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The In-Character Sign Up Thread

OoC: First off, as has already been stated, you can only sign up if you have an approved character. Also, after a number of characters have signed up, the characters will be shuffled into their ranking (heavy-weight or light-weight) and will then be matched up randomly. At that point, the IC battles will begin between characters.

Between then and the time people start signing up, there will be a thread for the characters to look around, interact and get to meet their fellow warriors and some of the people watching over the fights. Aside from that, have fun, and give it the best writing you've got!

BiC: Zorlo, the Aura Master, looked over the arena with a sense of foreboding. Soon, this arena would be the site of many great battles and many impressive warriors. Even the green haired man realized that some warriors would come simply to watch, while others came to fight. Those people, he noted, would be the most interesting people that the Dome had gathered. Still, the opening ceremonies, which the fencer hadn't heard anything about yet, would begin shortly after the signups began.

Zorlo crossed his arms as he watched the vendors, musicians and many other people flocking to the site. The opening day of the Dome would be one that many people would remember, of that he was sure. After all the weeks of setting up after a large wing of the Dome had been closed off to everyone but those involved, the time had come to let the students, wanderers and any person worth their salt step into the arena.

"I can already tell this is going to be good fun. LET THE REGISTRATION BE OPEN!" the Aura Master's voice echoed throughout the area. In this atmosphere, he could, if just for a second, forget his personal problems, and indulge himself in the fights to come.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Nikudemon stood shocked at what he was seeing it was weird and he felt like he being here before. In fact he knew he’d seen this place before yet it has changed some how. Like him his out room in the dome had changed and with the place had grown even more. Its been ages since he last saw his room, but not the dome its self.


Could Zorlo have called me here again? No he was dead the last I know so what? He asked himself as he wondered and new section or maybe it wasn’t new, but a part that he’d ever been. Whatever it was he know it could be good that he was pulled into this place again. "Hey mister come here!" He heard and he glanced around the hall he end up in. "Here, here sign quickly!

"What? okay?" He took the pad and paper and wrote his Nikudemon on the top of the page. He looked at him confused as he handed the paper back.

Wonderful set by, Aiko!
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Signing up Valdessia.

EDIT: OoC: Okay, I'll fix it.

BiC: "Hmm?", said Valdessia.

She was looking up a sign adorned with bright colors. It said, "To all great warriors seeking challenges, fame, and fortune, come to this year's Dome tournament!"

Valdessia then turned her head to the nearest stranger she could find. Dashing over to him, she asked with great haste, "Sir, can you tell me where this tournament is being held?" She pointed at the sign. The old stranger replied, "Oh, the famous Dome tournament? You can find it just a few miles down this road." He pointed at the road to show her which way to go. "Thank you, sir." Valdessia quickly darted off towards where the tournament was being held.

So, though Valdessia as she was running down the road. Great warriors seeking challenge? I definitely fit that description. This tournament is like a dream come true. I should finally find great warriors who can match me in combat, and by the dozens no less!

"Dear Layshun, why have I never heard of this Dome before in my entire life?", exclaimed a jubilant Valdessia. She hadn't been this happy since she first met the shaman back in her home on Mt. Layshun.

After a day had passed, Valdessia was still trekking towards the Dome when she saw a mountainous tower up ahead. When approaching the tower some more, Valdessia noticed a few other smaller towers near the big tower in the center. In front of the big tower was an impressive looking crystal-like dome. All of the buildings looked like they were made of crystal.

"That must be the dome!", yelled a still excited Valdessia. She was a little tired from running, but it was nothing compared to the long hikes she took in the mountains when she was younger, and with her great enthusiasm fueling her legs, she was able to still keep running towards the Dome.

The next day, Valdessia had arrived outside the Dome. It looked like a carnival had set outside of the dome. Vendors, musicians, and other eccentric-looking people were mingling with each other outside the Dome.

I don't have time to talk to these people right now. Some of them may be great warriors, but I'll worry about that when I actually fight them. Right now, I need to register for the tournament.

Suddenly, a boisterous voice was heard throughout the area.

"I can already tell this is going to be good fun. LET THE REGISTRATION BE OPEN!"

