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Old 08-03-2009, 08:05 PM
insaney insaney is a male Trinidad and Tobago insaney is offline
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Nominations: Character Awards

Nominations for the Character Awards go here.

If someone nominates what you want, Try not to nominate them again.

And, posts nominating Grand Inquisitor Gohan Uto Sensei will be ignored.

Now, here's the list of the

Character Awards

Best NPC character
Best Character Name
Best Character Quote
Best Romance
Best Rivalry
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs
Most Annoying Character
Most Physically Strong Character
Most Mystically Strong Character[
Most Overall Powerful Character
Most Benevolent Character
Most Malevolent Character
Most Improved Character
Most Interesting/Unique Character
Most Insane Character
Best Weapon
Coolest Character Power
Fastest Character
Most Interesting Weakness
Most Interesting Strength
Most Mysterious Character
Most Attractive Character (Male)
Most Attractive Character (Female)
Ugliest Character (Male)
Ugliest Character (Female)
Biggest Flirt
The Person Award (Awarded to the Most Developed Character)
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Old 08-03-2009, 08:23 PM
Altamira Altamira is a female United States Altamira is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best NPC character: Sakume's Marcus
Best Character Name: Insaney's Vanille de Nouveau
Most Improved Character: Zorolo's Zach
Most Insane Character: Insaney's Clown
Fastest Character: Insaney's Raisha
Most Attractive Character (Male): Insaney's Rain
Biggest Flirt: Wolfen's Taen
The Person Award (Awarded to the Most Developed Character): Sakume's Selene
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Old 08-03-2009, 08:39 PM
Sakume Sakume is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best NPC character: Zorolo's Stephen death guy that was in KOHD.
Best Character Name: Already Nominated.
Best Romance: Cadenza/Rain (Okay we all know this is going to win... why is this a category?)
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs: Sin
Most Annoying Character: Taen
Most Overall Powerful Character: Zorolo.
Coolest Character Power: Being able to make it flood when you cry. Aiko's Ancia.
Fastest Character: Insaney's Rain
Most Attractive Character (Male): Cookie's Descartes
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Old 08-03-2009, 09:03 PM
Quark Quark is a male United States Quark is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best NPC character: The mysterious mastermind behind Aim for the Head.

Best Character Name: Kurai Chi's Sonlen Evandar Xiulta ... *snicker*

Most Insane Character: Eve Sneak's Ralis

Best Weapon: Ciroton's Vaskalen

Most Attractive Character (Female): Ciroton's Aleena

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Old 08-03-2009, 09:11 PM
Kurai Chi Kurai Chi is a male United States Kurai Chi is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Of course Quark... I wonder if anyone will get that...

Character with the most twisted beliefs: Quark's Tree Shade
Biggest Flirt: nikuvillain's Melantha

Maybe I'll edit some more in later... We have tons of awards...
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Old 08-03-2009, 11:03 PM
Halcyon Hero Halcyon Hero is a male United States Halcyon Hero is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best NPC character: Armand (Z's monkey)
Best Character Name:
Most Annoying: Aleena
Most Physically Strong Character: Styx
Most Mystically Strong Character: Cadenza
Most Overall Powerful Character: Zorlo
Most Benevolent Character: Akira
Most Malevolent Character: Styx
Most Improved Character: Zorlo (I remember the original )
Most Interesting/Unique Character: Awkin's polar bear guy. --Jhans Frenn (edited by Aikies x3)
Most Insane Character:
Best Weapon:
Coolest Character Power:
Fastest Character: Zorlo
Most Interesting Weakness:
Most Interesting Strength:
Most Mysterious Character: Faceless Man (Quark)
Most Attractive Character (Female): Ava Sterling
Ugliest Character (Male): Goblin Guy. Kreel or something.
Biggest Flirt: Toofy
The Person Award (Awarded to the Most Developed Character): Cadenza

I'll edit in later.

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Old 08-04-2009, 10:33 AM
Kiri-Kraze Kiri-Kraze is a male United States Kiri-Kraze is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best Romance: Zorlo/Selene
Most Benevolent Character: Zorlo.
Most Malevolent Character: Sin.
Most Interesting/Unique Character: Wisp's Amberstone.
Coolest Character Power: Navi007's Nerine's snake-summoning.
Most Attractive Character (Female): Haze.
Ugliest Character (Male): Insaney's Rain.

