teaches you Half slice.

Golden Gauntlet
Golden Gauntlets are obtained from Dynalfos. If you give 10 of these to swordmaster Colto, he teaches you Back Jump

Master Gauntlet

Master Gauntlets are obtained from Skeletal swordsmans. These are the most hardest spoil to get; Skeletal swordsmans are usually minibosses. If you give 10 of these to swordsman Colto, he teaches you Hurricane Spin.

Red Chu Jelly

Red Chu Jellies are obtained from Red Chuchus. Alone they can be mixed to potion that heals 6 hearts. Can be used as soup ingredient.

Green Chu Jelly

Green Chu Jellies are obtained from Green Chuchus. Alone they can be mixed to potion that fills all your magic power. Can be used as soup ingredient.

Yellow Chu Jelly
Yellow Chu Jellies are obtained from Yellow Chuchus. Alone they can be mixed to potion that restores 6 hearts and all you magic power. Can be used as soup ingredient.

Blue Chu Jelly
Blue Chu Jellies are obtained from Blue Chuchus. Alone they can be mixed to potion that restores all your hearts and magic power. Blue Chuchus are very rare. Can be used as soup ingredient.

Amber Necklace

Amber Necklaces are obtained from Raublins. They are very valuable and can be sold for 70 rupees. Amber neclaces are adored by womens all around Faolin. Usually men buy these for presents.

Babboons hair

Babboons Hair are obtained from all kinds of Babboons. Nobody really wants them but apparently doctors pay alot from these because they are very good medicine ingredient. Can be used as soup ingredient.

Shiny Claw
Some Crablin have very Shiny Claws, that when dropped can be collected as spoils. These are very valuable, and expecially some fortunetellers seem to pay alot from these.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Next chapter. As always: Comments appreciaded.

Zora lake

As Link has gone through the Hobarar ranch, he notices that the land here is more savaged than before. It also has few enemies, and few caverns, but yet you cannot access most. Zoan says that they should travel to Zoras Lake. So travel to there. It's marked on your map, although the area isn't shown in your map yet. You can find maps to every area by searching for them in that area. The map for this field is put in the middle of three rocks. Use bombchu to get the chest to surface.

The path leading to Zora lake is pretty straightforward. In the path there are few obstacles and enemies, but it should be quite easy. When you finally arive at Zora lake, you see that ll isn't fine: the water is acting weirdly at some points. You also notice that the Zoras, as few as they are, aren't swimming in the water as they should be. Zoan wonders what terrible monster could have done this.

You regain control, and can now explore the lake. The Zoras as wondering too, and telling stories.

"The lake... It isn't normal. It tries to pull you beneath the waves, and suck the life out of you"

You can see quite clearly, that there is one quite shiny looking entrance that leads to the left. Go by it and you'll seethat you've apparently came to the hall of the Zora king, where in the middle is Narbol. You see that the water here is different, and few Zoras are in it. Approach Narbol and you'll see how cutscene starts.

"Hello young adventurer, what has brought you here?"

(Wandering, potatoes, stone, choose stone)

"The lake has become different, evil force is trying to polute it with its dark magic. While time has passed, we Zoras have fallen. We do not posses the power of the past anymore. The stone that you seek, is held in our temple. The temple was sealed away many long years ago, because that evil force was trying to capture this lake. We managed to seal the evil away, but the seal has now broken. The evil, that everybody had thought to be withered, was awake! We had no match for him, and it took the lake by rage. He couldn't touch this part of the lake, because the ancient magic that resides here. However, even that can't hold the monster forever. If hero won't rise and repel the evil, we cannot live here long. The time for Zoras have been passed, and the moment of doom arrives."

Zoan appears and talks.

"Great Narbol, we need the stone to repel the evil claiming the land. We won't leave this lake before getting the stone."

"Your courage is admirable, and your heart seems pure. We will grant you the stone, if you kill the evil in the lake. But the entrance is beneath the waves, where humans cannot access. To get there, you must take the suit that allows humans to descend to the temples. Those are left behind the seal in the highest point of the lake. Before you leave, allow us to teach you the Requeim of Water. This song allows you to break the seal that guard those garments. "

You now learn that song, and once you have larned it, leave and exit the cave.

You notice the highest point quite easily, it is on mountainside opposite where you came. You see that there is path leading to it, so start rolling along it. You notice that there is some sort of orb in the path where you ar going. It is blue, and pulsing mildly. Hitting it with sword apparently won't do anything, but if you play the Requeim of Water in front of it, you notice that it starts to glow mildly.