Valdessia could see a huge crowd moving towards the Dome. Time to register, thought an anxious Valdessia. She followed the crowd towards the Dome, her thoughts racing about the possible fights to come.

There was a large antechamber inside full of registration booths. Valdessia summoned her soul armor to ward off any pedestrians in her way. "Make way, coming through!", yelled Valdessia. She charged to the nearest registration booth. There was an elderly lady sitting behind it.

"Name, please," asked the lady with a dull tone. Valdessia responded, "Valdessia, the Frozen Fortress of Mt. Layshun." The lady wrote her name down in a large book full of names. She then ripped the paper she was writing on out. "Please fill out this form." Valdessia took the paper and gave it a quick scan. It asked for Valdessia to fill out information like "what are your weapons and armor?", "what's your height and weight?", "do you have any phobias and diseases?", and other specific random things. Valdessia filled out all of the info and gave the sheet back to the old lady.

"Thank you for registering for the tournament," said the lady with the same dull, uninterested tone. "We'll call you later and let you know where you are placed."

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

OoC: Signing up Ralis! This sounds really fun ^^


The young shadow master paced his ways about the fabled halls of the Dome. There seemed to be much more activity and spontaneity than usual. This intrigued him... usually the Dome was boring and stale, only a few people walked to and fro, here and there. Those people were usually just inexperienced kids looking for their teacher. Ralis shrugged, following the trail of people to this new commotion.

He heard them talking amongst themselves, about fighting, about a tournament. Something about warriors of a certain level of greatness seeking fights that weren't necessarily easy to just about everyone. Ralis decided this might be fun and a good cure for his recent streak of boredom, seeing signs up in the halls of the Dome that persuaded him further to continue entertaining this notion.

"Should be fun, I guess. Haven't had a decent fight in a while, so hopefully this won't be a waste of my time.."
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Yes, only one. But guys! You're supposed to write in character responses to this! Your actual characters should hear about the tournament being held at the Dome and go to sign up for it. I know this is new to everyone, so those of you who have already posted, just edit your posts with IC responses, and all those who post afterward, be sure to do so in character.

In doing so, you can introduce your character to the Dome if they have never been there, and show them stumbling upon it, or have them hear about it if they already reside in the Dome. You can show us their motivations for joining such an event, any preparations they make for it, etc.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Ooc: I'll be using Alien.


“Kill... me...” A tortured voice begged, his mouth gurgling a froth of blood down his mutilated cheeks. He no longer looked like much of a man, and under normal circumstances would have already been dead, but he had a very stubborn heart. Now, after what was probably an hour of nonstop torture, he was ready to die.

“See, was that so hard?” The red and white enigma drove his weapon into his victim's skull, finally ending his pain permanently.

Alien stood back to a relaxed stance, examining the damage he'd done. Both of the man's arms were severed and the skin on his legs had been almost entirely removed. His cheeks had numerous puncture wounds and he was missing an eye. Nearly every portion of this man's body, save for his neck, was damaged in some way. Such a tough soul, but he finally broke. It was always a pleasant thought knowing that evil had triumphed once more. Alien's face beamed a smirk filled with pride. He was satisfied.

He looked around the barber's shop, being sure no one else was in sight. He did enough damage in this world for now, he'd have to return later if he wanted to mess with these people any further. For now, this single death would serve as a message to his cause. Until that time, he felt he deserved a break. Torture was fun, but sometimes it got tiresome. A challenge would certainly be welcome. Perhaps returning to one of the cities he'd liberated he'd find some pleasurable company who'd be willing to find a decent fight for him.

With a simple thought, a location in mind, Alien disappeared. In a split second, the blood coating his body splashed to the barber shop floor and the strange enigma was gone.

The moment Alien dematerialized, he could tell that something had gone wrong. In mid-transit, his course was thrown completely off by some unseen force. Before he could correct what had happened, everything stopped.

He found himself standing in what appeared to be a lobby of some sort. It was certainly not the location he had in mind. Hundreds of people were scattered all about, not all of them human. Beings of all shapes and sizes, carrying weapons of all sorts, and speaking tongues of many kinds were passing him by. What a diverse variety of individuals! It was so refreshing to see races that weren't humans. Most of the worlds he visited were occupied by humans simply because it was his calling to help them, but seeing beings of other origins were always a welcome sight.

