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Old 10-30-2010, 01:54 PM
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Crystal Serpent: Vipryce

Vipryce (a play on words with 'viper' and 'ice') is the boss of the Icycle Temple, located in a series of underground tunnels found in an artic region in Hyrule. As its name suggests, it is a massive snake that has plenty of nasty ice attacks at its desposal. It is aquamarine in color, with large, icycle-like fangs in its mouth. Its eyes are pitch black. It has three rupee-shaped ice crystals on its back.

Items Link Will Need
Fire Rod: A handy tool if there ever was one. The fire rod has never been in a 3D Zelda game, and would be a great addition to Link's arsenal. If one holds the Wiimote behind his or her head, Link will charge the rod and he can aim, either with Z-targeting or manual aiming. Swinging the Wiimote will cause Link to shoot a fire ball. If one stretches the Wiimote out in front of them, Link will make a stream of fire come out of the Fire Rod.

Earthcrusher: A mighty hammer with a new ability. If one holds the Wiimote over their shoulder, Link will hold the Earthcrusher over his. Swinging the Wiimote down in a direction will make Link swing the hammer in the same direction. Upon impact, a shock wave will travel in the direction of the hammer's swing, and it can travel up walls and ceilings.

Before the Battle
After traveling through the boss door, Link will climb a set of icy stairs to a huge cavern-like room with a massive ice pillar in the center of the room. Out of the darkness above Link, Vipryce will slither down one of the ice pillars. Still wrapped around the ice pillar, it will hiss loudly, and the battle will begin.

The Battle
Vipryce has a few attacks when coiled around an ice pillar. It can shoot icy breath from its mouth, which can freeze Link and make him vulnerable to other attacks. This does one heart of damage. It can also slap its tail on the pillar, causing pointed icycles to fall from the ceiling. These do half a heart of damage each.

In order to get Vipryce on the ground where Link can reach it, he must dodge its attacks, and when he has a chance, he can use the Earthcrusher's shock waves to dislodge it from the pillar. It will take three shock waves to do this.

Once Vipryce is one the ground, he will slither around and get a new arsenal of attacks. If Link gets to close to Vipryce's mouth, he will bite Link, doing two hearts of damage and poisoning him, causing him to be considerably slowed. It wears off after about twenty seconds. If Link gets to close to its tail, it will hit Link and send him flying, doing three hearts of damage. Contact with Vipryce's body will freeze Link, doing one quarter heart of damage each second he's frozen.

In order to fight him while he's on the ground, Link must hit the ice horn on his head with the Fire Rod, which makes him roll over and puts the rupee-shaped ice crystals in Link's range. Link must melt the crystal with the Fire Rod, and then slash up the revealed skin. Vipryce will go back to the ice pillar, and Link must repeat the process two more times. Once all three crystals on his back are destroyed, Link must hit the ice horn on its head with the Earthcrusher, which ends the battle.

After the Battle
After being hit with the Earthcrusher, its horn will be destroyed. It will hiss in pain and crawl up the ice pillar, where it will freeze completely. The heart container will fall out of its mouth, and the warp portal will appear to get Link out of the dungeon.
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Gargantuan Fire Lizard FLARECHO.

Mt.Isanne Temple:
This temple is located inside the peak of Mt.Isanne and is filled with ice keese and white wolfos.
The temple is huge and has many difficult puzzles.
It is usually spring time on the mountain and the temple but do to the evil around hyrule it has frozen over.
Legend has it that their was once a fearsome fire dragon who lived on top and terrorized the people who once lived in the temple but he has not been seen since the mountain froze over.

Gargantuan Fire Lizard FLARECHO.

Large red fire dragon with a long neck, hugecalws,sharp teeth,small wings,very long tail,and large eyes.
Is covered in spikes and can set its entire body on fire.
Many red scales,and very aggresive.
Does not like ice at all.
Fell asleep on the mountain before it froze over and thus he wound up froze himself.

1st Phase:
Bite - Half heart.
Fireball - Half heart.
Fire blast - Heart.
Punch - Half heart.
Tail attack - Half heart.
Screech - Half heart.
Contact - Half heart.
All of these attacks are present in the 2nd Phase.

2nd Phase:
Kick - Half heart.
Slam - 2 Hearts.
Meteor Shower - 5 Hearts. (Used only after ice arrows no longer work).

Effective Items:
1st Phase:
Bombs - When he opens his mouth.
Sword - After he has eaten the bomb and is unconscious.

2nd Phase:
Ice arrows - While flying in the air.
Bombs - After he has been shot trow it in his mouth when he opens it.
Sword - After he has eaten the bomb hit him.
Skyward sword - Use this when he can no longer be hit by ice arrows when he is coming at you the A buton will flash for a few seconds press the button to deliver the final blow.

Before Battle:
On the top Mt.Isanne Link comes across a giant frozen dragon like lizard frozen in ice.
He uses the fire arrows to melt the ice than the creature wakes up and sets itself on fire and the batle begins.

1st Phase:
He will shoot fire balls at you and use other attacks.
Simply wait until hes about to do the fire balst attack he will be sucking air in thats when you trow a bomb into his mouth then hit him with sword to this a few times and then he will fall only to fly up into the air and start the 2nd phase.

2nd Phase:
Shoot ice arrows at him when hes coming at you then he will fall thats when you do what you did in the first phase.
do this until he is no longer effected by the ice arrows and hes really red.
Wait for him to come at you and the a button will flash for a few seconds quickly hit the a button while its flashing and the skyward sword will use its sky attack then the creature will fall off the mountain this time dying.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Flash freeze demon of the snow

Flash freeze is 6.2 and looks much like a samari with a sword of ice, when drawn it begins to glow an eerie blue, his armour is black and gold lined with fur and has a red tattered belt his face is hidden inside a black hood. It had been said that Flash Freeze was once a normal human until he got lost while climbing the mountain in search for the great evil inside it but then died from the cold and became the very evil he was searching for. Now he lives as a ice demon creating horrible storms and bringing misfortune and death to any who come close or live near the mountain were he died.

Encountering Flash Freeze:
As link is climbing up the mountain in search the temple (since there could be a temple anywhere now) a loud crack followed by a whistling sound draws his attention. He looks up to see a giant ball of ice hurling towards him, he quickly doges only to hear a maniacal laugh. He slowly turns around to see a body rising up out of the ice, link jumps back and draws his sword ready to battle.*

*Flash Freezes Attacks:*
the weakest of his attacks is when shards of ice grow from his nails becoming as sharp as a blade then begins to slash at you with them. It does half a heart of damage when or if it makes contact.
His next attack is when he draws his sword and lunges it into the ground, in doing so large sharp ice like rocks come out of the ground towards link. if you successfully dodge them then *flash freeze is left venerable and you are free to slash at his back twice before he retaliates.
Once flash freeze takes damage he jumps back and holds his sword into the sky summoning a great blizzard, that he then hides in and launches shards of ice freezing you if they make contact you then have to shake the remote to break free, it will take a quarter of a heart until you break free. To get rid of the blizzard you must either charge your sword and shoot the beam (as seen on traler) in to the blizzard in hope it may make contact or shoot a fire arrow into the blizzard breaking it apart.
His last attack is that he simply comes at link with his sword were you have the chance to well chance, simply hold the wii remote on a slant and run towards him if you win slash at him several times.

Item used in the battle:
The items link will need are his sword to attack flash freeze as well as to break the ice shards being launched at him *his *shield to block certain attacks and fire arrows to shoot in to the blizzard to make it stop for a short time and to inflicted extra damage if needed. **

Once you have hit flash freeze around twelve times he should be weak enough to finish him to do so aim a fiery arrow and shoot it into the blue gem on his chest, Flash Freeze will then make one last screech before rising up into the sky and exploding. In doing so it begins to snow softly once again and link jump in triumph up and down, then a heart container slowly falls to the ground link walks over and picks it up holding it over his head happily, before continuing his search for the temple.

Note: I don't know if any of you would like to see this kind of boss but I think he would kick butt! * *
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

A boss so BIG and MASSIVE it takes up an entire continent. The very essence of winter itself.


The only thing worse than a monster or a ghost is nature. Snow will constantly fall to the point where you're buried alive. The cold temperature will freeze you to death and the continents fuana of white wolfos and ice keese will also try to attack you.

To stop The Snowstorm you will need to light 6 torches buried under the snow. You are required to use fire-based items like the lantern, fire arrows and fire rod to melt the snow and light the 6 torches.

Once the 6 torches are lit up, the storm will settle down revealing your next Heart Container.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Hello, new participants. Hope you guys enjoy your time at the forums and the Design a Boss event. It has just started, but it will become a blast in the next couple of weeks when more people share their boss ideas.
Remember that you can edit your entries by clicking "edit" below your post to make any changes to your boss. If you felt you left something out, edit and add it. If you feel you want to change your boss completely, don't hesitate to do so.

Also, feel free to post any questions or concerns. I was just asked:

Originally Posted by 17Ganondorf View Post
In the design a boss competition do you have to use a specific item to defeat the boss?
No. Your boss idea can be practical, and it doesn't have to involve a new or specific item. You can say that there are several ways to defeat a boss and that there is no need to use a specific item. You can make it work for sure.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

The Frozen Protective Covering: Tetraniv

First Sight
As Link walks in through the boss door, it shuts tight, cracking the ice floor slightly. Link looks down, and sees shining reflections. He looks to the sides, careful not to break the floor, and quickly looks up. A red sphere is frozen in a spike of ice. It swivels around and the ice spike shakes. It falls onto the fragile ice, smashing the middle part of the circular arena. The whole floor breaks up, and Link quickly jumps to one large floating ice block. The boss floats up in the sky and shakes off the water. 4 legs break off from its sleek body and smash onto nearby sturdy ice blocks. It "swims"/paddles to the surrounding wall and latches onto it. The arena lights up and the battle begins.

