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Old 09-03-2009, 02:40 PM
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Here's an interesting Question about Naruto! Why are there only "bad" spirits?

Okay, first off, this has nothing to do with my religious views before people go pointing fingers. Second the large creatures (Chief toad, Tsunade's slug etc) in my opinion are not spirits. For two reasons.
1: They don't referr to them as spirits, or guardians, they are defined as what well who they are. In the show's explanations of them, they're spoken of as living beings who live in a different realm.

Am I pet peeving about this, am I saying it's lame that the only true spirits they have are demons? Maybe, but only on the latter, here's why.

It's lame because everywhere else that involves spirit-type beings(Innuyasha, hellboy etc), there's both good and bad spirits. I'm not saying that it's a bad show because of it, I'm just saying they'd have more to mess with plotwise. I mean, they know Shiukaku's bad, they know all the other bijuu's are bad so they don't freak out or care too much about it except in stopping it's rampage.

Now think about this, a good spirit say a guardian goes berzerk, it wouldn't be because of the spirit. If they were guardians, it would partly be the humans fault, thus they were paying conciquences for it. Because putting a bad spirit in prison, even inside a host isn't much different than putting a criminal in a cardboard box. You can hope they sit there and behave, but you know you can't avoid them completely unless you kill them. Which is impossible since they're spirits right?

Anyway I'm just curious is all, has anyone ever thought about that much? Even I haven't, it's just a random thing that I noticed later on watching it. Sure there's plenty of arch you can come up with, but the bad spirits theres no conclusion, no "lessons learned" on the humans end, they're just sealed up in their hosts again.

I'm only asking this cause of an interesting plot I have for a fic comming up. It's an AU Naruto, but cannonly it's around the time Tsunade became hokage. All cannon archs before then have happened in the AU, but NOT after. Just so you know, well...okay they haven't happened YET. Just so there's no misunderstandings like the avatar fic.^_^

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