“Hey, no cutting!” A small kid shouted from behind the monochrome man. Alien glanced over his shoulder to see a small boy covered head to toe in armor, face intense and serious. Odd. Apparently he had materialized at the front of a very long line of some kind.

“Name?” A different voice asked him. He turned back to the front, a pretty lady with long red hair sat at a desk, awaiting a response. Alien was a big believer in fate. Whatever had landed him in this location was certainly planning something great for him. He'd have to play along with it. Great adventure could be in store.

“Oh yes,” Alien responded, “My name is Alien.” The lady wrote it down without a second thought, almost as if his name wasn't odd at all.

“Okay, I'll need you to fill this out.” She handed him a small form with a short list of questions. Things like weapons, equipment, diseases, powers.... what was this? What would keep him from lying on this thing? Screw it. The ring on his middle finger materialized into a small sharp implement. He stabbed it into the shoulder of a passerby and proceeded to use his blood as ink.

Weapons? Cool ones. Powers? Lots. Diseases? All of them. Fears? None.

What a bunch of bollocks. He handed the paper back to the woman, no idea that he'd just signed up for an arena match.

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

It was a good day to hunt. The airspace was clear, as long as he kept away from the capital. It was a military parade, he had overheard, so all the airships were participating there. A good day indeed. The skies were clear, the sun shining and the peasants covering in fear as his shadow passed them on the ground. He picked out a particular large sheep on a pasture some hills away and banked softly towards the east. The shepherds could only watch as the large dragon dived down and snatched the sheep, before disappearing into the horizon. The sheep’s cries were sounds of victory.

The sheep was quickly killed, and Derek swallowed it in two large chunks. His digestive system would take care of the rest. It was a much needed meal; the increased patrols had made it hard to hunt the last month, and Isaac had been forced to steal food from a butcher in a nearby town. It was hard to eat for two, especially when one didn’t have any money. It was shameful how his kin had to hide and he had often lamented the loss of his fellow dragons. Not like a human would lament the death of a close friend, but like a general lamenting the loss of a potential ally. If there were only more dragons left, they could revolt against the humans, if one could say that.

He took to his wings again and soared up into the sky. A slight breeze and some warm winds gave him enough lift for him to just soar through the skies with little effort on his side. He was just thinking that every day should be like this when he saw an airship looming in the horizon. Quickly diving to the ground to avoid detection, Derek wondered why it was not at the parade. However, just as he spread his wings to land near a set of ruins, the ground simply disappeared and was replaced by gray stone a moment later. The silence that had been looming around his arrival suddenly exploded in a multitude of voices. Shocked, surprised and confused by the sudden change, Derek roared loudly and kept himself airborne by flapping wildly with his wings.

“Relax,” said a man clad in red and Derek was forced to the ground by an unknown force. He roared again and was about to roast the place when the man spoke again.

“Why don’t you drop your act so we can talk like civilized beings?” Derek turned his head and eyed at the man who stood beside him. He looked completely unaffected by the large dragon towering over him. Looking around, Derek saw the source of the noise: He was in a large hall, with hundreds of people standing in line or chatting with each other. And only a few of those strange folks had noticed him, it seemed. Cautions, Derek transformed back to his human self and measured the man before him. He didn’t look strong or powerful, but there was something about his very being that emanated confidence and an inner strength.

“I’m Aronin,” the man said and smiled. Derek squinted at him. “Where is this?”

“This, is the Dome. An interdimentional place where fighters from every dimension and every possible existence can meet!”

Derek stared blankly at him. Interdimentional, dimensions and every possible existence… Aronin was using so strange words with no meaning… He must have understood that, because he was quick to add: “In short, I’m from another location, and I brought you here with magic.”

“You’re a wizard?” Derek asked cautiously.

“Better. But what I am is irrelevant. I have a proposal for you. There is a tournament in the works here, as you probably can see. I want you to be my champion.”

“Tournament? Fights?”

“Exactly! If you accept, I’ll let you stay. If you don’t like it, I can send you back to your world, with those pesky airships.”

Derek paused as he considered the deal.

