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Old 08-28-2005, 02:43 PM
Jon06 Jon06 is offline
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Can other people read the warning?

i recently got a warning and noticed whenever i posted something it said beside the number 'view your warnings.' Can other people see that or can i only read my own warning?

And while im asking... how can i see my post i was warned for? i want to ask the question i asked in the temple of knowledge forum...i got permission to do so but i just want to know what i was...i forgot what i was somethign about government...
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Old 08-28-2005, 03:02 PM
sadida sadida is a female United States sadida is offline
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Re: Can other people read the warning?

You have already spoken to me personally through PM as to why you were warned Jon06. If you must be reminded again, does the phrase "importance of the recession on Mulroney's government" sound familiar to you? If not, PM me. I will explain, once again, in *detail* why you were warned. Better yet, if you choose, I will forward the conversation to you that we had VIA PM reguarding this issue. Again, if you wish to see it, PM me. Do not discuss it in this thread.

Now, I'm not sure if everyone can view *your* particular warnings, but I'm pretty sure that option is there for you to see what your warnings are.
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Old 08-28-2005, 03:08 PM
Tsukie Tsukie is offline
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Re: Can other people read the warning?

I'm fairly certain that other users cannot view your warnings.
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Old 08-28-2005, 03:18 PM
Jason Jason is a male United States Jason is offline
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Re: Can other people read the warning?

No, other people cannot view those warnings. Only you can see your warnings, save the mods and admins. But we're the ones who GIVE the warnings in the first place, so it's no surprise. >_>
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