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Old 04-15-2012, 02:21 PM
Symbiotic Symbiotic is a male United States Symbiotic is offline
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Lightbulb A game that combines all timelines.

I've had this idea ever since the official timeline had been released, and I think it would be a pretty interesting concept.

Instead of being introduced to just one Hero, we are introduced to three -- one from each of the timelines -- and are reacquainted with their respective universes. Perhaps one or two of the Heroes are a reincarnation we have already seen (such as from ST or AoL ) so that we won't have to have three origin stories -- that would make things painfully slow.

Now, the conflict. Since Ganondorf is seemingly dead as a doornail in all timelines, it is perhaps time to introduce a new villain who is not only aware of these three different universes, but can also travel between them and plans to unite them under his rule (I'm sticking with the generic villain archetype for now just for the sake of the discussion). This could perhaps alert a friendlier being with the same abilities, and motivate said friendly being to visit the three universes and recruit the Heroes from each.

I think it would be interesting to see different artistic/graphical styles we have seen thus far in the series somewhat connect, and this connection can be done in such a way to make the gameplay enjoyable as well. I'll explain:

1.) The Adult Timeline focuses on a more colorful Hyrule with overall a child Link. The main theme of this timeline seems to be the advancement of technology, as we can see in PH and ST. Perhaps the gameplay of this segment of the game can revolve mostly around technology and transport, with a younger Link using some sort of engineering skills to help the "Friendly Being" (as we'll call it from now on) and the other Heroes. The items this Link will be given are more technology-centered ones, such as a Hammer (either like the Megaton Hammer or Skull Hammer), Bombs, etc.

2.) The Child Timeline focuses on a more dark and violent storyline, with maturity and somber seriousness being its main "theme" -- it also has one of the only Links who is an adult for an entire game (with the exception of Skyward Sword). Perhaps this segment's gameplay can revolve mostly around an older, more serious Link whose main focus is combat. As such, this Link is given more combat-oriented items, such as the Bow, Ball and Chain, etc.

3.) The Decline Timeline features the classic Legend of Zelda, along with games that follow its formula (such as the handhelds) of a young hero who explores dungeons to collect some sort of valuable, with puzzles being one of its main themes. As such, this segment will have gameplay that features complex and creative dungeons that this Link will have to go through. As exploration is a big part of this concept, this Link will have items that are needed in dungeons more than they are in combat: the Hookshot, the Boomerang, etc.

This would give us the character types for all three Links: the Craftsman, the Warrior, and the Adventurer.

Now, while all three universes will have their own themes of gameplay, they do not have to be completely 100% dedicated to those themes. For example: while the Adventurer's gameplay will be dungeon-based, the other two Links could perhaps have dungeons of their own that fit with their respective gameplay -- a dungeon full of enemies for the Warrior is something that comes off the top of my head.

It would also be interesting to find something in one universe that that certain Link cannot handle -- in this case, we'll say a boss. Say the Craftsman finds a boss that he is having trouble with, so the "Friendly Being" transports the boss to the Warrior's universe, where the more battle-experienced Link can deal with it.

Now, what's up for debate is how switching between the Links would come into play. I personally think it would be best if switching from one Link to another is not a control that players can do whenever they want, and instead are scripted so the plot can unfold linearly.

As for the goal: Perhaps at first the main focus of the game is to stop the antagonist from attempting to rule all three timelines by trying to unite them and send him away for good, but halfway through it is realized that the "unification" of all three timelines would be a catastrophic event and cause a sort of "time crash", destroying everything in existence. However, as the villain is a deluded megalomaniac, he refuses to listen to reason and continues his plan to unify the timelines.

Perhaps the final fight with the antagonist could at first consist of three battles: one in the Adventurer-universe, one in the Warrior-universe, and one in the Craftsman-universe. Then, in a last-ditch effort, the antagonist turns himself into a powerful monstrosity surrounded by a labyrinth-like dungeon in some hellish timeline of its own creation. In this final battle, the Links finally come together to destroy the antagonist: the Adventurer breaks into the dungeon and opens it from the inside while the villain attacks him. Once the dungeon is opened, the villain comes out and the Warrior does battle with it, severely weakening it. The villain attempts to flee, and must then be followed by a weaponized locomotive engineered by the Craftsman, who finishes the villain off. The villain is then reduced to a powerless being and is sealed within his own "timeline".

It can then be apparent that -- for now -- all timelines must continue to exist, and that the Heroes of each one must still protect them while the "Friendly Being" continues to search for a way to combine them all once again.