When you arrive to the top where the seal it, Zoan advises you to play the song in front of it. Nothing happens, so zoan wonders what could it be. He then remembers that there was a pulsing orb when they climbed up. he also thinks that there could be other orbs in the area. Zoan suggests that they should go down and ask the Zora king about it.

Descend down and walk to the cave, and you'll learn about the orbs. Narbol says, that those orbs are the ancient embodiments of water. If they are activated in the same time, the seal could be broken. The orbs have lost part of their magic, so now they don't need to be activated at the same time, but the adventures should still hit them swiftly. He also says that his memory has been varying lately, so he couldn't remember those. He marks the locations of the orbs to your map.

Exit the cave, and you'll see the orbs as red spots in your map. There are total of five orbs, and they must be activated within 5 minutes. This is hard to do since the orbs are spread far and wide accros the lake side. when you have hit the last orb, you see little cutscene where the seal of the topmost cavern is glowing blue. Run very quickly to the seal and play the Requeim of water. The seal is broken and you can walk inside.

Inside, there is quite small chamber, with great blue ornamental chest in the middle, standing on small pedestal. Run to the pedestal and open the chest. You'll see that you obtain the Zora Armor. The chest pours down as water, and the floor is covered with water. If you walk behind the pedestal, you notice that there is crawling hole. Crawl through it and you see a smaller chest, which has the chart of the Zora lake, also including the chart of Aquatic Den. You can walk out of the den and equip Zora armor.

Go to the shore and dive to the lake. Swim to the middle and you'll see an underwater cave entrance. You'll also notice that if you just stay still in the lake, the water may capture you with its tentacles. Move swiftly and go through the entrance. This starts short underwater path, and you'll rise to little pool in mediumsized, round room.

Welcome to Aquatic Den.

Comment appreciaded.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Are you going to post the dungeons and walkthrough of it and all that? Are you going to post a boss like in the Design a Boss Contest as well?
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Well, I don't know how long I will continue but It's like detailed game plot. If you would read this as walkthrough it could work too.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

Next part: Aquatic Den. This basicly tells how a temple would look like. I now regret that I put water temple to the first of the game. It's not too difficult like GB.

Aquatic Den

Aquatic Den is quite complicated temple, and can be difficult first time around, since you have many paths to take and doors to open. The start room is not too big, and it only has few Crablins to kill and some pots to heal. Progress forward from the first door.

This room is the important room here, having some ledges and water. The water here has varying levels, and every time the level raises, new areas open. You yet cannot access to other levels because they are sunk into the walls. So jump down. Here there is two entrances, but one of them is locked. Just little above these two is third door. Go to one in the left and you'll see long room, which has pools and some platfrorms in it. Your object is to carry stick with fire to the other end of the room, so that you can light two torches. In the way there are some Crablins and Tektites. If you manage, door to the next room opens and chest appears. The chest holds Bone inside it.

The next room is quite difficult, having water and underwater maze. The maze here is made up by rock. You must navigate this maze, and at right point rise up, so you can find the chest with key. In this same room is also chest which has compass. Return back, since you cannot do anything else here.

Back in the main room, open the locked door, and you'll see some rotating platforms, and one big platform. Which has three Elite bokoblins. Kill them, so that the door to next room would open. These platforms are rotating, so pick one and jump to rock spire, which you can drop, and walk through cavern to other platforms. These rotate so, that at one point you can jump from them to the other end of the room. This room has Iron boots switch, but you cannot press it yet. Just go through the door, and arrive to room, which has quite large switch, however, it is in the middle of island where you can't jump, so climb to one of the little walls separating the room, and walk slowly around, so you eventually come to the switch, which releases the water, traveling through some natural pipes.

You cannot get to the door anymore, so climb down the island you are, and descend to narrow ledge. Open the door and you are in tall, circular room. In this room, there is quite problematic puzzle. In the floor there are 3 switches. They pull away and push out some platform when you press them. Press them so that you can climb to the top. Go through the roof, and arrive to plain corridor, where you can walk through. Here are few holes where you can drop, but you should watch where you jump. Two will lead you to cavern with enemies, but one drops you to rock spire above them. Walk down very narrow path, so you can open the next door.

You arrive to ledge, which has chest holding key. When you see platform coming below you, jump to it. These platforms only get you to little island, where you must climb up until you are in tallest spire of the room. Walk up the path and open door. You notice that you are in the main room, but very high. Jump down, and you'll notice that the waterlevel has risen. It's now to the third door we saw earlier. This door is locked by key, so open it, and fall through the hole. You'll instantly notice that the room is circular and quite big. In the middle it has big pool. Monster raises from the water. It's miniboss time.