“Tell me about the tournament…”
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Through word of mouth, Cale had heard of this place. A realm that was not one, but many, all at the same same. One that was small, enormous, unlimited, and limited. All at the same time. Cale didn't see how this could be possible. Not just that, he didn't believe it was possible. Not one bit. As he looked down at the gleaming magnificence that was know only as The Dome, he began to doubt himself. Anything could be possible in such a majestic place.

Cale started walking down the hill towards The Dome. As he walked, he saw many others pass. A myriad of challengers to the tournament that was to take place. Big, small, old, young, magical, burly, saintlike, demon-looking. All of these types of people were headed towards the same destination. Maybe I should participate, thought Cale, it seems like it would be much more interesting than being a spectator.

Cale walked slowly, unlike most of the others. He was being patient, taking his time to decide whether he wanted to partake in the tournament. It was tempting. Oh, so tempting. The thought of fighting wasn't what appealed to him, it was the thought of so many different people all gathered in one place. Curiosity sparked inside of him.

"I'll do it," said Cale to himself.

As Cale walked into The Dome, he saw several people sitting at desks, handing out applications, and even more people filling applications out. He walked over to a woman who had few people at her desk.

"I'd like to apply for the tournament, please," said Cale.

"Certainly," said the woman. She handed him an application.

The application was a bit hard to fill out for Cale. He had no clue how exactly to rate his abilies. There were so many strong-looking people there that he was certain he paled in comparison to. He wasn't even very confident of his abilities before the tournament came around. Now her really doubted himself. After filling the application out suitably (or so he thought), he gave it to the woman at the desk.

"Thank you. We will asign you a place to stay and a bracket as soon as the applications go through. Have a nice day!" Said the woman. She seemed nice. A bit bubbly, but nice. He couldn't understand why so few people were at that desk. Cale wasted no time pondering this, though, as he spotted people who looked interesting to talk to.

"Hi, my name's Cale."
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

The sharp receding clicks demarcated the edges of the hall with their echoing, hitting the thick stone resoundingly before absorbing into the thick pores and viens that pocked the walls lining the only exit route from the chamber of the Coquette. The flowing train of fabric that followed kept well within the boundaries announced to it, at times touching the edges of borders created by sound to pull back with a thin whip as if it were burned, conforming and creating the air of perfection that was mirrored by its wearer. Perfectly measured steps and the slightest of sways in the hips calmed the wave of thin silk, the edges of the giant cape cresting forward as the air pressure signaled the shift of space accompanying her entry into the arena, catching only the final word of the man whom she had witnessed die, but understanding the totality of his message.

This place weaves spells as strange as they are complex, Vana Huine mused, ripping the gaze of her feline oculars from the form of her former compatriot to the assembled masses, recognizing few faces. Spotting an empty registration booth, she made her way over to it, unsure of what to expect from the registrar that looked vaguely like a squid with antlers.

"Madame Huine, your papers have already been filed, we just need your signature on these lines," it croaked in a voice as pleasant as it was greasy. pushing forth a page of parchment graffitied with the symbols of a language that she didn't really recognize.

Putting the tip of her finger upon the first glowing line that demanded a signature, the Coquette stared into what she assumed to be the creature's face. "I am unsure as to how these were filed without myself having done them," her tone was grave.

With a flourish of tentacles the being seemed to emit what could be presumed to be a laugh. "Why the Dome already knows you! Doesn't let just anyone teach you see, knowing all of this isn't needed, just the consent bit."

With an irritated nod, a lilac curl spilled from the loose pile atop her head, Vana bit through the skin of her forefinger and signed in blood where it was needed, producing a calligraphy brush where ink was needed, and filling the final box with the demanded two tears. The registrar took the completed forms with an utterance of thanks before ushering over the next person in line, its former registrant joining the milling crowd to see if perhaps there was something edible nearby, not wanting to brave the newly modified Multiverse to try and find the cafeteria that had once been placed so conveniently nearby to her own chamber.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

OoC: Oh, a tourney! I think I'll make my tourney debut with my favorite character and that'd be good old Judo. Plus he's one of the strongest guys I have anyway. xP

BiC: Judo inhaled a breath of fresh morning air as he rode across the beautiful Hyrule Field, relieved that he had no battles or situations to worry about at the moment. It was good to finally have one of those less than common moments where riding Duke, his loyal horse, wasn't out to do combat for once. Since he had decided this would be the perfect opportunity to pay his parents a visit in Kakariko Village, Judo headed there first.