Aaaand, I do believe that's it. I personally think this would make for a very fun Legend of Zelda game.

What do you think?
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Old 04-15-2012, 02:32 PM
Major Liftz Major Liftz is a male United States Major Liftz is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

So, a giant cluster❤❤❤❤ crossover... With only Zelda.

As long as the Links don't have dialog with each other, it's a fairly good idea.

So like the original handheld controls for the "Link Died" timeline, DS controls for the Adult timeline and standard Wii controls/whatever they are going to use for the Child Line. Final boss mixing them all...

Huston, We have a winner.

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Old 04-15-2012, 02:39 PM
Strawberry Strawberry is a male Yugoslavia Strawberry is offline

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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

That'd be a reaaaally long game.
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Old 04-15-2012, 03:02 PM
Rakshael Rakshael is a male United States Rakshael is online now
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

Isn't that completely paradoxical? Can you actually travel between timelines, where the hero there is supposed to be you, now, but in a different setting because of past events? Ugh my head hurts thinking about that.

This mechanic would also work somewhat well with the suggested multi-game plot that has been put forth elsewhere. It's so crazy it just might work, and seems rather Ninty-ish.
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Old 04-16-2012, 03:58 PM
kymeric kymeric is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

Instead of light world/dark world like usual it would be hyrule1, hyrule 2, and hyrule3

But the thing is they arent alternate realities, they have almost nothing in common. One hyrule is on another continent and descended from a tiny handful of survivors. In another hyrule is a vast kingdom made up of many citys. So you wont meet the same people in each reality, they have a completely different history in each one.

Basically Im wondering.... whats the end game? A combined hyrule with 3 times the people? 2 timelines destroyed and everyone in them dead?
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Old 04-16-2012, 04:32 PM
Justin Justin is a male Oman Justin is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

Even if it doesn't exactly make sense, a timeline crossover game would be a cool idea. It may not be canon, but I would love to see some sort of adventure in which you play as the three Links travelling together, and maybe other characters. Though this way the standard Zelda gameplay would have to be fairly adjusted.

As for dialogue, I could see some sort of subtle miming going on. Look at the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros Brawl.
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Old 04-16-2012, 06:37 PM
Zanch Zanch is a male Canada Zanch is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

It's a really neat idea. I admire when people seek to close a lot of the plot holes Nintendo has created rather than blindly accepting them. I had a similar idea a while ago that revolved around a similar concept except all the links and Zelda's throughout on fixed timeline in some form or another become aware of the others existence(which is a huge series plot hole). The last of kin or current generation would study the previous generations for inspiration, but also to learn why evil continues to threaten their land. I had many idea revolving around this premise and for me I feel like it would be fitting end to the grand story(something i think should be a consideration before link ends up in space).
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Old 04-29-2012, 03:05 PM
jrkirby jrkirby is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

i don't know. I somewhat think every LoZ game is completely seperate, but then after the fact they put the timeline together in a way that made sense, without having thought of it beforehand. I prefer my LoZ games rather distinct. It means I don't have to play all the old ones in order to enjoy the new ones.
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Old 04-29-2012, 11:00 PM
Sliske Sliske is a male United States Sliske is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

Bugs Bunny I like it - YouTube

I like it. =]
It'd be interesting, and I know others have tried to make a game (including me) that involves all 3 timelines, but it didn't really make all to much sense. I'll find my thread later and post it on here.

I like the idea of having one good and bad person who knows of the 3 timelines, and after the game, the good person continuing to find a solution to merge the timelines.
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Old 05-11-2012, 09:36 AM
sesamestreetblues sesamestreetblues is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

Hey I remember talking about a similar idea a while back, in the final zelda game thread . Basically I was thinking of a "Master Timeline" in which the other timelines operate, where divine beings such as the sages reside. I was also thinking of having the triforce being distributed among these timelines, in which only the True Triforce when all of these pieces combine. How the game would play out would be having you play as the "last Link" in one of those timelines, living peacefully when suddenly the villain from the other timelines (Ganon?) comes seeking your portion of the triforce, in attempt to create the True Triforce and rule over the Master Timeline. I imagine the other Link's having been killed though.

Well, anyways, going back to your ideas, I like the premise, but I cannot say I am fond of the idea of seeing multiple Links. It kind of reminds me of the recent Sonic Generations, which seems kind of cheesy in itself (I don't know, most ideas involving multiple dimensions aren't appealing to me) .
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Old 05-11-2012, 01:55 PM
MereMare Canada MereMare is offline
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Re: A game that combines all timelines.

It could be similar to what Radiant Historia did.
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