Tetraniv is a large spike-like ice beast with many smaller spikes protruding from its sides. Swiveling markings make up all of its body, including one looking strangely familiar to the Triforce. Tetraniv ALWAYS has a large misty ice-cloud on top of it, producing its own personal snow. It is about the size of two Deku Toads. The center is about the size of half of Link's body. The legs it has are part of its sleek body design. In fact, when closed up, Link could not even tell that it had legs! The legs are very thick and bulky, filled with spikes. But, at the end of the legs are a small "foot" with a small spike coming from it, forming a "heel" of its foot. The "head" of Tetraniv is a large tetrahedron on top of a large 4-faced structure, with a sharp spike underneath it, between its 4 legs. The entire body is sleek, shiny and completely white, with sparkles from the light. The only distinct feature of its body against the white and blue arena is the red center inside its body, just underneath the tetrahedron.

The Arena
The floor has cracked! Only a scattered few flat-top glaciers are in a circular pattern. On the ceiling, we see many ice stalactites, some large, some small. The wall with the boss door is rectangular, but the rest of the arena is a circle. The walls are soft and crunchy but filled with spikes of its own. Ice floats, the falling spikes will float in the water for a few moments before sinking when they fall.

Necessary Items
Tetraniv is a soft center covered in an impenetrable ice shield. No items are strong enough to dent it, and no fire is strong enough to melt it.
Impossible you say? Luckily, Tetraniv has 4 tiny legs stabilizing it on an ice wall. A strong enough hit will send it falling, crashing on whatever there is below it. The stalactites on the top roof are just large enough to send a strong hit to Tetraniv. It will also do some damage on impact too. To get there, link must use his brand-new item, The Grab Gloves. These super gloves will latch on to any surface with its sharp incisions on its leather. They are made of a super-strong material that will not break, so its a virtually unperishable item. Its ability to latch on is so strong, it can even latch on to smooth surfaces like slick metal and sleek ice.
"You got the Grab Gloves! These indestructible gloves are made of a durable leather and super-strong material that will let you grab onto virtually anything! When equipped with the Grab Gloves, press and hold A and move the Wii Remote while grabbing a wall or material to climb or grab the item. Move the remote towards you to pull, and away from you to push. When climbing, move the remote up and down. They can even support you while hanging down from a ceiling! When hanging from the ceiling, press B and shake the Wii Remote to give nearby enemies or items a powerful kick!"
But there is a problem: Link cannot hold onto the ceiling forever. Although he can hold onto the ceilings/walls anywhere from 2-3x the time than when he was without these gloves, he does have a time limit. When it runs out, he falls to whatever is below him. He’ll have to wait anywhere from a second to 2 seconds to use the gloves again.

The Beginning
Link must get to a floating glacier next to section of the wall where he can grab onto the wall without being smashed by Tetraniv's path on the wall. He must climb up the slick walls with his Grab Gloves, while avoiding falling stalactites, crumbling snow cliffs, and Tetraniv itself. Once he is able to get to the top of the wall, he must jump off the wall and grab onto the ceiling to "monkey-bar" climb to a large enough stalactite. He has to then kick the stalactite hard enough to knock it loose and make it fall onto Tetraniv. However, there's a setback, when Tetraniv is walking, it causes some spikes to fall. Link must impale Tetraniv with the stalactite while it is above a large enough spike on a floating glacier in the water. Otherwise, Tetraniv will fall through into the water. If Link is unlucky enough to be in the water while it is inside, Tetraniv will jump out, causing a tidal wave and shake off now-frozen water icicles, both of which will hurt Link by as much as 1 1/2 hearts.
Link must repeat this process around 5 times for the barrier of ice to break and shatter. Each time, Tetraniv becomes increasingly erratic, and starts shaking off ice spikes at random moments. When it does, he should hide behind a large spike, as the spikes will harm him. Tetraniv will start to crack and shake ferociously when its shield has been severely beaten as a warning to gamers to get out of the way.

Unanticipated Trouble
Tetraniv is going on a swimming rampage, sheets and spikes of ice falling off from it. Also, it's banging into the walls and causing tidal waves. To avoid this, Link should be on the walls and ceiling, constantly moving as the stalactites falling off will harm him. Tetraniv might even jump up twice or so to try to impale Link with its spikes on top of its Tetrahedron head. If Link is able to avoid this for a few moments, Tetraniv finally stops moving.

Pipsqueak Battle
Tetraniv's ice protections shatters completely, revealing a small wet blob of red. Being wet, it instantly freezes and forms large spikes on it. In particular, there are 3-5 large handle-like spikes that protrude from its small body. It ferociously starts jumping up and down and skipping from mini glacier to mini glacier, and even swimming for brief periods of time. Link must slash at the blob at least 2x to kill it. Unfortunately, its ice spikes and thin sheet of ices gives it enough protection from Link's swords and items.
To finish the battle, Link must use his Grab Gloves and grab onto one of its handles and swing it around and toss it at the wall. Every time it hits the wall, its ice shatters and it is unprotected. Ignorantly, it jumps onto a glacier and shakes vigorously. This is Link's chance to finish it off.

The General Damage
Tetraniv is a large, ice container. Just touching its icy-cold body will freeze instantly, taking off a quarter of a heart for every second he’s frozen. Having a large, 2-Deku-Toad-sized ice container tackling you hurts. Every time he runs you over, in the water or on the wall, you lose about a heart and a half, depending on how hard he hits, he might take off 2 hearts. When Tetraniv’s ice is falling off, stalactites falling off, spikes being shot, ice, and all other items that come from the sky, its body, and the walls, all cause a heart and a half to 2 hearts damage. When it tries to impale Link while he is on the ceiling, Link will lose about 2 to 3 hearts. Its final form, the pathetic blob, does little to no damage; anywhere from a quarter of heart to a half of a heart.

Tetraniv's blob is finished off and the wind and snow stops blowing and falling. The blob shakes violently and sprits water and ice in different directions. No sound is made but the squish and squash of the water on the cold ice. Link steps back a step and the blob shrinks and then explodes and splatters water and ice all around it. Link covers his face with his arm. The water is calm. Then, a large flat-top glacier and many small flat-top glaciers come from the middle of the arena. After that, a Heart Container falls from the sky in a large stalactite. It shatters and the Heart Container drops in front of the remains of Tetraniv’s blob. Link grabs the Heart Container from Tetraniv's blob's remains and climbs up the icy steps. He enters the temple-transportation mechanism and exits the arena.

---------- Post added at 08:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:58 PM ----------

Hope mine was a good submission!

p.s. Somebody from this thread will win 1st place, right? We don't have to go anywhere else to submit anything?
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Originally Posted by The_Hyrulean_Link View Post
p.s. Somebody from this thread will win 1st place, right? We don't have to go anywhere else to submit anything?
Hey, Hyrulean Link! The winner of the contest will be announced here sometime in December, and that also means that the winner will be someone who submitted a boss idea in this thread. You don't have to go anywhere else to submit anything more.
You should stick around, though-- there's going to be thread updates and other cool stuff popping up until the contest deadline. Meanwhile, you can choose to proofread your entry later and make any changes if necessary.
We'll see you around the forum.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Legend has it that there once was a giant guardian of the Snow Realm that protected the land and its people from all evil. The defender was said to have been responsible for digging out the mountain for the underground city that the anouki live in as shelter from the harsh weather. However, a dark lord of evil corrupted the mind of this grand protector long ago, turning it against the once peaceful people of the land. The exposed anouki are forced out of their city because they have no way of protecting themselves from the beast. They currently live in a small village on the outskirts of the realm living in fear of the great behemoth.
Frostclaw is a giant mole that is about 30 feet long and just as fat. His fur is completely pure white and gives off a blue chill aura. It has strange markings all over its body and what appears to be a leather head guard on its forehead. Its claws are the size of Link, and its knuckles are encrusted with blue crystals. It also has the traditional pink star nose with 5 tentacles that stretch to great lengths. Its squint eyes burn with a fiery red blaze.

*First Appearance*
Link's sacred quest has led him to the top of Snowscream mountain. Link has scaled the inside of the tallest mountain. He has acquired the Spiky Boots which are like iron boots but with spikes on the bottom. He opens the door that leads him into the highest room in the dungeon. The room has an ice floor (that link slides around on), clear crystal walls that showcase the outside mountain top, and a white rock covered ceiling. A single rock falls from the ceiling, drawing links attention to a pink star hanging down. The ceiling cracks and the rest of the giant mole comes crashing down. The nearly blind mole sniffs around the room, sensing another presence. Link steps back and the ice crunches behind him. It grabs the mole's attention and the fight begins.

Charge: It charges blindly towards any sound that Link makes. freezes Link (shake wii remote to break free). 1 and 1/2 heart damage
Icicle Fall: When the mole slams against the wall after a charge attack, the room shakes and icicles fall from the ceiling. Watch shadows on the ground to determine where they fall. 2 heart damage
Tentacle Grab: The tentacles on the star nose stretch out and attempt to grab Link. If succesful, it thrashes link around in the air for a while and throws him against the wall. 5 heart damage
Wrecking Ball: The mole shoots his tentacles to the ceiling and hangs on from the roof. It flails its fat body around like a wrecking ball until it eventually loses momentum. 3 heart damage
Stalagmite Roll: In the final phase, Frostclaw rolls into a ball and charges around the room. Wherever it rolls, ice stalagmites pop out of the ground. If Link comes in contact with the stalagmites, he freezes. 2 heart damage

*How to Defeat*
When Frostclaw is doing its wrecking ball move, use a boomerang to cut its tentacles down from the ceiling. It falls down on its back and starts wriggling around. Equip the Spiky Boots and jump onto one of its flailing arms that flings you onto its stomach dealing great damage. Repeat 4 times (on the fourth phase, Frostclaw performs the Stalagmite Roll) and you have defeated it.

When Link has stomped on Frostclaw the fourth time, the ice digger rolls like a raging beserker around the room. He busts through the crystal wall plummiting to his demise down Snowscream mountain. The spirit of the Skyward Sword flies after it and brings back a heart container and whatever item link was searching for.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

OK, here we go.


