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Old 02-10-2009, 03:44 AM
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A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

I've been thinking (surprise, surprise), and, according to the title of this thread, I've been thinking about the possible control scheme for the new Zelda.

My idea:

Basically, the basics of TP's control scheme would be kept.

Important changes from TP's control scheme:
1. The "c" button would be the new shield button...
2. ... and the "first person view" that used to be on the "c" button would be moved onto the "1" button...
3. ...and the map menu button that was on the "1" button would be moved onto the "2" button. The option to toggle on/off the minimap on the botton left would be inside this map menu screen.
4. Thrusting the wii remote forward would make Link do a stab, which is weaker than a slash but harder to block.
5. After you press A when Link's standing still to put his sword and shield away, press and hold A when Link isn't holding anything and standing still to go into a crawl.

Comment on my ideas, and post your own.


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Old 02-10-2009, 08:31 AM
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Re: A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

Well, doesn't really add much at all, does it?
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Old 02-10-2009, 10:09 AM
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Re: A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

Manual Jumping

I think the forward somersault/rolling attack needs to be done away with and replaced with manual jumping. Of course the auto-jump from ledges could remain for the purpose of leaping from platform to platform- these jumps would be used for reaching higher ledges.

Jump height could be increased by collecting Roc's Feather; jump distance could be increased by upgrading to Roc's Cape.

Sword Controls

Swinging the Wii Remote to control the sword is actually a fine mechanic that I don't think needs to be changed too drastically. The main problem in Twilight Princess was that Link's sword moves were too powerful compared to the enemies' usually slow movements and complete lack of armor.

The current Hidden Skill set is also good and doesn't need to be changed or added onto. Any additional special skills might make Link even more powerful compared to enemies, which is something we don't need. However:

Finishing Blow - Because I think a manual jump needs to be introduced in place of the rolling attack, the Finishing Blow as seen in TP could be replaced with the Down Thrust (A to jump, then A in the air).

Aerial Sword Moves/Up Thrust - A natural consequence of adding a jumping mechanic. Swinging the Remote in the air could result in simple aerial sword swings; swinging the Nunchuk could result in an aerial spin attack; pressing B could be used to perform an Up Thrust.

Shield Controls

Keep auto-shielding while targeting; otherwise there's no real button for it.

Change Shield Attack to holding C (while targeting) plus shaking/moving the Nunchuk so that it is easier to perform than in Twilight Princess.

While holding C with the shield out (if nothing is targeted), the option could also be given to point the shield with the Wii Remote so that Mirror Shield puzzles and the like can return.
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Old 02-10-2009, 10:59 AM
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Re: A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

th shield idea is great. Others: nothing new, really.
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Old 02-11-2009, 05:38 PM
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Re: A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

Bring back multiple weapons. Windwaker started it with the spears and broadswords but that could be heavily improved upon.

Have the ability to pick up an enemies weapon once they drop it, take it to a blacksmith and they would repair it to useable condition again (also let you upgrade weapons again like in MM)

For example, the spear would have a much longer range and would be good for stabbing but it would be weaker when attacking with the side of it. The hammer would be slower and not able to to slash damage but it would hit harder and knock back enemies more often.

Basically don't make it too complex and make the pros and cons of each weapon be only the obvious things like my examples
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Old 02-12-2009, 06:43 AM
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Re: A totally new control scheme? Or a modified one?

Manual shielding.
The shielding in TP was too easy and boring, 'cause it was automatic. I'd simply like a shield button.
However, with nunchuk it could have more depth added to it, by making the actual blocking also (somewhat) manual. When you press the shield button Link shields his middle body, but you can change the shield's position by moving the nunchuk, so that you have to block uppercuts and whatnots by raising your shield etc.
And maybe also bash with the shield by making rapid motions, hmm?
Offhand weapons.
Instead of shield, Link can wield a secondary weapon in his other hand. It's used with the shield button, maybe with same kind of motion-sensing as the normal sword. He would lose his ability to shield, but gain extra attacks and maybe block incoming blows with carefully timed attacks of his own.
Offhand weapons could be daggers, short swords, axes or whatever. But weaker and smaller than your primary weapon.
Better sword fighting.
I think that the next Wii Zelda should really use the wiimote as much as it can. 1:1 fighting is not truely possible now, but something closer to it than the TP system. Simply so that when you swing the wiimote left->right, up->down, stab, the sword does the same.
Also, I had an other change in mind. When you have your sword equipped and swing your wiimote, Link moves the sword to the position of your wiimote without attacking. This way you can block blows with your sword, as in real battle. Only when you hold the B key and swing your wiimote, Link attacks. I think it would add a great deal of excitement to battle, without making it too hard for the 'casuals'.
And also, I think the "freejump" is somewhat unneccessary. I mean, you don't jump so much on open ground in reality, only to climb obstacles or hop over gaps, and Link can already do that without a jump button.
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