Acaldos is the miniboss of Zoras Den. The first part of the battle it is in the large pool of water. Acaldos is creature resembling Hybrid of Zora and shark. It sometimes takes the water as his weapons and trys to grab Link similar to Morpha. What you must do, is when he jumps from his pool, attempting to bite Link, play the Requeim of Water. However, if you play it wrong, you cannot try again and the boss rams to you, knocking you down. If you played the melody correctly, it will shock him, and he'll fall to ground. Hit him with your sword. Ten hits will start the second phase, so single cycling him is difficult. If the player doesn't realize the method for this in three jumps, Zoan will hint him.

In the second phase he'll run around the area. You must use the water as your advantage, and drop to it when he passes by. Raise back and roll to him from behind. If you manage, he slows down little. Hitting him 10 times will end this battle. Cutscene is shown, where the beast will run around the arena until it crashes into wall. The water in the pool calms down, and part of the wall disappears, allowing you to walk through corridor to a chest. This chest is big and shiny, and inside of it is Iron boots! With these you can hack while underwater. They also make it possible to hit switches down.

To get out from this room, sink to the bottom of the miniboss pool, and press switch there. Door opens behind the treasure chest, where there is simple pipe leadin straight upward. It has in sides few crannies. One of them contains dungeon map, and one of them contains switch that open the grid above in the pipe. When you reach the top of the pipe, raise and you'll see that you are in the main room, in the topmost point of the main pillar. Here you can only jump down, so do so and you'll end up in water. The problem now is, where can I go?

You cannot open any doors which are underwater, you must first empty the pool. The bottom of the main room has 3 switches. These control the three lids underneath the main room. Pressing one opens one lid, and pressing all three will empty it to the bottom if the pool is full.

Go to the path you walked second time, to walk into the room with Iron switch and Rotating platforms. Go to there, and hit the switch. Grid folds around and opens in the middle of the room, so you can descend it. When you do so, you can walk into the pipe, where you must swim down the pipe. This pipe has some enemies and jellyfishes, but they are not essential to kill. Just go by the hatch, and continue your way, until the pipe turns upwards. You end-up in room that has few doors and some wooden platforms fallen into ground.

Go to the room right from you, by walking to a platform, however, this does not rotate. You must press it down with your Iron boots, so that it sinks and raises the other platform. Run to it, by jumping down and climbing another vines, so you can jump to the raised platform and jump to other side, where there is one door. Walk through it and end up in very tall room. On top of it has another big switch and lid that releases water. This time, you must navigate the broken path upwards. It has actually two paths, so you can in some holes drop to another path. There are also some Finagels for you. You should reach the top, where all you have to do is equip Iron boots and press the switch. Water flows, and you can enjoy the rocking rough waterslide ala Zoras Den.

The path here is now quite straight forward, since when you return to the room before the tall room. The water has raised, so some wooden platform are now risen. One of them leads to heart piece. The platform also has started spinning. Go by the third door of the room, and you'll see that you come back to the main room, water level notably raised. Jump down and go through another door. This is simple room, basicly a long corridor with some enemies in it. It has in middle, big round pool. You'll see that the water here is cursed: it moves around. So when you are going past it, walk either very quickly or very silently. There are only few blades going between the walls here. You should get easily through.

Next room you have visited before. It is the last big room you visited, but above it. It looks like big grid, and is quite solid. There are few Elite Bokoblins here, but nothing special. There is nothing special here, so just go through. The next room is battle based. It has four Finagels in round room. When you defeat them all, gate lifts and you can reach chest, which has small key. Return to main room, and equip iron boots to sink to the very bottom of the room. Here first press two of the switches, and go through the same door you first opened. Go through the corridor, and then to the big maze. You can now open the gate using Iron boots, and swim to new portion of the room. This has nothing special except chest with Purple rupee. So walk through the door, which has lock in it.

You see now quite difficult room to maneuver. It has lots of Grid walls, which all have some openings and gates. Navigate this maze until you reach the other end of the room. Open the big chest for... Boss Key! This key allows you to open the door to boss chamber. As you open the chest, the final water gate opens. It pours it waters to the room and some into pipes leading to main room. Because the water level has risen, it's easy to swim to the beginning of the room. The same applies to the room with the first maze, so you have easy going back. Get to the main room, where the water level is on the level 2. Hit the swiches you pressed down before, so the lids shut and the water level rises. You can now swim to the last door in the opposite from where you came. Walk through the door to the last room before boss room.