Boss name: Glacie


When Link arrives to a small village at the bottom of the snowy mountains, he finds out that a girl has gone missing. Some people say that they last saw her at the entrance to the Caverns of Frost, so Link decides to go there to look for her. Inside the Caverns of Frost is a huge ice maze, and after wandering around in there for a while Link finds the whip. Link later finds the boss room and inside he finds the girl standing by a blue flame. She turns around and says:
"You've come to find me? How cute. But you're too late! No one can stop me now!!". She steps back into the flame and a coat of ice starts to surround her body. She gets ice-skates under her feet and two long blades of ice grows out of her palms.

The boss room:

The boss room is like a big frozen cave with big pillars of ice pointing up through the floor. Next to the walls of the room is a stream of ice cold water, fall in and your lives will drain pretty quickly.

The boss attacks:

As Glacie skates around she will try to slash Link. Now and then she starts shooting icicles at you, but if you just defend with the shield they will shatter. Each time you hit her, her attacks gets more and more powerful.

Before you hit her: Skating around trying to slash Link, sometimes shoots icicles.

Slash: 1 heart.

1 hit: She now moves faster and she shoots icicles more often.

Icicles: ½ heart.

2 hits: Now she's really pissed. She moves to the center of the room and starts spinning, creating a strong wind that will push Link into the ice cold water. Link has to use the whip to hold onto one of the ice pillars in the room.

Ice water: A quarter heart per second.

3 hits: She's almost defeated so she uses her last powers to crush Link. She now uses a dash attack that makes her fly like an arrow through the room, just avoid it and afterward she's really tired and moves slow, this is a good time to use the whip.

Dash attack: 3 hearts.

How to beat the boss:

When Glacie comes skating towards you and tries to slash you, jump to the side and use the whip. The whip binds her legs and she falls, now slash with the sword! Her ice coat cracks a bit and she becomes a little more violent. Repeat this 4 times and the boss is defeated!

Here's my doodle. Also made a cleaner version on the computer.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Mountain Ore-Keeper: Chillord



Plot Background: The first half of the game revolves around finding the ores of water, fire, earth, and air, respectively to forge the Skyward Sword into a greater power and destroy the evils occupying Hyrule.

Item Background: You get the Zora Shell, a surfboard shaped like a seashell, in order to enter the first dungeon. You find the slingshot in this dungeon. The Gorons forge it into the Iron Shell so you can enter the next temple by riding a lava flow. In this temple, you get the whip. To enter Snowpeak, the fourth dungeon and home of the Anouki/yeti, you must find the hook seen on the end of the whip, which allows it to latch onto items in the environment similar to the grappling hook. This is used for swinging across gaps and rappelling up vertical areas.

Temple background: Snowpeak the mountain, not explored in Twilight Princess, is actually a very steep, tall peak. Traversed through large interior “halls”, full of block puzzles, icy caves, and difficult enemies, and precarious exterior ledges, Snowpeak’s point of interest is its peak, above the clouds. The dungeon is a relatively linear vertical climb to the very top of the mountain. The dungeon utilizes the whip and its hook, as well as the main item, bombs. The 30-capacity bag is used for destroying blue-ice blockage and enemies like large blue-ice chilfos. Enemies include ice spheres that roll at you, mini-freezard-like enemies, ice keese, familiar moblins and bokoblins, blue tektites, and the new chilfos: they look bulkier, almost like freezards, and are covered in blue-ice armor that can only be destroyed by hitting it several times with your sword (they are superb fighters like Iron Knuckles, so this is difficult). Alternatively, you can use a bomb later in the dungeon to break it. Once the armor's broken, you must defeat them in a straight fight.

Boss Fight


Upon reaching the peak you encounter a room of difficult chilfos to fight. When defeated, you find a heart container and a door to the outside opens. You walk onto a ledge facing a large ice statue holding a metallic ore. You approach it, but it suddenly breaks the wall of ice it’s embedded in and eats the ore. How classy. It knocks down the ledge it’s sitting on and the slab of ice starts sliding down the mountain. Furthermore, the breaking of the ice wall starts an avalanche behind you. Only one thing to do: pull out your Iron Shell and snowboard after the behemoth!


You’re snowboarding across a very wide snowy slope littered with small snow mounds, which can be used as jumps, and icicles sprouting from the groud. You can navigate the icicles by using you whip to swing around them batmobile-style. This is especially useful for approaching jumps, dodging attacks, and quickly getting into position to attack. Chillord on his ice platform is riding down the slope, facing backwards towards you. He is a large golem-like figure armored with a layer of hard blue ice and icicles sprouting from holes in his back and arms. He has several attacks he will use:

-Bash (1/2 heart): If you get too close, expect to be knocked backward by Chillord’s fists.
-Ripple (1/2): Chillord hits the snow and sends a thin wave of snow at you. Avoid it by side-dodging or jumping it.
-Shockwave (1/2): Similar to Ripple, this 2-handed hit sends a circular wave of snow out, which you must jump.
-Snowball (1): Chillord holds his hand out, open, and gathers snow before throwing an icy ball at you. It will also freeze you, which keeps you moving at the same speed in the same direction until you break out and causing you to smash into icicles or letting the avalanche catch you.
-Ice Breath (1/4 per second): Chillord inhales frigid air, closes his mouth, then emits a stream of icy breath for several seconds. You can swerve away from it or jump it to avoid. Being hit freezes you similar to Snowball, based on how long you were hit by the breath.

-He can also raise a circle of icicles around you. This requires you do a quick spin to destroy them. You can also be hurt ¼ heart by hitting icicles and being caught by the avalanche (falling too far behind). Standing icicles can only be destroyed with a spin attack, or a sword beam in the direction of the crack on the icicle.

You can occasionally restock hearts and bombs when Chillord knocks down icicles or you destroy them. If you’re lucky, you might find rupees or slingshot seeds.

The battle strategy goes as follows: Dodge ground icicles and waves of snow. Chillord has 2 icicles per arm and three on his flat, hunched back right now. When he opens his mouth for Ice Breath, roll a bomb into his mouth, causing the icicles on his back to shatter leaving small holes. You must also roll bombs into his hands to break the icicles on his arms when he readies a Snowball. Once the icicles are broken off, you need to get bombs in the holes left by the icicles. You can do this two ways: rolling a bomb off a jump into one of the openings, or getting close, avoiding Chillord’s swipes, and throwing a bomb in. This second method is more reliable but more dangerous because you are open to his swipes. When a hole is bombed, the ice armor around it shatters. Break all of the armor pieces and the snow arms and torso crumble away-just the head is left, but without all the extra weight it is going much faster. You must latch onto the head with your whip to pull yourself close, and then attack the head with your sword. You'll deal extra damage if you slash parallel to its mouth. Alternatively, you can use the weak, hard to aim slingshot or use bombs (but you’ll want to save those) to avoid the time waste associated with using the whip method. His head will crack once you deal a large amount of damage.

Then, he reforms larger than before, and more dangerous. Now he has 3 icicles/holes per arm and 4 on his back, and he uses his attacks more readily. Roll bombs into his mouth and hands, then bomb all of the holes.

He will reform one last time, with 4 holes per arm and 5 on his back. He also is much more violent and dangerous. You can't stall for any amount of time, his attacks come constantly and he makes them much harder to dodge-he'll spawn whole walls of icicles and send a barrage of shockwaves at you. Bomb his arms and mouth, then destroy his armor, and attack his head until his head cracks apart…

Finale (victory cutscene)

…And the remaining ice platform starts to shatter into tiny slivers of ice. In slow motion, amid flying ice bits and clouds of powdery snow, and while still boarding down the mountainside, Link drives the Skyward Sword into the belly of the beast. Holding his shield to deflect the resulting daggers of ice, he reaches into the plume of snowy spray and pulls out the Ore of Winds. As he recovers his prize, the world returns to normal speed.

The camera swivels around dramatically to reveal the still-coming avalanche. As the churning, tumbling wall of snow accelerates, Link kneels and grabs the front of the shell to speed up. Link reaches the end of the end of the ledge and makes a fantastic leap. In slow motion once again, we see Link flying off of the cliff on his board with steadfast determination, higher than even the tallest pines. The wind slowly ruffles his clothes and hat, buffeting his face and making him squint. Aside from the sound of the whistling wind, only silence. After what seems like an eternity, the camera cuts to a high speed first-person shot of Link being driven back to the ground, accompanied by that all-too-familiar scream. The camera cuts black, then white again. Words fade in, reading “Do you want to save? Yes No”


Link awakens in a serenely firelit Anouki hut. An Anouki woman approaches. “You’re awake? Good. You take bad fall there. We find you just off cliff. You lucky you no hurt so bad, we take care of you. You sleep only three days!”

Link reels back in amazement, then gets up and runs out of the hut. In the fields, the monsters have gotten stronger. It seems Link’s absence caused trouble. But now Link has all four Ores: Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. He is ready to forge a sword fit for a master, the bane of all evil, in order to destroy the evil manifest in Hyrule.

In Closing

Chillord (name coming form Chilfos and “Lord”, as a throwback to Stallord) is a battle that starts with a surprise. You already faced the “boss” in the form of waves of Chilfos, who even give you a heart container. Who’s expecting a harder fight now?

Chillord arrives in a bang and provides a challenging fight. While his attacks don’t destroy rows of hearts at a time, with 7-11 hearts (4 heart containers plus a max 4 from heart pieces at this point), his repeated beatings can wear down any average fighter pretty quickly. His fight is long and you must be on constant vigilance for icicles and Chillord’s various attacks. Expect to need some potions your first time.

Chillord relies on mastery of bomb usage to succeed. He takes almost 50 bombs to kill, given perfect accuracy (which you won't have). You must gather all the refills you can and be dead accurate so as not to waste ammo. However, past items are vital in this fight as well. You need to be adept at navigating with the Iron Shell to even take on this boss, and the whip and slingshot are both viable options for damaging Chillord. You also need to be handy with spin attacks and directional sword beams to avoid icicles.

Chillord is an example of what practical, epic, and fun-to-fight bosses can be imagined using simple WiiMotion+ mechanics such as snapping a whip or bowling a bomb. Bosses were first just the biggest baddies in the game, taking more hits and hurting you more than the typical enemy. The Legend of Zelda series allowed them to become “living puzzles” that require cunning as well as prowess to defeat. A new era of inventive fights and enemies is approaching, where bosses change from simple moving targets with big glowing eyes into true exercises in imaginative solutions. Only in this way can bosses transgress their current image and become those epic, awe-striking experiences and accomplishments so desperately wanted by gamers.

