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Old 05-18-2005, 10:16 PM
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I cant figure out how to make a poll help me please!
a quote I always laugh at ever since I saw it 1 1/2 years ago "ganonflakes? you better have enough rupees kid." :confused: :confused: :confused:

this awsome rotater was made by ~kikyo~
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Old 05-19-2005, 07:25 AM
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Re: help

*Moved to FSQ*

This is the Feedback, Suggestions, and Questions forum (or as I like to simply call it "FSQ"). If at anytime you have a question to ask, or a suggestion/feedback to give, post it in here. I (or someone else) will answer your question shortly. There are some other buisnesses to attend to. I shall return.



Yes, do what Shetani ( VVV down there VVV ) says. I completely forgot that I had a Newbie's Guide link in my Signature aswell.
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Old 05-19-2005, 07:32 AM
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Re: help

First of all, I advice you to read the Newbie Guide (link in my sig) as you'll get your question answered there, as well as recieving a lot of other good tips. To make a poll, you check in the following box when creating a thread:

Then you'll get to an extra page after you submit the thread, where you can do your edits to the poll-
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