Ugliest Character (Female): Amberstone. Though not being a humanoid might be a factor in that.
Biggest Flirt: Librairian's catgirl, whose name escapes me.
Best Character Name: Zorolo's Zach. An actual, real name.
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs: Nerine.
Most Annoying Character: Zorolo's Zach.
Fastest Character: Insaney's Rain.

~BA Characters~

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Old 08-11-2009, 05:24 AM
Sabbo Australia Sabbo is online now
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Oh I so wish I could nom some of my own stuff here. >_>

Best NPC character - Can I nom Aiko's hoard? ...If not, then I can I nom just all of Cadenza's family? It's just so hard to bring it down to just one. ;_;
Best Character Name - ...Too many to choose from. ;_;
Best Character Quote - We're expected to remember this stuff?
Best Romance - Already nom'd. A feat, considering there's only been two noms so far.
Best Rivalry - As if I'd know.
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs - It's becoming quite apparent that I need to pay more attention around here. :/
Most Annoying Character - Umm... Joker?
Most Physically Strong Character - Well I was going to nom someone weak if noone had been nom'd by now, but it seems I can't. :< I guess I'll nom I)ragon's J then. :/
Most Mystically Strong Character - I's easy; Z's Z.
Most Overall Powerful Character - Cadenza, because we can't let Z win uncontested. :<
Most Benevolent Character - ...Seriously? In the BA? I thought the nicest anyone here could muster was anti-hero. :\
Most Malevolent Character - *Obligatory Knives nom*
Most Improved Character - It's possibly to improve from God-Mode Sue?
Most Interesting/Unique Character - I read the new characters subforum so much that they've all become a blur. ;_;
Most Insane Character - ...I'd nom, but there's already two noms while I can't think of anything suitable. :/
Best Weapon - Who was it who gave their character a weapon which could utterly destroy souls in Knockin' on Heaven's Door? That one.
Coolest Character Power - Collector Cards (Power Shot's Morgan Kim)
Fastest Character - Isn't this objective though? Cadenza moving through shadows, one would assume. Would logically be the speed of light, ironically enough.
Most Interesting Weakness - I read the Characters subforum so much that they all seem bad to me now. :<
Most Interesting Strength - See above.
Most Mysterious Character - Dunno.
Most Attractive Character (Male) - Y'know what? I'm just gonna skip these next four completely.
Most Attractive Character (Female)
Ugliest Character (Male)
Ugliest Character (Female)
Biggest Flirt

The Person Award (Awarded to the Most Developed Character) - *already nom'd*
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Old 08-18-2009, 08:38 PM
Fairess Fairess is a female United States Fairess is offline
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

This is all I have...FOR NOW! MUAHAHAHA!

Best Character Name: Wisp Quill's (now Petal Rabbit) Mirage Kindall
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs: Kiri-Mello's Gorin Kaja
Most Malevolent Character: Drammor's Omentus Anima
Most Interesting/Unique Character: Sabbo's Tatek
Best Weapon: Kishiro D's Kuroshiro Xorishik V
Most Interesting Weakness: Admiral Black's Leonard Scotson
Most Interesting Strength: Ciroton's Lisa Azire Morrison
Most Mysterious Character: Aishimisu's Aiko Yoshida
Most Attractive Character (Female): Insaney's Thracia Dayna
Most Attractive Character (Male): BrokenWing's Allan Murphy Blair
Ugliest Character (Male): Kurai Chi's Azgragthz
Biggest Flirt: Marius's Neeko Ivlani Meleth
The Person Award (Awarded to the Most Developed Character): Shrub's Rontu Nyzento
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Old 08-21-2009, 03:06 AM
Shrub Shrub is online now
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Re: Nominations: Character Awards

Best NPC character: Qilintha Do'rret, from the Dark Crystal
Character with the Most Twisted Beliefs: Drammor's Omentus Anima
Most Interesting/Unique Character: Drammor's Avuekepe
Most Insane Character: Yet again, Drammor's Omentus Anima
Coolest Character Power: Omentus Anima's seromancy (blood magic). Really, how awesome is it to use your own blood and/or the blood of dead gods to cast a number of amazing, terrifying, and interesting spells?
Most Interesting/Unique Character: Quark's Tree Shade

I know most of my nominations are for Drammor's characters, but seriously, this guy knows how to RP.

“We must be greater than what we suffer.”
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