I actually came up with this boss as a fire boss, in a pool of lava with little volcanoes on his back. Link was on a little ledge and had to bowl bombs into the volcanoes. The ice theme made it better, I think.

Boss music:Winterwind by Waterflame at 1:36. I suggested a different song by Waterflame for the soundtrack, but I kept this one for myself =).

WC: 1870 =)

Here are some (badly drawn) pics of first, the boss battle, and second, the area at the top of the mountain before the fight.
Attached Images
File Type: jpg Chillord.jpg (197.2 KB, 24 views)
File Type: jpg Snowpeak.jpg (202.2 KB, 14 views)

Sig and Avy by Mandi

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Skyward Sword Winter Boss

Giant Frozen Elephant Stonhielo

Once in Gerudo Desert lived an elephant which was used for bringing heavy loads around Hyrule.It was abused most of the time and felt horrible, it also wanted revenge on the Gerudo, but one day this elephant dropped the load of weapons and milk and was imprisoned in a cell.The elephant broke out of the cell without trying and ran as far as it could from the Gerudo Tribe.Feeling sad and angry it made up its mind to make other feel what it felt.None know where the elephant is now wreaking havoc 100 years after it happened, some say it had died, some say it is still causing chaos, the thing is nobody knows........Besides Link that is

~The Looks~
Stonhielo is a great gray elephant that has icicles for tusks and some parts are frozen it has a dark blue ruby on its forehead.It also has steel armor around its feel because they are so sensitive due to the heavy loads it carried.It is huge along with big great ears and strength.

~Entering the Area~
Once Link finds Lake Hylia, he sees there is nothing but a big empty frozen lake.Once he walks further he sees what looks like a treasure in between two giant icicles in a snow mound.Links runs there to pull it out, but as soon as he tries to pull it the ground starts to shake and Stonhielo comes out of the ground and blows its trunk loud to start the battle.

In the game Link is supposed to be traveling to Lake Hylia to get whatever he has to collect in the real game.Once he gets there he sees that it is frozen solid with mounds of snow here and there.The ice is walkable so Link wanted to take a look around and there are even monsters that are frozen solid there is also a small bizzard around the area.

~The Battle~
After Stonhielo comes out of the ground it starts charging at Link.Now you have to go infront of the snow mounds and let it charge at you.If it gets you it takes away 3 whole hearts, if it doesn't and you are infront of a snow mound it will get stuck in it.Hurry around the front of the mound and hit the gem on its forehead multiple times.Repeat this 2 more times and then beings phase 2.
In phase 2 Stonhielo is really mad and does twice as much damage.It also is so mad that it is hot, and it will go through any snow mound, but the ice melts behind it!Try and lead it into the water it melted, but beware it quickly freezes back up again.Doing that once will get Stonhielo stuck in the ice leaving behind...........Stonhielo's trunk to kill you, and so starts the final phase!
Phase 3 is fairly simple avoid the trunk and hit the head once to defeat it.

~The Win~
After it has been killed it vanishes into thin air with a thin voice speaking the words Thank......You........Then Link looks into the spot where he killed Stonhielo and it isn't freezing back up again, so Link dives in to see if the treasure he was seeking for is in there.

Charge-3 hearts(Phase 2-6 hearts)
Trunk Sound-Stun for 5 seconds
Trunk Hit(Phase 3)-4 hearts
Slam-4 hearts

I had a fun time making this boss, Stonhielo.I made up the name by translating "Elephant" and "Ice" to Polish and Spanish ston is Polish for elephant and hielo is spanish for ice.The main reason that i didn't put in an item for the boss is Nintendo said they wanted to change it up a bit so I desided to make my boss without a dungeon and an item!So anyways I hope you enjoyed my entry!
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER


Glacier Ruins
Arctic Wolverine

Dungeon and Item Overview

The Glacier Ruins are the remnants of the Temple of Ice, located in the Aurmordril Ice Province, far North-East of Hyrule near Snowpeak. The Temple of Ice was engulfed by a powerful, evil force and the last of the Aure race that inhabited the domain, ancestors of the Zora race, were either killed or had abandoned what was left and now appear to be extinct.

The guardian of the lands, Aurue, was entrapped in the depths of the Temple of Ice and the evil force has consumed her.

The Brazen Axe is the item that Link must recover from the Glacier Ruins in order to gain further access to unexplored areas.

- The Brazen Axe is an ancient weapon that has incredible power and pulses with a strange electric charge -

This item can be thrown short distances to hit enemies or particular buttons/switches in range. It also has the ability to shatter cracked ice barriers/blockages. The shock of impact from the axe can temporarily stun enemies on contact for a period of 4 seconds with a harsh, resonant sound. Electricity can be charged through the axe and a powerful, electric bolt released when used in a jump attack to strike the ground. The electric bolt channels in a straight, continuous line (along the ground, up walls, over obstacles etc.) towards a targeted subject and can temporarily paralyse for a period of 4 seconds.

Item Mechanics

The Brazen Axe, when equipped, can be used via the Wii Remote Plus either by a horizontal swinging action or a vertical striking motion. When the item comes into contact with something in the game, a deep, reverberating sound will echo and vibrate through the Wii Remote Plus. This would give the effect that the player has connected with its target.

To throw the axe, the user must aim the Wii Remote Plus at a target on the screen. A transparent green dot will appear on the screen if the target is in range. A transparent red dot will show if the desired target cannot be reached by throwing the axe. The target can be locked onto by pressing the 'Z' button using the Nunchuck. The axe can only be thrown when the target remains on lock and when the player uses a single wrist flicking motion towards the screen, using the Wii Remote Plus, to release it.

Once the axe has been thrown, Link must retrieve it and it can be equipped once again by pressing the ‘A’ button. If the axe does miss a targeted object which has moved, it will rebound back to Link.

To release an electric bolt from the axe, the player must first lock onto a target in range (same mechanics as stated above). Electricity can be charged through the axe by the player holding the Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuck in unison, outstretched above their head. The Wii Remote will sound with a buzzing noise and vibrate. This would give the effect that the item is pulsing with electricity which is ready to be released. The bolt can be released via a jump attack and vertical striking motion to the ground.

Boss Description

Aurue, is a guardian creature who takes the form of a great white arctic wolverine, a once fierce and strong protector of the Aure race and Aurmordril Ice Province. However, an evil force has consumed her and taken over her body. Aurue's darkened form is a huge, towering beast with skin of black marble and eyes of flame. It features large, veracious teeth and powerful jaws that are able to crush its victims. The beast can breathe bursts of ice to freeze its victims and is able to climb its surroundings in order to pounce on its prey. It still wears the coral red, jewelled emblem of the Aure race on its forehead.

Legend has it the beast will fight to defend what is left of its territory in order to stop a hero from the skies possessing the treasure stored there. It cannot be killed.

Boss Encounter

Link enters a small room and comes across a large ice barrier. With the Brazen Axe in hand he swings at the barrier until the ice shatters revealing the boss door. After unlocking the boss door he follows a long, winding hallway that leads to a great ice cavern. The cavern is dimly lit and held up by six ice pillars. Link walks forwards and a door behind him slams shut. He glances behind him, bewildered, but carries on further into the arena. A dark dormant figure comes into focus and as Link approaches, it stirs and wakes, the jewelled emblem on its forehead glowing a fiery white. The beast rises, snarling and eyes aflame; locked onto Link. It lets out a piercing shriek that shakes the cavern.

The Battle

Phase One Aurue will climb one of the ice pillars and jump from pillar to pillar around the arena. Link runs after it but he eventually loses stamina and cannot keep up. Aurue continues to circle Link, then stops and prepares to pounce. If the pounce attack is successful it will knock Link to the ground and cause significant damage. If the attack misses, Aurue will pound the ground instead causing icicles from above to fall, which Link will have to run and dodge. Some of these icicles will reveal hearts when they break.

Aurue will again climb the pillars, this time, letting out short bursts of icy breath as it jumps. It is vital that Link runs and dodges these bursts. If he is hit, he will be temporarily frozen, and this leaves him vulnerable to Aurue’s jaw crush attack. However, Aurue will attempt to jaw crush Link even if the ice burst attack is not successful, so Link must be wary and keep moving.

Phase Two Link realises the only time Aurue stops is when it prepares itself to pounce. This leaves Link a three-second window frame to use the dungeon item, the Brazen Axe, and aim it at the only obvious target, its emblem. Link targets the emblem and releases an electric bolt from the axe, but to no affect. The electricity bounces off of the jewels set in the emblem.

Again, Link targets Aurue's emblem and instead throws the axe. A successful hit stuns Aurue and it falls to the ground exposing its front. Link notices that Aurue has a crack running through its marble-like skin, across its stomach. He quickly retrieves the axe from its forehead and swings at the belly until Aurue lets out a shrill yelp and recovers its stance. The axe appears to have damaged the emblem.

Phase Three The pace quickens. Aurue dodges the Brazen Axe throw attempts. Link targets Aurue's emblem and this time, releases an electric bolt from the axe. Aurue is paralysed and falls to the ground. The process is repeated a second time.

Phase Four Aurue becomes aggravated. It releases a thick, white musk that hangs in the arena and clouds Links vision. Link is unable to see where the beast is lurking and is blind to its attacks.

Phase Five Link aimlessly swings the axe and to his surprise some of the musk clears. He runs around the arena trying to clear as much of the musk as possible, but Aurue releases more. The Brazen Axe is too heavy to carry out a spin attack, so Link reverts back to his Skyward Sword. He holds the sword high above his head, towards the sky and charges a sword beam, vertical spin attack. The musk clears much quicker and Link manages to target Aurue’s emblem with the axe just before it attempts to release again. Aurue falls to the ground. Link retrieves the axe and swings at the belly several more times. He finishes the beast off with a devastating jump attack ending blow.


