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Round 1 [HeavyWeights] (Nikudemon vs. Alien)

OoC: This fight will take place the same as all other fights: On the stone arena of the Dome. This arena doesn't transform, like most things, and creates a powerful barrier around the arena to protect the spectators. So, here are the rules:


1) This fight will be 20 posts (10 posts each) and must be a complete fight so we can move on. What does this mean: POST POST POST! The faster you post, the faster other people can go, so the quicker you post, the less heckling you'll get from others.

2) There is NO POWER PLAYING during these fights. This is to limit post sizes to speed up posts. Posts shouldn't be an epic poem in length, so short posts are and should be the norm here.

3) Be sure to speak with your battle partner. You don't need to work out the whole fight, but work on the important parts of the fights, mostly the ending. Deciding who wins is up to you two, but remember that victory in-character involves moving on, so if it seems the two can't decide... we'll bring it to an unbiased source if it needs to get that bad. (Please don't let it get that bad.)

So... let the battle begin!

(Forgot who made the sig. Sorry. =/)

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