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Old 12-14-2011, 12:23 PM
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Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Its that time of the year again, time to go stimulate the economy, cause thats what christmas is about ami right!? hahahaha, Naw but christmas is really about that warm fuzzy feeling you get when remeniscing of all the great memories of years past, and alot of time its the holiday music that stimulates those fond memories. So what are some of your favorite holiday songs?

My favorite is the dance of the sugar plum fairy from the nutt cracker. When I was younger my family would all go watch the play every year and I always enjoyed this part the best, I think its the part where the nutt cracker is comming to life if I'm not mistaken, that was the best and most magical part of the play to me, best part except maybe besides the fight with the rat king. always brings back fond memories

My dad always liked "The Christmas song" by Nat King Cole, so whenever I hear it I hear him singing that first part (terribly I might add couldn't sing worth a lick but still would sing anyways hahahah good times). "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"..........(pauses for dramatic effect)........"Jack your nose" (rubs nose on mom's as she smiles). I'll always remember that. He did it every goddam year, how could I forget!? hahaha

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Old 12-14-2011, 12:56 PM
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs


tbh, I actually like All I want for Christmas is you. All contemporary chrismas songs except for like a few good covers are generally trainwrecks imo. Mariah Carey actually pulled off a real winner with it.

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Old 12-14-2011, 01:21 PM
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Ok I have a huge list, and a lot to say, so bare with me. First off I want to show everybody this. It's a small graph showing how most of the songs we associate with Christmas nowadays were created decades ago. And even still, it is HARD for there to be a brand new Christmas/Holiday song that everybody can enjoy (let's face it, we want songs to be tied to our good childhood memories). Yes I liked those songs as a kid, but nowadays, I appreciate a new voice to the old songs. And some songs on my list, are just completely new, songs you don't hear on the radio, but from movie soundtracks. Now I'm not going to place the videos in, because I'm sure you all can find them on youtube on your own, plus I'm sure with my list, I'll max out the amount of videos you can place on a post

Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You": Yes, I know this is a song that gets played over and over again during the holidays, but I've never gotten sick of it. For a long time I thought it was one of Mariah's original pieces, but it's actually a remake of a '89 country song (clearly Mariah is the better version). It was basically the first "new" Christmas song I ever heard.

Jars of Clay "Little Drummer Boy": This one I discovered about 2-3 years ago, and it's been part of my Christmas Playlist ever since. Like I said before, I wanted a new voice to the old classics. Yes, a lot of people still like the Bing Crosby and David Bowie one, but for me, something refreshing and new can give a new light to the holiday.

Andrea Bocelli & Mary J. Blige "What Child Is This": This one I discovered last year at some PBS concert they were having, and it hasn't left me since. It's just beautifully sung, and I just love it. I'd recommend everybody to give this song a listen at least once.

"We Three Kings": In general I just love this song. But the funny thing is, I haven't found a version of it where I'm actually very infatuated with. I've heard instrumental versions, and whatnot, but nothing really sticks with me. I like the songs and lyrics, but I haven't found anybody who's really sung it a way that I've appreciated it. So for now, I'll continue searching.

Trans-Siberian Orchestra "Wizards in Winter": Now this is something fresh and new. Yes, like many people, I was first introduced to this song during that famous light-up house on Youtube, and I've liked the song since. It's new, it's catchy, and very memorable. It's rare to find a "holiday song" that has nothing to do with any of the holidays (not having lyrics helps). But this is just one song I can simply rock out to.

"Carol of the Bells": Now this is one song that to me, it doesn't matter whom is singing it, it's going to sound great. I like the classical choir version, but it's just one that always stays close to my heart when I hear it.

John Williams "O Holy Night" (from the Home Alone Soundtrack): I put Home Alone in the background every time I set up the Christmas tree and put up all the lights and decorations. This version of "O Holy Night" is by far my favorite. I'm still trying to find out the name of the song we hear before Kevin walks into the church where they are singing "O Holy Night"...maybe it doesn't have a name.

The Polar Express soundtrack "When Christmas Comes to Town": Another movie song, but this one is completely original. Now just like music, there are a few Christmas movies out there that we tend to watch every year. This movie has become my new favorite (I just find that a lot of movies have been about being disgruntled being with family around the holidays...and that's not the image I want).

Straight No Chaser- "12 Days of Christmas": Now one hidden secret of mine is that I love a capella. And this song is just a great example of how fun and uplifting the genre can be. It gives a compilation of a few other well known Christmas (and non-Christmas) songs, that it's just a joy to watch.

Now for my least favorite songs:
Wham's "Last Christmas (I Gave You My Heart)": Yes I get it, it's about you have been broken up last year. It just sounds too much of a downer of a song. And not to say Elvis' "Blue Christmas" is bad, it isn't. I usually associate Blue Christmas to those whom are overseas or on business during the Holidays. "Last Christmas" is just depressing.

New Song's "Christmas Shoes": It's all about commercialism. Plus the premise of the song is horrible. Watch this review, I agree with everything she says about the song.

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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Sleigh Ride, Carol of the Bells, I Saw Three Ships.

They're all lots of fun to listen to.

I hate, hate, hate "Christmas Shoes" and "Baby it's cold outside". The former is just horrible in every way, while the latter is pretty clearly all about how awesome date rape is.
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

I'm so glad people share my sentiments about Christmas Shoes. It truly is the worst song of the season. It just misses the mark. As someone who actually lost a loved one a few days before Christmas, I find the the song callous and misguided. What's worse is that it tries to be serious, at least songs like Dominic the Chrismas Donkey is avowedly a joke.
This song is just cringe-worthy.

lol @ it being a move, it looks just as bad as the song.
"so you think god killed that woman because you didn't get the meaning of Christmas?"

Right on the money with that.

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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs


Stupid embeding wouldn't work, so I had to post the link. :/
Anyways, I love this song. My choir teacher showed it to me sometime last week. This song has been stuck in my head ever since.

I always used to listen to this during christmas when I was little. Found the album and copied it on my Ipod. Brings back good memories.
Oh, and this one. It has a cute animation. I like the guitar in it, too. :3
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Jingle Bell Rock vs. Walking in a Winter Wonderland.
About 50/50 for me.
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Forgot all about this song until I heard it playing in Subway a few days ago.

Stevie Wonder does the only good version though.


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Old 12-20-2011, 02:11 PM
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Re: Favorite Christmas/Holiday Songs

Guys, I already made a thread for this. It's on the second page.
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