Aurue clutches at its stomach and lets out a final pained cry. It falls to its knees and slumps to the ground in a heap. The beast doesn’t move. A dull light starts to pierce through the crack in its stomach and as Link moves in for a closer look, the light grows brighter and floods the entire cavern. Link shields his eyes. As the light dims he can just make out the glowing white, luminous figure of the beast standing before him. Link reaches for his sword. The creature speaks;

‘’O Chosen hero of the goddesses, I am Aurue; guardian of the Aurmordril Ice Province. Thank you for restoring me to my true self . .'' Her call is deep, rich and warm like the sun on freshly-cut hay.

''Darkness had engulfed these lands and my spirit was consumed by an evil force. Please take this as an offering of my remorse for the damage that I have caused.’’

With that a heart container descents into Link’s hands.

‘’Leave these lands and go South to the deserts. The Sword you wield will show you the way to the treasure you seek. .’’

A door opens in the distance, behind the magnificent creature and Link walks in to claim his prize. He picks up the mystical item from the pedestal and triumphantly holds it above his head. Link's surroundings start to fade around him as he is transported outside of the Glacier Ruins.

Link leaving the Glacier Ruins on Epona, Brazen Axe in hand.

Idea for Glacier Ruins Soundtrack
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Name: Ancient Mistress of Winter- Hailia

Encountered In: Death Mountain Catacombs

Dungeon Premise: The Gorons can’t get to their city due to Hailia freezing the mountain and blocking the city’s entrance with ice. The Gorons ask Link to enter the Death Mountain Catacombs through a secret cave and defeat Hailia. The Dungeon itself is filled with ice. There are several rooms which are protected from Hailia’s magic, leaving them lava-filled. Link must contend with both ice- and lava/fire-based enemies and frozen treasure chests.

Items Needed:

The Beetle


Mirror Shield (Absorbs magic and redirects it back at the caster. Has the added ability to fire back magic with the opposite polarity than was absorbed. Ex: Dark energy taken in, Light energy reflected)

Intro: The boss room looks like a plaza of some sort, with a statue resembling a female warrior holding a sword in the center. Whenever you move in front of it, its eyes follow you in an effect much like the Mona Lisa.

“What a beautiful statue!” Link’s partner commentates. “It must’ve been carved by a master ice sculptor.”

Upon moving closer, the room begins to shake, causing ice sickles to fall to the ground. Link draws his sword.
The statue’s eyes glow a pale blue, and color begins to seep into the warrior. Its armor is revealed to be a deep blue, her skin to be a translucent white. The sword’s hilt is the same pale blue as her eyes, and the blade stays looking like ice. Suddenly, the statue begins to move. The statue’s joints crack one by one; the warrior’s body comes to life while Link watches in anticipation.
It stops abruptly. Link looks at the statue with an odd look.
With a swish, the warrior jumps into the air. Link dodges as her sword impales itself in the ground. An echoing laugh fills the arena, and what little warmth was there to begin with is gone.
Hailia cackles wickedly. She then pulls her sword out of the ground and the battle begins.


Phase 1 (Partner Comment: “Watch her movements carefully! She seems to lose balance while swinging her sword…”)

Hailia’s first attacks are simple; she will either shake the chamber and cause ice to fall from the ceiling (Half a heart’s damage), or run at Link and attempt to slice him with her sword (Full Heart’s Damage). To damage her, you must dodge Hailia’s sword by rolling under it and slash her with her sword. She will then fall to the ground for a moment. Link should use this time to hit her with his sword. After a few seconds of slashing, Hailia will jump up (Making Link take a fourth-heart’s worth of damage if he doesn’t get out of the way fast enough.). Hailia will then unleash a wave of freezing energy in Link’s direction. Link must then raise his shield to block it. The blast will be reflected, but Hailia’s armor will protect her.
She will return to her original attacks now, occasionally using the freezing energy blast. The difference in her sword-swing attack is that she will now jump in the opposite direction that Link rolls to evade her sword. Link must find another way to defeat Hailia now that she does this.
When she makes the room shake, a gap in her armor appears between her right shoulder and torso. Link must fly the beetle equipped with a bomb into this gap. When the bomb detonates, Hailia will shriek and swing her sword around towards Link. He must roll under it again and slash Hailia. When she jumps up again, the armor protecting her shoulder will shatter. She uses the energy blast again, and this time the reflected heat energy touches the icy material that makes up Hailia’s skin. Her arm will splash to the ground, melting and leaving the blue armor behind. Hailia will shriek in frustration.

Phase 2 (Partner Comment: “Her wings sound hallow! What do you have that can fly?”)

A cut-scene will occur in which Hailia raises her remaining arm. Dropping her sword with a clank, the icy woman will suddenly glow brilliantly. The figure that Link can see will change form, sprouting wings and growing into a massive creature. When the light dissipates, a bat-like monster with blue wings and glassy black eyes. The scene will conclude with the bird cawing loudly.

Hailia will fly around the room, spitting lumps of ice at Link and trying to drag him into the air with her talons. To beat her, Link must take out the Beetle and fly a bomb up behind the beast. Like her armor, Hailia’s wings have an empty space near where they connect to her body. Luckily, these areas are behind her. Success in getting a bomb into one of her wings makes it shatter like ice, leaving a short, jagged limb in its place. Screaming in pain, Hailia will drop to the ground and try to peck Link to death. Hitting her beak with the sword leaves her stunned for a moment; the easiest way to beat her now is to quickly run behind her and roll a bomb into remaining wing. Alternatively, one could wait until she takes flight again and attempt the Beetle-Bomb method.

Death: Hailia will screech and fall to the ground. Despite her broken wings, she will attempt to leave the ground; failing, Hailia will slump to the ground. She will return to the ice sculpture-like form she was in before the battle, and shatter.

Battle Music: If you listen closely, you can tell that the battle theme for Hailia is a remix of the Bolero of Fire and Goron Lullabye.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

I have an excellent idea; I'm going to post it once I finish drawing the boss (I know pictures are optional I just want to draw it).
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

I'm so glad to see all these entries already in and hope to see some more!

I can't wait to start judging, I love this contest and hope everyone has fun with their concepts! If you're thinking about entering, I would encourage you to do so.

I cannot comment on entries before the contest is over, but if you're interested in feedback so you can strengthen your entry or make an even better entry for the next contest, I would be more than happy to give you my thoughts after the contest. Just thought I'd put that out there.

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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER


BEGINNING: Link enters an anooki town on snowhead looking for the ring of ice. When he asks the elder about it, the elder states that legend says it is in snowhead glacier. You must scale the mountain until you get to the foot of the glacier. On the glacier, there is a cracked wall. Bomb it and enter the cave that was now revealed to enter the dungeon.

Dungeon: Shrine of forever winter. A Japanese shrine that is in a glacier. First you must hit 4 switches in the garden so you can unlock the main door. Then you navigate the maze-like chambers until you reach the throne room in the middle. There you encounter the miniboss,the samurai of frostbite. After beating him you get spiked boots! They let you scale certain walls(dirt,ice,ect.). You should leave the maze and climb the outside of the glacier. On the top of the glacier is a little hut.

Encounter: When you enter the hut you see that the ceiling is actually about 50 ft. tall. Link looks around and a 30ft. tall old man bounds out of the shadows. The battle begins.

Phase 1 description. He is a towering old man that looks like he hasn't eaten for weeks. He has blood red eyes and a long cane. His beard is long and pointy and he has blue skin. He is made of thick ice.

Phase 2 description. He is like a huge polar bear with 8 legs and 1 eye. He is made out of ice.

PHASE I: First you must use the fire arrows and hit a thin rope holding a block of ice being used as a decoration. It will fall on his head and he will drop his cane and knell. You must jump on his cane then off onto his knee. Scale his knee with your spiked boots and then jump on his ribs. Climb them like a ladder and leap onto his beard. Swing the wii remote back and forth until link swings his beard on top of his the mentor's. Now you jump off onto his head and leap off that to a ledge with a unlit torch. Light it with your lantern then he will growl at you. Hookshot his tongue then melt a pipe that is frozen over. You have ten seconds to melt it or link will freeze. He will knock you down and you fill have to do the cycle 2 more times.

PHASE II:He will growl and turn into an ice beast and a door will open leading to a downhill mountain. You use your shield like a snow board to weave through the obstacles and dodge his attacks until you get to a cliff.

Aftermath:Link jumps off the cliff on his shield over death mountain. He turns around and fires arrows into the beast's eye. The beast falls in slow-motion into the crater of death mountain and melts. Link lands at goron city and is holding a crystal of ice that contains the ring.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

I wanted to enter last year, but was unable to due to personal reasons. I was really excited to see that it was starting up again! =D

All images were done by my bestest friend who was kind enough to help me :>

Spoiler: General Geckold  



Having completed two dungeons already, Link finds himself being drawn towards the frozen mountains of Northern Hyrule. At the base of one of the largest mountains, Link comes across the village of several Anouki. These Anouki all treat Link strangely; stuttering, asking Link to leave immediately. The shopkeeper will refuse to sell Link anything, the Mayor will shoo him out of his office…
“That’s strange; the Anouki are normally a very welcoming and helpful people. Something must be wrong… I wish we could do something to help them but we really must press on. Nowhere to go but up!”

Leaving the village and beginning the ascent, Link will find his movements slowed by the deep snow and find his life meter depleting at an alarming rate.
“You won’t last long in this snow and wind… I suppose we have no choice but to try to get the Anouki to help us”


Upon returning to the village, Link will find most of the Anouki acting in the same manner as before. Going into the shop, however, will yield different results. “Hey, Guy. Welcome to the Anouki General Store, home of Anouki general merchandise. No offense, but that fur ya got there is pretty puny. And don’t take this the wrong way, but it’s lookin’ kinda green too. Maybe I can interest you in this imitation Anouki coat. It’s a steal at 450 Rup-…” The storekeeper will suddenly put his palm over his mouth, “oh yeah. I forgot that that General Geckold Guy told me to keep outsiders like you out…” Again he will place his palm over his mouth. A large smash is heard from behind the counter followed by a high pitched squeal; Link notices a door behind the counter and begins walking towards it. The shopkeeper will block Link and whisper something to him, “okay, Guy. About an hour before you arrived this General Geckold fella and a few of his cronies came. We never got along with the Geckolds; they’ve been stealin’ from me for years. Personally I think they’re just jealous of my fur.” He will look behind him at the door as another crash is heard. “I tried stopping him the first few times, but he’s just too strong for me, Guy. Think you could maybe teach him a lesson?” If Link agrees, the shopkeeper will give a little hop of joy and move aside. “I’ll stay here and, uh… keep lookout. Yeah, that’s it, Guy. Let me know if you need any help so I can igno- er, I mean help you. Good luck, Guy.”


