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The Jukebox

The ZU Jukebox

Feeling down? Or angry? Or heartbroken? Victorious? Elated? Proud? No matter what your mood, you've come to the right thread. Just post your mood, a theme, or your current troubles, accomplishments, or whatever is causing your mood at the moment, and some ZUer or another will come up with a song just right for it.

Rules, Regulations, and Explosive Ordinances
1. The song must be related and appropriate to the mood, obviously.
2. With positive moods, you should only post songs that will complement the mood. If a person is happy, don't post a sad song. However, if they are sad or otherwise unhappy, you can post something either to complement the mood or to alleviate it.

So if they're sad, you could post this, to alleviate their sadness...

Or this, to complement it...

However, be careful with this, because sometimes people aren't ready for their sadness to be alleviated.
3. Don't be too specific with your request—you shouldn't have a song in mind when you make your request, and your request shouldn't be so esoteric one can't find a song for it.
4. You don't have to wait until all the requests before yours have been fulfilled.

All right, I don't have any more rules at the moment, so let's hear some requests!
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