The village had always been a peaceful place, sometimes even during tough times. Judo entered with a smile on his face, knowing both his mother and father would be glad to see him once again. However, before Judo had a chance to reach their house, a conversation between a pair of the villagers reached his pointed ears.

"Didja hear? They say some sort of battling arena has appeared not far outside Hyrule's borders!" a male voice cried out in excitement. "I wonder if a tournament is going to happen!"

"Oh yeah, I heard! So do I!" a female voice responded. "If so, General Judo ought to go enter it and kick everyone's butt!"

"Yeah, General Yaku might want to as well. Then again, if we let word of this spread too far, every soldier might try to enter and Hyrule's defenses will all be gone," the man pointed out.

"True... Still, General Judo would do just fine by himself!" the woman assured. "He's amazing! ...Whoa! There he is now!" Judo shook his head upon realization that he'd been spotted.

"Wow, come to see your mom and dad again, General?" the man inquired.

"...Oh, yeah, I did," Judo replied, still rather dumbfounded. "What's this about a tournament arena I heard you talking about?"

"Ah, right, it appeared not far from Kakariko's border, they say," the woman explained. "We think you should go and enter if there's a tourney! And don't worry, we'll let your parents know and you can be sure they and all of us will root for you!"

"Naturally," Judo replied with a chuckle. "And it does interest me, actually. I'll go see. Oh yeah, if you could somehow let the folks at the castle know where I'm going, that'd be great too."

"Alright, no problem!" the man agreed. With that, Judo raced out of Kakariko Village with excitement flowing through his veins and headed for the route outside of the kingdom that allowed horses to pass through, which was behind the castle. Within minutes of being outside of his homeland's borders, Judo spotted the tall arena in plain view and approached it as if he were in a horse race. Once he dismounted Duke at the entrance he let his attention wander to a man and a woman sitting at a table each with a parchment sitting in front of them. Tournament sign ups, no doubt about that.

"So there is a tournament about to happen," Judo concluded. "I'm all for it then! Excuse me, I'd like to enter this tournament of yours." He approached the man with a quil pen and jotted down the necessary information.

"Alright, you're good to go, sir," the man announced with a smile. "And my, you sure look like a pro. I look forward to seeing what kind of fight you put up."

"Why thank you," Judo replied. This was indeed going to be fun, and he knew it all too well.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Ooc: I've edited this post, and changed my character who I"m using.

Bic: Amber leaned back contentedly, sighing happily. The waiter came back, and took the plates away. Standing up, she fished some coins out of her pocket, and placed them on the table. Amber walked outside, and looked around. The large town was busy, even this late at night. Torches gleamed, shining a little light on the road. Looking down, she spotted a bright yellow pebble. She bent down to pick it up. As soon as she did, blackness enveloped her, the town winking out. In a flash of light, a new scene settled in front of her.

Standing back up, she looked at the pebble, who had lost its color and was now grey. Tossing it down, she looked around. Before her was a long dusty road, stretching on. Plains surrounded the road, grass growing fervently to show this was a well traveled road. A large sign stretched in front of her, words splattered on its front.

The Dome is 5 miles along. Almost there!

Come all to the tournament, taking place really soon! Come and sign up to participate, or come to watch!

Curious, Amber decided to walk along and head towards the dome. Reaching it, a she noticed a large courtyard. A large desk with several attendants sat to one side. A line stretched from it. Approaching it, she asked what this was.

"Sign ups for the tournament," A gruff voice answered her. Nodding, she got in line.

It can't hurt can it?

The attendant gave her a sheet to fill out, indicating name, age, race, weapons, and so on. Filling it out, she reached the bottom. At it, it read:

*Note:We are not responsible for any broken bones, bodies, weapons, minds, and deaths that occur.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.

Before she could reconsider, the sheet was snatched up and placed in a pile.

"We'll contact you once you have a battle." The lady in front of her stated.

Nodding, she walked away, suddenly overwhelmed with exhaustion.