The store’s backroom is very dark aside from a few lamps burning here and there. Several barrels and crates line the walls; dead fish can be seen hanging from parts of the ceiling. At the far end of the room several Geckolds can be seen rifling through the contents of various chests. Amongst them is the largest Geckold of them all, General Geckold. Spotting Link, the General will order his cronies to cease. The general will then give Link the option to turn around and walk away. If Link refuses, the General will laugh and order his cronies to the sidelines.

First Phase

General Geckold begins the battle standing at the far end of the storeroom, pulling out his swords and situating himself into a defensive stance. His icy armor will ensure that no damage can be done to him at this stage of the battle; Link’s job is to first remove it. General Geckold has three attacks during this phase:

Sword Strike: General Geckold will only use this attack at close range. He strikes swiftly and powerfully with both of his swords at once, either vertically, horizontally or with a thrust. The angle of his strikes can be predicted by paying close attention to his pupils. Sword Strikes are always preceded by a sound.

Wintry Breath: General Geckold will use this attack at both close and long range. The General will let loose an icy breath, both freezing Link in place and damaging him. The player must shake the wii remote and nunchuck in order to free Link before General Geckold has a chance to move in to attack with his swords. This attack is signaled by General Geckold taking a deep breath, puffing up slightly. The attack lasts about five seconds.

Tongue Grab: General Geckold will only use this attack at long range. His tongue flies at Link with incredible strength and speed. If the attack connects, Link will be dragged towards the General to be directly attacked at close range. This attack is signaled by General Geckold swallowing, nodding his head slightly.

Technique: The point of this phase is to remove the General’s icy armor. In order to do so, Link must stay out of range of General Geckold’s sword strikes and wait for the tongue grab by a wall. Avoiding the wintry breath can be achieved by sidestepping, giving the deluge of cold air a wide berth. Once General Geckold is about to use the tongue grab, Link must quickly sidestep; readying his bow as he does so. When the tongue hits the wall, Link must then fire an arrow, pinning the General’s tongue to the wall. The Geckolds in the room will boo as their leader shrieks in pain while jerking his head around trying to free his tongue. Unable to do so, he will begin walking backwards in an attempt to pull his tongue from the wall. When the General is unable to walk back any farther (having reached the tongue’s maximum elasticity) Link must administer a vertical strike to the center of the tongue, cleaving it in two. The General will fall backwards hard due to the object he was pulling on being suddenly freed (at least half of it); a cracking noise can be heard and shards of ice will fly from his armor. General Geckold will get up and continue his attack with increased fury.

The above must be completed twice more to shatter General Geckold’s Ice Armor completely. Each time, the General’s tongue attack will both increase in speed and decrease in range; this forces Link to move faster in order to avoid the tongue.

Partner’s Hints: “There’s no way your weapons can break through that armor, Link. We’ll have to trick him into breaking it off!” “That tongue is scary! It’s too thick to cut, though. Can you think of a way to make it thinner?”

Second Phase

Having lost his armor, General Geckold can now be damaged by Link’s sword. He no longer has use of his tongue, but the General can still use his wintry breath and sword strikes. He will also actively pursue Link. Maybe those cronies of his will have a part to play as well…

Spoiler: General Geckold  

Technique: During this final part of the battle, General Geckold will do his best to keep Link in range of his sword strikes, using his wintry breath on occasion (Link must use the same method described above to avoid the wintry breath). Even though General Geckold’s armor is removed, Link will still find it difficult to land an attack due to General Geckold's impeccable blocking ability. In order to do so, Link must employ counter attacks of the correct angle at the correct time. The trick is thus:
General Geckold’s sword attacks can be predicted by paying close attention to his pupils; a vertical slit means that the General will next use a vertical attack; a horizontal slit means that the General will next use a horizontal attack; and a single diamond means that the general will next use a thrust. In order to counter attack, Link must perform a sword strike opposite of General Geckold’s at the same time as General Geckold's. Using the sound preceding each of General Geckold's attacks is key to getting the timing just right. (Thrusts cannot be countered, Link must always avoid them). This will cause the General to lose his balance and allow Link to get in a free hit.
Spoiler: Visual Countering Guide  

After damaging General Geckold a total of five times, he will call for backup; several of his cronies will begin firing arrows at Link. Link can pick them off with arrows, however, that is made very difficult due to General Geckold's speed. After an additional five hits, the Anouki shopkeeper will come storming into the storeroom, incapacitating the Geckold cronies firing on Link and begin cheering for the hero. Infuriated, General Geckold’s attacks come out faster and in quicker succession than before. A final five hits will bring the General down for the count.

Partner’s Hints: “Who knew a creature could move so fast? If only there was some way for us to predict his attacks… keep your eyes open, Link!”


General Geckold and his bits of tongue, still pinned to the walls, will disappear in a puff of blue and red smoke. The rest of the Geckolds will drop their weapons and flee the storeroom, not to be seen again until much later in the game. They will no longer steal from the Anouki. “Wel,l I sure showed them, didn’t I, guy? One look at these antlers had them heading for the hills! I guess you helped a little bit too, distracting that big oaf while I took care of the lit- er, scarier ones. I guess I owe you something for that.” The shopkeeper will then circle around Link taking in his appearance. “Okay, guy. I’ve decided that it would be a disservice to let you leave here with that puny green fur of yours, I’ll even whip up a pair of antlers for ya, no extra charge.” The shopkeeper will then run back into the main part of the store, the sound of banging, ripping, snipping, sanding and the “Zelda Secret Sound” can be heard. The shopkeeper will come running back with a big wrapped package, and set it in front of Link. “Well go ahead and open it, guy! I made a few alterations, but it should be a good fit.” Link then opens the package, claiming his prize:
Spoiler: ?????  

The Anouki Coat! Link will automatically put it on, much to the satisfaction of the shopkeeper. “It suits you, guy. I’ll give ya that. I should probably get back to minding the store. Be sure to stop by if ya need anything, the folks around here should be a bit more welcoming now that you’ve solved our reptile problem for us. See ya around!” The shop keeper will then waddle back to the main part of the store to stay.
“Well, we got to help the out the village and find a way up the mountain all at once. It’s nice when things work out like this, isn’t it, Link? Better get going again!”

Leaving the shop, Link now has the option to mingle with the villagers if he so chooses or he can use his newly acquired Anouki Coat to venture towards his next challenge.

Thank you for reading! I really enjoyed the entire process and am already looking forward to the next contest.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Frozen Monolith – Borealis

~The Dungeon~
There was once a race of highly advanced Hylians who resided within the extensive Alagara Forest. They were revered for their technological ingenuity and impressive culture and society which spanned over a few small, but densely populated towns deep within the idyllic forest. The sylvanic civilization's secret was a mysterious source of naturally-occurring magic deep in the centre of Alagara, which was harnessed to create all manner of wondrous technologies. All that remains of that civilization now are crumbling ruins and a few forgotten technological artifacts. Over a hundred years have passed since the last living member of that tribe was ever seen, and the forest itself emits a bitterly cold wind that deters any would-be explorers from finding out the truth of the mysterious extinction. Many have tried in the past, but none ever returned. Now it's Link's turn. His adventures have led him to the outskirts of the enigmatic forest, and all signs indicate that the item he has been searching for is somewhere inside.

(This "item" Link is searching for is SS's equivalent of Medallions, Pendants, Mirror Shards, etc)

The dungeon itself is the forest, consisting of alternating forest and ruin areas. This is sticking with the developers' intention to make a more seamless integration between dungeon and overworld, with the classic Hyrule field locale gradually giving way to dense undergrowth and ruined buildings. The dungeon is structured in a way that Link must enter one of the abandoned towns (Think of them as different "floors" within the classic Zelda dungeon formula) and solve puzzles and fight some ancient technology to get a key that will allow him to progress to the next town and progress through the forest. Between towns, he crosses open wooded areas inhabited by dangerous beasts. As he gets further and further into the dungeon, the cold wind becomes a gale of freezing snow and the soft, lush forest floor and sandy stone walls give way to deep snowfall and slippery ice. This spurs him on to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is causing Alagara's affliction.

He learns more about the disappearance of the advanced Hylians by way of official scrolls documenting their history. Scattered extracts speak of a great man of the east who came to them with great knowledge of the mysterious magic of the forest which powered their civilization. They enthusiastically allowed him to engineer the focal point of the magical energy into something more manageable and exploitable. He began to construct what could only be described as a mountain deep within the forest. The last scroll Link finds describes how the people grew wary of the structure that was growing in height every day. It ends ominously, with the author expressing the intent to confront the man with the ruling council behind him...

~Boss Encounter~
Link finally enters a clearing in the forest, after having braved the monsters and trials of Alagara forest. He comes equipped with the Blazing Tunic, an advanced item of technology that was developed as a defensive mechanism to one of the ancients' own weapons. It covers his entire body from head to toe, and when activated ignites a hellfire of flame that covers his entire body, protecting him from even the lowest temperatures. It can also be used to hurl globules of flame and direct beams of high-intensity plasma at ememies (But watch where you swing that Wiimotion plus!). This protects him from the now frighteningly cold wind that is emanating from a huge mountain that he can finally see now that he is out of under the canopy.

The player is prompted to activate the flying ability Link normally uses to return to Skyloft. As Link slowly ascends through the cold wind, the camera zooms further and further out until the player is granted a view of the entire mountain against the backdrop of the tainted Alagara forest. Seeing the wide expanse of frozen death and destruction reignites the sense of urgency in the player to not only claim his prize from the beast, but also to save Alagara on the way.