The room here is simple room with pool in it. Now begins quite complicated underwater path, which seems partly artificial. In one point you have to get a key from chest, and return other way to the grid lid it locks. Then there is large rectangularish room, which has few different ways to go. One of these contains Chest behind Grid switch, so press the button in other path. Then there is one path that goes forward. So go there, and go through one or two intersections before you arrive to squary pipe which eventually goes up and you'll reach the room before boss. This room is quite big, circular, and has 4 Finagels in it. Beat those and the gate that is before Boos door opens. You can finally access to the boss room. Open the door. Start the boss fight.

Aquatic Beast, Darchon

After long and grueling and annoying temple, shouldn't there be atleast rewarding boss fight? Well.. Maybe no. For the fact that this temple was the first of the game, it was quite long, but the boss battle has atleast good old whacking.

First you notice that the room has really big pool in it. You also notice that something is bubbling in the water. It's coming closer... It is raising to surface... It is Darchon! Darchon is big aquatic shark, and needless to say, the boss battle is mostly taken in the pool. It swims in the water, and because it has slept last 1000 years without food, it's quite anxious getting bite on Link. So you should dodge it.

The first stage of the battle is quite simple. While it attacks you, dodge it, let it crash to wall and go over it (Z-targeting helps). Then wear your metal boots and sink to the bottom. The shark is crushed, but you should to it once more, so that it has its armor completely off. When this happens, cutscene is shown, and the shark is little more swifter. This time it's little harder. The shark is more agile and it won't crush into walls anymore. Getting on surface basicly only enables it to bite you.

You must swim above it, and target it. When you think it's appropriate time, sink down and whack him from your hearts content. It will take 15 strikes to beat this stage, and he isn't sleeping for 100 years, so do it quickly. Average 3 cycles to do this. the Shark seems to be in pains, but it now raises. Its fins grow out.. and it rises to land. This time he will run around the arena just like good ol' Acaldos did. He starts to run around the circle of land, so you should run too. However, you won't get any succees with this. Take some distance, equip your boots, and get ready to throw this beast. When he comes at you, time it right and pres right, so you'll throw him into the walls. He will crash land, and you must hit him total of 15 times. When you have done this: congratulations! You have beaten Aquatic Beast, Darchon, and beaten the water temple of the game! The body of the boss fuses into your first elemental stone; Aquatic Sapphire. Take the heart container if you want, and when you are ready, step into the portal that appeared to the middle of the room. You are teleported to Zora Kings hall.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

More coming. I would really like some comments. I've worked for this.

First element
You arrive at Narbols cave, and you'll see that everybody is quite happy. So go and talk to him.

"Our people thank you for cleansing that evil being from our waters. The lake is purified, and our race has once again the possibility of survival. I allow you to keep that Elemental stone as the gratefullness from Zora people. You may move freely at the lake anytime you want, you're action was priceless. May the water flow to the same direction as you."

"To the second elemental stone, I don't know where it is, but you should visit Forlana town north from here. There you can find more answers to your questions."

You can leave the chamber and what you see: the lake is clean and Zoras are swimming happily. The area seems cleansed and even the mountains look fresh. If you talk to any zora, they will than you. You can now leave, thinking what is that mysterious red glow in the horizon?

Fields and Forlana

You can travel now to the northern part of the fields. The bridge is fixed, so you can travel it. You end up in another field, and see that there are few ponds there and there, and few hills too. But most notable thing is: Infront of you there is big town. This town is big, and is build to the root of Huryle castle. Before you go there you may want to explore this field for heart piece, which you can obtain if you have pigs ears in store, so you can fire hawk to one nook.

The Forlana town is very big, and quite filled with people. You can obtain your first mask here, if you talk to every people in the town, and then talk to Mask collector in 1st eastern street. Social mask is not useful in combat, but you can use it to communicate with people. You can also check out the Combat club. This club is tets for your combat skills. You face the increasingly dificult Knight, and when you win him at level 10, you get combat mask from Mask collector. However, you can only compete at 5 first levels, until you finish the 4th temple.

Forlana town has tons of things to do. It has many streets and is filled with people to talk. In this game, there are no NPC:s that you cannot talk. The general atmosphere is quite happy, although you notice awfull lot of daggers and swords. The first visit is probably the Bank. The bank is in the 2nd eastern street. It's quite large, and it holds up lot of space. You also see quite a lot of buzzling around it. Inside, you can talk to one of the counters, which has Green Rupee on top of it. You can open your account here. While you can open an account, it now holds only 1000 rupees. You can also go to the counter with Red rupee on top of it. Here you can get your new wallet. This holds 1000 rupees. Otherwise, you cannot do anything here.