I better find a place to rest before I fight.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

The Dome... such an odd place. That was saying a lot coming from Zyler. Odd how it was huge and multi dimensional. Odd doors that lead to everywhere. It was also odd that most anyone he cared enough to overhear that had entered the Dome had been magically chosen, like some kinda special fate, prophecy, conspiracy. Heck if he was chosen, though. He had just hunted down the blond haired, green eyed, blue armed girl, just like he was oh so good at. Zyler wondered momentarily if there were many other people that had just stumbled upon the Domes halls.

Anywho, Zyler had just spotted the green guy standing on his perch high above the crowed. Thought he aught to give salutations. Parking his dragon on an adjacent pillar, the leather clad lad hopped down to his buddy.

"Yo green greens, how goes life?" He asked, clapping a hand on the fencers shoulder. Then something else stuck Zyler as odd. He glanced down at his hand, sticking out his thump and index finger and curling the other three as he pointed to the green haired man thoughtfully. "Heeey, didn't you die?"
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Golgoth slowly walked through a Corridor of Darkness, admiring his surroundings. There was something so pure and beautiful, he thought to himself, about darkness billowing and folding like that. He neared the end of the tunnel, and then stepped out into the daylight. Light was always so piercing, injecting everything it could with it's rays, he thought. As he began to take in his surroundings, he soon realized he had miscalculated. This wasn't the Void's Shroud at all, nor was it Azerik's world. It was an earth-like planet, with far to many living things to be considered pleasant. In fact, there was a line of humanoids right in front of him. As he weighed the chances of upending all order and unleashing a few Heartless, a human walked right up to him and asked his name, to which he responded offhandedly, "Golgoth."

OoC: I've got a job at scout camp this summer, but I'll be back by July. Hope I won't be too late for the competitions!

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Dybia sat at a military computer looking through the many files for one particular bit of information. He was having trouble finding what he was looking for when suddenly the screen went black. Simple white text came up saying "Initial here please:_________"

"What the hell? Probably caught me. Fine, I'll humor you." Dybia said to himself.

He decided to go along with the prompt on the screen and put in his initials 'D.D.D.' The moment he put in the three letters everything aside from the screen seemed to disappear. Even as everything around the message started to come back into focus the message itself stayed the same. Dybia soon realized that it was no longer on a screen but on a piece of paper being held on a clipboard in front of him.

"What? Where the-?" He blurted out trying to see around the room which was suddenly much brighter than the dark computer room he had been in.

"LET THE REGISTRATION BE OPEN!" He heard echo through the hall.

He looked around the rather large room he was in and saw a slightly familiar face in the distance past many other strange people. A younger man with green hair, who Dybia had only met once.

"What's Astro-turf doing here? Wherever here is."

Dybia looked back to the form from before and saw more than the one line now, completely filled out with more information on him than he found comfortable. He only remembered putting his initials down.

"Thank you, sir. You are now registered to fight." A man holding the clipboard said to him as he turned and walked off.

"Um...ok. Fighting sounds simple enough." He said scratching his Grey hair.

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

"Hey green greens, how goes life?" a voice asked the Aura Master as a hand rested on his shoulder. It was inconvenient for one, but the fencer gave the man a moment to remove his hand. Instead of removing the hand, Zyler spoke again. "Heeey, didn't you die?" the man asked and the green haired man sighed as he took action.

Zorlo grasped the man's hand and began to apply pressure to it, squeezing it tightly enough that bones began to pop. "Kindly remove your hand from me and head to the designated sign in area," the fencer said as he cast a glance back at Zyler. "I don't have time for your games, I'm afraid, Zyler. So please sign on and get ready for the greatest tournament that has ever been seen to begin."

The Aura Master watched as other came and went as he released Zyler's hand and looked at the man. "After all, I'm sure this tournament could be a great chance to boost your ego, right?" Zorlo said with a chuckle. "Please excuse me, though, I need to go speak with the receptionists to see how many people have already signed up," the green haired man said as he began to move from checkin station to checkin station.