He abruptly lands atop the mountain, on the crest of a crater carved into the pinnacle. He can't see down into it; there's a thick layer of fog obscuring his view. As he climbs down into the protected area, the whistling wind begins to die away. Link is surprised to land on a hard, smooth floor. He still can't see very well, but there seems to be a large object off in the distance, in the center of the crater. As he cautiously walks towards it, his boots make timid tapping sounds that are subdued by the fog all around him. He arrives at what appears to be a large hill poking out of the ice with a figure feeding dark magic into it. He turns around and reveals himself.

Link draws his sword as if to fight him but he knows he's not yet strong enough to face his greatest adversary. Ganondorf gives a derisive laugh and explains how the ancient Hylians too had tried to slay him when they realized his plans. A brief cutscene illustrates how, when the ruling council of the ancient Hylian race confronted him while he was performing his dark arts on the growing moutain, he slew every last one of them as they attempted to take end his infernal machinations, but not before they managed to activate their secret weapon: A powerful blizzard that froze over the entire mountain. Despairingly, even their most powerful technology could not slow the growth, and worse: The blizzard combined with the forest's natural power and spread for miles around. Ganondorf laughs again at how the men of the ancients doomed their own families to a frozen death; It saved him the effort.

In anger, Link charges towards the evil man, but is easily brushed aside. The "great man from the east" fires a wave of dark energy at the hill and then flees into the fog. Link rises to his feet and stumbles around for a moment in confusion. Then he hears a deep thud below his feet. And another. He notices jagged cracks emanating from the hill. He steps back in shock to see the hill begin to move. Link stands in awe and fear as what he thought was a mound of ice begin to unfurl and stand upright into a gigantic trunk that disappeared into the clouds above. The wind begins to pick up again and the fog dissipates, allowing him to see Borealis in all his majesty. Link is startled by a dark bat, composed of a formless dark energy, fly by him and up towards top of Borealis. He figures it must be one of Ganondorf's spells. It begins to shriek at the blind beast, and directs it towards the intruder. Link prepares for battle.

Borealis is located in a crater atop a huge tapered cylinder of earth over a mile high and two in diameter at the base. Creatures like it can be found further north, near arctic regions. Normally, however, they are much smaller than the monstrous size Borealis has grown to. Its main torso is an amorphous ugly mess spread out underneath a frozen lake on the bottom of the crater, over 200m wide. A gigantic prehensile trunk rises up from this mass and through the layer of ice. This trunk is used by Borealis' kind to uproot entire trees from forests below and drop them into the lake to be digested and absorbed into the creatures. However, this is no longer possible in Borealis' case, as it has grown too disproportionately large for its feeding trunk to reach outside the feeding crater. The mountain it is atop is normally formed by a decade or so of growth. However, Ganondorf's dark magic and power of Alagara forest has caused Borealis to grow continuously for over a century, resulting in a height ten times normal.

The main torso of Borealis contains many large digestion and gestation chambers, where it breeds foul flying beasts that carry the seeds of its progeny far across the land. Despite the fact that these "pollination" creatures cannot escape the thick crust of ice that covers the lake, they are still being spawned deep within the belly of the beast. Worse, Ganondorf's dark magic has had unusual effects on them: They are much more aggressive than normal and even have the ability to spit dark energy at Link. A massive heart the size of many men strains to supply the beasts vital organs with blood, the most important of which is the gigantic trunk spread out on the frozen lake. Scaly and imposing, it stands at over 175m, or the height of over a hundred men!

~Boss Fight~

Step 1: The battle begins as Ganondorf's bat directs the blind Borealis towards Link. It bends down towards him and fires a jet of freezing water at him. This jet turns to shards of ice mid-flight which can cause half a heart of damage each if not hastily vaporised by Link's Blazing Tunic plasma beam. Link realizes he'll have to kill that bat if he wants Borealis to stop attacking. It requires him to shoot the bat with four arrows: no mean feat as Borealis is continuing to harass him without a moment's break. The attacks that Borealis cycles through are, in order of frequency: Freezing water jet attack; picking Link up and chewing him for three hearts' damage before spitting him out, which can be avoided by holding your ground and firing an arrow at it just when it reaches towards you; swinging around the lake just above the surface, which can be avoided by pressing A at just the right time, otherwise dealing three hearts damage; retracting underneath the ice and resurfacing where Link last was (four hearts damage), which can be avoided by watching for a large shadow underneath the ice; and finally, slamming down onto the ice beside Link, resulting in a seesaw effect propelling Link into the sky and then back down onto the crater on the opposite side, dealing five hearts of damage. This last attack cannot be avoided unless you kill the bat in a reasonable amount of time. Once you do, Borealis will randomly slam down on the ice in confusion, but not close to you. This cuts a large hole in the ice, presenting an opportunity for Link.

Step 2: Link is prompted to dive through the hole in the ice and find out whatever it is that lies beneath. He has to be quick though; already the intense cold is sealing the hole up with more ice. Link has to slow this process by firing a jet of fire at the hole as he runs towards it. He dives through and the biting cold begins to eat away at his health. The ice above is sealed off and the only way is down. The heat of his Blazing Tunic is boiling the water around him and propelling him downwards. As he nears the glowing monster beneath, the rumbling grows louder and louder and the water warmer and warmer. He reaches it just before his air runs out and is sucked inside through a nutrition inlet. He pushes his way through the monster’s strangely structured body until he reaches a gestation chamber. Here he must defeat several strange avian creatures which are very aggressive and employ dark magic attacks. Defeating them may grant him a few hearts and arrows, and allows him to progress through to the next chamber where he can attack Borealis’s heart directly. After a few sword slashes, the monster groans and squeezes Link out of the main torso, through the trunk and back out into the crater area.

When back out, the dark bat rematerializes into two and both must be slain to bring him back to step two and deal more damage to the heart. This time it's harder because Borealis is faster. After repeating steps one and two again...

Step 3: Borealis begins thrashing around in pain and crashes against the wall of the crater, breaking open a hole for the water to flow through. The ground shatters into smaller floating islands of ice which begin to spill out with the water. Link is urged not to let himself fall out of the crater with the rest of the water, as the fall will surely kill him. It becomes a race against the speed of the flow, as Link must jump from each floating ice island to the next to stay inside the crater. To add to the difficulty, now there are dozens of bats fleeing the dying Borealis and all of them try to stop Link from fleeing the torrent with physical attacks. He must shoot them as well if he wants to stay alive, but don't stay aiming too long!

Step 4: But Borealis is not dead yet. To finish off the beast, Link must run across the drained crater and stab the creature in the heart a final time. On the way, several monsters that were trapped in the ice begin to thaw and attack Link. This final ordeal isn’t helped by the fact that the dying trunk is still desperately trying to slam down upon him, throwing up an obstacle that forces him to survive against an onslaught of vicious creatures for a short while. Finally, he reaches the ugly mess of exposed flesh and thrusts his sword into its heart, ending Borealis once and for all. It lets out a final deep groan as jets of evil magic stream out of the abomination and into the sky, before it finally melts away into the sodden ground beneath, no longer able to even maintain structural integrity after Ganondorf's dark powers have escaped.

Link collects his prize and heart container from the crater floor and is warped back to the outside of the crater. It is now a much more direct route out of the forest as the torrent of water cut a path and all the ice is slowly beginning to melt away after years of cold. As he walks, Link can already see the changes taking effect: Buds are opening, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining again through the canopy. Even the feral monsters that he once had to fight are calm again and are returning to their nests without attacking him. Link now gazes upon the ancients' great structures not with a forlorn sense of loss, but with a hope that the next race that inhabits Alagara will not make the same mistakes twice. He leaves the forest behind as the mountain begins to crumble in the distance and finally collapses under its own weight.


Thanks for reading kk? Just a few sidenotes: I know its dubious as to whether Ganondorf will appear in SS or not, but I used him anyway in lieu of the "The Villain of Skyward Sword" moniker. And uh... Yeah actually just sidenote (sing.) come to think of it.

So long now!

Hastina Fleegin, Kleegin Kleegin Lish
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

Dark Link

THE ANCIENT ZORA SHRINE is a sacred place beyond the eastern borders of the land of Hyrule. Deep within it, the Pearl of Truth is said to be hidden - a sacred artifact that was given to the Zora Tribes from the King of Hyrule centuries before as a symbol of peace and trust, ending years of war and fighting between those two races. As a shadow is drawing nearer to Hyrule day by day, accompanied by a mysterious winter that already surrounds the kingdom with snow and ice, the people of Skyloft have sent a young messenger down to Hyrule in order to support the Royal Family and investigate the events threatening the peaceful land.
Now it is up to Link, the young man who travelled to Hyrule, to set out on behalf of the Princess herself and gain the trust of the Zora Tribes that are driven more and more away from their land because of the sudden winter. Honourable and stubborn, even facing what could eventually lead to their very extinction, the Zora leaders would only listen to a man carrying a symbol of authority and trustworthiness...

What was once a domain of flowing water, colourful plants and streams of live is now covered in ice and snow. Link travels deeper and deeper down into the Shrine in order to find the Pearl. Having been to few other dungeons before, Link brings not much more with him than his sword, his bombs and his new whip, which he eventually uses to pull down icicles in several places; in others, he would roll and throw bombs in order to blast frozen doors open. As various enemies cross his way, Link would use the whip to catch thrown ice-spears in mid-air and hurl them back at his opponents.

THE ENCOUNTER with his darker self would not happen until Link enters the last room. The room looks like a cave, the walls are thick with ice and even down here, the floor is covered in snow. In the middle of the room there's a pedestal - on it, the Pearl of Truth can be seen. Link steps forward, but as he reaches out and touches the Pearl, it would suddenly start to shine and float away from Link. Link remembers that one of the Zora Priests told him that in this dungeon a test of his character would await him; this seems to be it.
A snowstorm emerges from the glowing Pearl and rushes over Link. When he turns around, the snow particles form a familiar shape - and become a literal snowman representing Link. The snowy Link looks at his body and hands and then directly into Link's eyes. He laughs in a familiar, yet very deep voice as his eyes start to glow red and his body turns black - a deep, metallic-looking black, shining and blinking with the snow particles the body is made of. Dark Link draws his shadowy blade and attacks.

