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Old 11-30-2011, 12:06 AM
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Gannondorf, the backstory.

I want this. BAD. So we're all accustomed to the story, Hero of Time, etc etc. Link is the Hero, triforce of courage, Zelda-Wisom, Gannondorf-Power.

But, how awesome would it be if nintendo released a console game thats main focus is revealing the story of Gannondorf. Link is still the protagonist, he still must save Zelda.

Could this be the game everyone has been craving? No puppet final-boss. It's just Gannondorf, and he wants you to know it. I have to say, since Oot, I've been intrigued with the idea of him being born of the Gerudo tribe, perhaps more insight on that?

Just an idea.
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Old 11-30-2011, 01:19 AM
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Re: Gannondorf, the backstory.

Is Gannon-Banning still the in-thing to do?

Btw, OoT WAS his (Ganon's really) origin story. TWW extrapolated on that, although I do agree that another expansion would be rather pleasing. If we're fighting Ganondorf, it would probably be during the war that ended a decade or so before OoT began (aka when Link's mum took him to the Deku Tree), since the Gerudo were involved, AND Ganondorf was alive (just more youthful).
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Old 11-30-2011, 12:24 PM
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Re: Gannondorf, the backstory.

I think a game placed between SS and OoT that details the rise of Ganondorf (and the Gerudo) is a distinct possibility at this point.

I expected SS to be about the origin of the Hyrule we see in OoT. It wasn't, at least not to any significant extent. Now, the potential is still there for another game.

Not necessarily expecting Nintendo to go that route (they're famous for throwing curve balls) but it would be logical. I'm either hoping for this or a game that expands on the Twilight Princess story. So much of that game was left open.

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