Next you should visit visit the general store. Here you can fill lot of of things you have. It sells few kinds of baits, and in the counter upstairs, you can buy potions and drinks. And if you have started the trading quest and obtained carrots, you can switch them at Restaurant Forlana, which is on 1st western street.

Another thing you'll notice that there are lot of Gorons out in the streets. If you talk to them, they tell that they escaped from the mountains, because the are here is dangerous to live. The mountain is erupting violently and Gorons have disappeared. Zoan appears and says that it could be the cause of the second elemental stone, and they should help Gorons. Zoan has marked that point to your map, so you can travel to there. It is northern in the map.

More fields and mountain path

After you have left Forlana, you can ride with Epona or go by foot to the mountains. Allthough you notice that there is some wall that you cannot climb by the path, so you must get Epona. Call him by Ocarina, and ride on. You can find map of this area at the bottom of one pond. Sink to there by Iron boots. After this, ride towards the mountains, and you can see more clearly how the mountaiins are going wild. Wjhile you travel the ravaged path up to the ountains, you notice that there are lava streams flowing down. Avoid those while climbing up the mountains. If you get hit by one, you lose 2 hearts and must start over. In some points it's also rocks falling down, so it isn't very easy path. When you arrive at the gates of Goron lands, you'll notice that the gatekeeper won't let you in.

"We cannot be sure are you our friend, so we may not let you in"

While Zoan seems to be disappointed, he starts to listen.

"What could I pay for bit of Goron amber... The mines are unpassable and swarming with enemies. Oh, I could give diamonds for bit of it"

Zoan says that they should visit the caves if they could find some Goron amber, and could get passed through. If you looked at your route, you saw some caves. Go to one of them and you'll end up in undermountain passage. This maze is actually connected to every cave entrance in the mountains, and is incredibly tangled. You can find some items here, but Zoan says, that they could never navigate this maze unless they could have supersensed guide. He gets an idea, and you'll see a cutscene where he comes at you. You are fused, and you'll notice that Wiimote is starting to shake. The closer you are, the more vibrantly it shakes. When you find the chest where the amber is, Zoan escapes from you. I hope you memorized your route, since now you have to navigate it lonely back.

When you are out, go to the gate, and you'll hear mumbling in the other side.

"This smell... It is so fresh so good... Could it be?"

"Goron Amber?"

He opens the gate and tumbles over Link, and finds the Goron amber. He accepts Link and Zoan in.
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

wow.. lol must have taken u long t write this
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Re: The Legend of Zelda: The Lost Civilization

In the Goron city

As Link arrives the Gororn city, he notices some huts that are inside solid rock. There are not many Gorons out. You'll see that there is one big hut that is crafted finely. Go inside and meet the leader of Gorons, Gor Hogo. He is big goron, but not biggoron. Talk to him, and you'll hear, that the Gorons have troubles.

"Not long ago, the volcano was fine, Gorons couldsit on its crater, and enjoy its hot springs. But then the dark force started to take it on its power. The crater was infested with monsters, and it started to erupt. I know that you, little human, are in search of that stone. While Gorons live in mountains, we have still heard the rumors. The stone is in the sacred crater. If you calm the volcano, you may keep it. But you cannot enter the volcano if you are not goron. You would be burned, little human."

"Take this Goron armor as my gift. May it serve you well. We hope you return well. The Gorons are happy to help you"

You receive Goron armor, which allows you to stay in the hot air of the volcano. You can buy Metal shield from the gorons if you want. but after it, you can start climbing the mountain. The road is tough and mazelike, and you should look where you go. When you managee to climb to the edge, start descending of the crater. Beware: the rocky path tumbles down easily.

After tumbling and smuchling, you see that the crater has island in the middle of it. The problem is, how to get there. You see that you must jump from the top of the crater. But, it isn't as simple. The island has no entrance what soever to the temple. Intead, read the notes on the rock in the island. Play these notes and you'll learn the Harmonic Fire. This allows you to open the seal of the temple. Play it, and you'll note that the volcano is unstabelizing. The magma is shooting wildly around the volcano, and after that, dropping to the pathway. Avoid the fire, and get to the top of the volcano. If it takes more than 3 minutes, you'll lose 2 hearts and must begin again. In the top, play the melody again at the big rock, and the volcano calms. Jump down to the island, enter the hole, and descend down to Goron crater. The fiery temple awaits you, and you must go forward.

Short chapter this time.
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