THE FIRST STEP of the battle is self-explanatory. Dark Link attacks you with his own sword and would force you to block efficiently in order to prevent being hit. Block three times in a row successfully and Dark Link takes a slower, more force-full swing at you. This is the chance to knock his blade away with your own sword, though you must hit it in the right way: if his strike is vertical, you need to knock it away horizontally, and vice-versa. Doing so will throw off his balance and Dark Link will tumble for a brief moment. Now you can hit him with up to four hits or even a spin attack. If you attack Dark Link without this strategy, he will block or mimic your strikes.
For those out there who try everything out: the whip and the bombs will not harm Dark Link. Using the whip at him will simply make him jump away; make him dodge it three times in a row and the whip will catch his blade, whereupon he will pull you to him and hit you. Make a bomb explode next to him and he will burst into a cloud of snow flakes, rush over you and reform right behind you to score another hit. If you try a spin attack without him being off-guard, he will simply backflip and probably perform a jump attack in response.
After you hit Dark Link ten times, a cutscene will play as you trigger

THE SECOND STEP. Dark Link walks back a few steps. The room shakes as a circle of ice crystals emerges from the ground. The crystals are bright blue and half-transparent, their surfaces flat. They surround the two of you in a wide circle, resembling man-high mirrors. You can see Link's reflection in each of them; then Dark Link puts away his sword and steps back into one of the icy mirrors, laughing, and merges with your reflection. You take control over Link again as all the reflections start to run around you in the same direction from mirror to mirror. You look all around the room; eventually, one of the reflections starts to become dimmer than the rest, barely recognizable as Dark Link. Then all of the reflections suddenly stop and face Link in their middle, except for the dark one; that one will face you and dash right at you, breaking out of the ice after a second and knocking you off with his bare hands before merging with the mirror on the opposite side again. Then, the running starts all over again.
Obviously, the only chance to hit Dark Link is when he is not inside the mirrors. If you strike at him with your sword or the whip, he will dodge into the next mirror and instantly jump out of another one behind you, knocking you off again. Getting a bomb to explode when he is outside could actually harm him too, but the timing is very tricky. The main strategy would be to wait until the reflections stop, turn at Dark Link (whom you should have identified by then) and dash at him, too. The two Links will clash and clutch each others hands, struggling to throw one another to the ground. Shake Wiimote and Nunchuk fast enough to win this fight and send Dark Link down. He will be vulnerable for a brief moment, giving you the chance to hit him once with your sword before he flees into the mirrors again.
Repeat this four times in order to trigger

THE LAST STEP. Back into the icy mirrors, Dark Link draws his sword and merges with your reflection again. All of the other reflections draw their swords, too, before starting to run in circles again. After a few moments, the reflections stop again, turn at you and start performing synchronized sword attacks and techniques in a fashion mocking your own training sessions in the tutorial of the game. While they do this, the mirrors will come closer, making the surrounding circle smaller and smaller. While the reflections of Link stick to the surface, their swords will actually slash out as icy blades with each strike, threatening more and more to hit you as they draw nearer. This time, Dark Link can only be identified because his eyes glow red as he comes closer to you.
Bombs won't harm any of the mirrors, as won't attacking Dark Link while he is protected by one of them. Your last resort is to use the whip once you have identified Dark Link - swing it at your opponent to catch his blade and pull him out of the mirror, giving you once again the chance to cause some serious damage while the other reflections freeze once Dark Link is outside. After a few hits, he will jump into a mirror again, the crystal circle will expand and it will start all over again. If you happen not to identify Dark Link in time and use the whip against the wrong reflection, all the others will thrust forward and hit you before returning to their original position.
After about ten hits, a final cutscene will play showing you

THE DEFEAT OF DARK LINK. When you strike the final blow, Link will yell and impale Dark Link in a cinematic move. Dark Link looks down his body in shock, the mirrors in the background explode into snowy dust. He looks up at Link for a brief moment; then, the red glow of his eyes and the black color of his body fade away and he bursts into a cloud of snow, too.
Link stands still for a moment, panting. The lighting of the room changes a bit as the chamber becomes subtly darker, making Link notice the strong blue glow behind him. He turns around and looks at the Pearl of Truth which is still glowing brightly; after a few seconds, the blue light fades and the Pearl drops into the snow.
You take control over Link again and eventually collect the heart container from your fallen enemy before retrieving the Pearl of Truth. Once you did, a bright portal opens and teleports you out of the dungeon to continue with your adventure to save Hyrule.


Yeah, that's pretty much it for now. I suppose there will still be edits because I want to put in a nice picture or two and check the grammar again. Any feedback on if it's too bad would be appreciated because I am not too used to writing that long posts in English (I assume that a German entry would not count?).
However, I must say that I am surprised how enjoyable making this up was. Even though I sacrificed originality for awesomeness, I will certainly satisfy the "Have Fun"-rule, because that's what I did.

Speaking of rules, they didn't state that the boss has to be completely original or even a real endboss instead of a miniboss, so I decided to use DL. Let me know if that is a problem, but I think that the battle concept is somewhat original for that kind of opponent and that was my main goal.
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Re: Design a Boss | HIVER

My idea was inspired by winter's association with death and deadness.


Prophet of Chaos

Dungeon description:

The dungeon, called the Temple of Chaos (due to its original intent of worshipping false gods), will be located in a forest, cursed into eternal winter. The trees have no life and the snow is always falling. There is a thick layer of ice beneath the snow. No one knows how deep the ice goes. After traveling through this forest in a Haunted Wasteland-esque blizzard sequence, you find a building that looks like a small church, with the base of it (including the door) clearly encased under the ice. You enter through a broken window.

Also, it should be noted that this temple is the last dungeon before the major twist in the game. You should have about 6 or 7 hearts by this point.
Some rooms of the temple have ice on the floor. Freezards are in this dungeon. When they blow their icy wind at you, you are temporarily frozen. You must shake the Wiimote as fast as you can. You will lose a minimum of one heart.

Mini-boss and item description:

The room where you obtain the item is on the next-to-highest floor. You’ll notice it seems to be a room intended for worship and sacrifice. There’s an altar in the center and an elevator to the boss room, but it’s locked.

From the altar arises a particularly muscular Lizalfos wielding a powerful hammer. If you try to strike with your sword, he blocks with his hammer unless you time it right. He shouldn’t be extremely difficult.

After defeating the Lizalfos, you obtain Hammer of Chaos. It works as any other hammer you would use, with the downside that it’s heavy. There will be an intentional lag when using this due to the weight. When fighting, you will need to get used to the lag. Also, Link will need to use both hands, so you won’t have access to your shield. You can swing it side-to-side for a powerful strike against enemies (and for switches on the walls, which there will be), or you can swing it top-to-bottom to strike the ground and stun nearby enemies. You can also jump-strike if you’re in the air, as you would with a sword.

After obtaining the hammer, you go back outside and strike the ice beneath your feet. The shock will cause the ice to shatter beneath you and push outwards away from the temple. You’ll fall about five stories and land in a cold lake below. The door will be visible. You can enter the rest of the temple.

Boss description:

You enter the door to the boss room and make your way to the top floor. You’re on the roof of the temple. After observing the area (design on the surrounding ledges, large church bell fifteen feet above the center), you notice a cloaked figure across the room with his back turned to you. You take a few steps closer out of curiosity. He begins to speak.

“You think your goddesses can save you, Link?” he says. “I’ve been watching you. You don’t stand a chance against the power of the great Chaos.” He turns and faces you. He removes his hood to reveal a bald head, a face ridden with scars, glowing red eyes, pale white skin, and mechanical hands. A strong blizzard starts up. You can no longer see past the ledges. “Allow me to give you a taste.” He rises up into the air.

Boss battle:

Phase 1: In the first half of the battle, Erros has two main attacks. For the first, Erros simply fires balls of ice in your direction. These are easy to dodge if you simply run away from them. If you’re hit, they do ½ heart damage each and he fires up to five at a time. For the second, Erros summons a wave of snow from the blizzard. To dodge this, hit the hammer on the ground. The shock should deflect the wave. (Make sure you time it right. If you’re too early, it won’t affect the wave. If you’re too late, you get hit.) If you’re hit, the wave does two hearts damage.

You’ll notice that the ledges are easy to climb up on, and that parts of it are ideal for jumping to the center. You’ll also notice the huge church bell in the center. Climb up onto a ledge and take out your hammer. (You'll need to take advantage of the new running/jumping-on-a-ledge feature to save some time; Erros is a pretty rapid attacker. Also, because you'll be doing a lot of running, be sure to watch your stamina meter.) Jump to the center and jump-strike the bell with the hammer. The sound will temporarily stun Erros and cause him to fall to the ground. Take out your sword and slash him. (Or, if you’ve gotten used to the lag of the hammer, it may be more effective.)

After doing this two to four times (depending on how efficient you are with your sword/hammer), Erros rises into the air, screaming. The blizzard creates a snowy cocoon around him. He vanishes and the blizzard subsides. The snow has accumulated to the height of the ledge by this point. You step outside, wondering why the key signs of the end of a battle have yet to appear. The blizzard starts up again as a giant ice-figure in the likeness of Erros (without the cloak, but with mechanical-looking arms from the elbow) emerges from the snow. Erros is now a ten-foot-tall upper body of solid ice.

Phase 2: Erros still has the same basic attacks, just amplified. He throws giant ice balls (one at a time) that do 1½ hearts damage and the wave does three hearts damage. If you get too close when he's not stunned, he pushes you back, doing ½ heart damage.

Use your hammer to deflect an ice ball. Once he’s stunned, hit him once with your hammer. His body will crack significantly. You will fall back to where you started.

You can use the hammer to deflect the wave, but that will do nothing to stun Erros.


After doing this three times, Erros grasps his head and shatters. The resulting wave pushes you back to the top floor of the temple, where you find the portal leading out. You go through a generic cut scene where you receive whatever important artifact you were looking for. Then, you are sent back outside the dungeon. The snow is gone. Life has returned to the forest. A new light shines from within the temple.

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