"Eleven," Zorlo said as he looked at his clip board. There were at least two names on the list he recognized. He could already tell this would be a grand and ominous affair. Now, all that was left was for this great fight to begin. That was the pinnacle of all of the waiting they had been going through. He was sure the wait would be worth it.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

Zyler ignored the fencers obvious annoyance and threats and continued to follow the green man around for lack of anything better to do. Oh, I already got all signed up. From the perky red head over there, in fact. Her names Lola. Seems a little air heady, but all things considered, thats hardly a complaint. Know what I mean, know what I mean? Zyler asked with a grin, nudging Zorlo lightly in the ribs.
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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

OoC: I'm entering with Brann. I'm also going to try out writing in first person with him, but that might not last. We'll see how it goes.

BiC: I'm not normally one to waste time with simple competitions. I have better things to do with my time, such as swimming in lava or hunting demi-gods (really, you should try it sometime). This one, however, had an advertising campaign that managed to catch my interest.

Okay, not the advertising itself - that wasn't anything special - but the fact it was being advertised in multiple realities. Which suggests, at the very least, multiple dimension-hoppers, each of whom would have information about mutiple realities.

If I played things right, attending this tournament could be a tremendous help in my search.

I just wish Mr. Heroic Speeches and Green wasn't one of the organisers.

OoC: Okay, that's not a very good post. At least I'm in now.

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

OOC: Awesome! I'm signing up!

Bic:I noticed this same poster in a dusty old town, almost laughable at how stereotypical it was. Yeah, it had the tumbleweeds and everything but it had one quirk; there were several bars in town and all of them seemed to work together in sharing and coordinating. Not to mention all the customers seemed to regulars so all of them knew all of the bartenders and waitresses. It was a fun place but it started to get boring real fast, and that's when I saw this poster.
So here I am, signing up for a mad competition with madmen from all over.This should be fun

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread

The mysterious dome had opened once again. Many people here went for years without knowing what it was, but without exception, irregardless of their ignorance or denial as the cases may arise, Lex knew, the people that were sent here, were here because the Dome had chosen them. Maybe they had been too naive and needed some more life lessons. Maybe the Dome chose them for a specific purpose, like to protect the innocent. Maybe the Dome sent those of good and evil wheel into its arenas to balance the chaos and order of the universe.

Hell, maybe there was no reason.

Irregardless Lex had learned first hand the power of 'The Dome' when he was sucked through a portal, and though he had only learned the name of the entity some time later, he had never denied it, or ignored it. And when the Dome's arena's opened once again for the Dome Tournament, Lex knew destiny would pull him there. Deep inside he thought the arena's Machiavellian walls may lead him home, and that being there was more important than the tournament or the fighting itself.

Lex had learned that he could space travel. While it may have seemed gratuitous and obvious, the worlds under the particular jurisdiction of the dome in Lex's domain were magical worlds with many old enchantments and barriers. Some planets here had magical barriers that prevented anything mechanical from entering its atmosphere, and for a few of them he frequented, he had to buy a certain charm or talisman to prevent his hull from being crushed or other such unpleasantries. Some of the talismans didn't work as they were promised or in fact made the situation worse and he had now twice only narrowly escaped with his life and his mecha suit intact. Some of those grifters had been hard to find, one he, or rather one of his debt collectors, was actually still looking for for recompense. But Lex would not be deterred, and these many worlds, largely uncharted and unnamed as those denizens that frequently traveled between them did so by portals almost exclusively, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

Slowly but surely, Lex was mapping the stars.

Lex journeyed for many days having outfitted at his home base, a planet which happened to be among the most technologically advanced and didn't have any of the magical barriers that had so hampered him. Lex's mecha suit was equipped to travel very near the speed of light in space, and the system that held the planets he frequently visited wasn't half as big as the earth's solar system, though the place had hundreds of planets, most approximately moon sized.

Finally Lex had traveled to a tan colored planet, a planet of mostly desert. By and by he came to the old dusty road, and to the old dusty town, he alighted on the old dusty avenue and walked up to the dust covered table with the dust covered ledger and signed his name.

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Re: The In-Character Sign Up Thread


The man merely shrugged.


“Good ones.”

“Special abilities?”

“The ability to not be a dumbass.”

The woman rolled her eyes. “Name?”

“Portgas D. Ace.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Ace. You’re all signed up now.”

The dark-swathed man turned without replying, his eyes flashing. It’d been quite a while since he'd had any fun.

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